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Levicitus 20:13 If a man lies with another man - he should be stoned

Imagine what judgement will be like for the libs.

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You COULD put him down, but you don't. Is that indicative of your beliefs?

Thousands of blacks are shot by other blacks rather than using a taser, yet you only complain if a cop does it. Is this indicative of you being a hypocrite who cares about trashing cops, and really doesn't care if a black person dies so long as it's at the hands of another black person who isn't a cop?

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Hey look at me!!!! I can draw smiley faces!! I'm so smart!!!

You aren't smart though. You're a bald, chubby guy on a debate site 24 hours a day bitching about being a failure in life.

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You didn't address losing a debate about the use of apostrophes.

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Ah yes. Burritolunch uses the Conservative argument for not paying reparations.

HappyCat(61) Clarified
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That isn't my head. That's my bowel. You live in my bowel rent free.

Why are you allowing people to live in your bowel?

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Such a dumb hill to die on.

Recently Herman Cain lost a battle with Covid after intentionally going to a Trump rally without wearing a mask where he contracted the virus. It's unfortunate that this happened and I'm certain his family and friends and even his followers are in mourning.

He was dying of cancer prior to the event. You should watch less CNN. The Communists running the media are psychologically disturbed.

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Why should a woman be forced to give birth to the unwanted?

Because she had multiple options on her table to not create a life.

Exceptions I accept are rape, the mother is 7, mother will die, etc. Other than extreme circumstances, use condoms, birth control, pull out, etc, or live with your choice.

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Like any tool it can be used to positive or destructive ends, and like any tool it can be replaced with one that will also do the job if you don't have that specific tool at your disposal.

Well, many a leftist scrapped god or god religions and replaced it with a religion that says you can't leave your house unless they say, you were born racist, and child sex changes are normal. Might it just be better if they believed in a man hanging from a cross rather than that you can self identify as a damn tuna fish sandwich and burn down your own cities? Food for thought Devil. Food for thought.

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or, you can ask them:

Racial Injustice

Police Brutality

Criminal Justice Reform

Black Immigration

Economic Injustice

LGBTQIA+ and Human Rights

Environmental Conditions

Voting Rights & Suppression


Government Corruption


Commonsense Gun Laws

It looks like you are one of their useful idiots that they'll put against the wall. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you just don't know any better.

+ 2020/06/25/blm-co-founder-describes-herself-as-trained-marxist/amp/


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To figure out what the fucking plan was for his first term

A 3.5% unemployment rate, a 30,000 DOW, and to be attacked nonstop by psychopaths on the left for 4 straight years. That was the plan.

WTF would your plan have been?

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Across the 1,684 garage stalls at 29 tracks, NASCAR found only 11 total had a pull-down rope tied in a knot and only one noose"

NASCAR videos show multiple ‘nooses’ before Bubba Wallace incident 2020/06/24/nascar-videos-show-multiple-nooses-before-bubba-wallace-incident/amp/

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Nevermind that. Why are you referring to Jesus as a "historical figure" when there is no historical evidence he existed? Jesus is a story, not a person.

About 20 years after Josephus we have the Roman politicians Pliny and Tacitus, who held some of the highest offices of state at the beginning of the second century AD. From Tacitus we learn that Jesus was executed while Pontius Pilate was the Roman prefect in charge of Judaea (AD26-36) and Tiberius was emperor (AD14-37) – reports that fit with the timeframe of the gospels. Pliny contributes the information that, where he was governor in northern Turkey, Christians worshipped Christ as a god. Neither of them liked Christians – Pliny writes of their “pig-headed obstinacy” and Tacitus calls their religion a destructive superstition.

Did ancient writers discuss the existence of Jesus?

Strikingly, there was never any debate in the ancient world about whether Jesus of Nazareth was a historical figure. In the earliest literature of the Jewish Rabbis, Jesus was denounced as the illegitimate child of Mary and a sorcerer. Among pagans, the satirist Lucian and philosopher Celsus dismissed Jesus as a scoundrel, but we know of no one in the ancient world who questioned whether Jesus lived.

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Tonight: I'm for destroying every last one of them.

We should destroy Lenin and Obama statues for being related to slave owners.

Last night: The left is destroying monuments like thugs.

They are. Two things are true. Left wing statues need destroyed, and ANTIFA are thugs.

You're such a worm Bronto. I bet when you visit stores they have to employ a dude to wipe the slime off the floor afterwards.

Why are you calling people bronto?

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Lol. The right wing were busy raping 14 year old civilians in Iraq. rapeand_killings

The military has no wing. Many are Libetals.

ANTIFAs leader that you said didn't exist got arrested.

Why does child rape make you laugh?

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An American soldier and ANTIFA can both act like Nazis.

Lol. So wait. You admit that American soldiers act like Nazis? Why do you support them then?

Nobody supports them. Why do you support Nazis calling themselves ANTIFA?

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Black Lives Matter are racists and Antifa (whose name literally stands for anti-fascism

NAZI literally stands for National Socialists.

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Zika: 1 ref

Ebola: 0-2 ref

Swine Flu (H1N1): ~12,469 ref

Less than one-tenth of COVID

COVID was much more deadly, but Obama didn't know the lethality of his viruses and still used less preventative measures at a much slower pace than Trump. Biden's own advisor said they got lucky and that the response did not go smoothly.

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He did have tens of thousands die from multiple viruses

No he didn't. Shut your lying mouth you pointlessly stupid imbecile.

He had 12,000 to 13,000 deaths with H1N1 alone, so your statement is factually false. You are wrong alot, so you have no credibility.

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Listen to his own experts...

1)You still haven't told us the physical thing he could have done, so I'll assume you couldn't figure it out and in your desperation to respond, gave us a nonanswer.

2)Dr Fauci said in late January:

"But this is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about."

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The size of his popular vote

After the novelty of electing the first black President wore off from 2008, his second election yielded numbers no better than Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Barack Obama 2012

Popular vote 65,915,795

Hillary Clinton 2016

Popular vote 65,853,514

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So you're comparing 5,000 cases of a benign virus to a confirmed 2.3 MILLION cases of a deadly bat flu.

There were over 60 million cases of H1N1 under Obama. That's way more than 2.5 million. If you actually objectively thought Trump's numbers were a poor reflection, you'd be going after Obama's response and numbers. You aren't.

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Except everyone knows Byrd renounced the KKK decades ago became a civil rights advocate.

Yeah right.

That former racists are Democrats and current racists (like David Duke) are Republican supports my version, not yours.

Not quite.

Former KKK Leader David Duke Endorses Tulsi Gabbard 2020 Presidential Campaign, Says She'll Put American Interests Over Israel

David Duke praises Rep. Ilhan Omar

And you still haven't demonstrated any "switch". You tried misdirection instead.

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