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You retarded jackanapes, there's reality and then there's what you think.

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I've been calling them that a long time ago; their actions define them. BLM is a racist/hate group who wants dead cops and trashes/bashes white people. Antifa, the anti-fascist fascist group uses brownshirt tactics to intimidate and silence those they disagree with just like fascist/nazis do.

That was easy.

To be a good farmer you should be out standing in your field.

Not all share the same risk, tumble turd. Younger, healthy people have minimal risk; why should they have to hunker down like the elderly and those with co-morbidities? They shouldn't. Why should I have to pay the price for your reckless, unhealthy lifestyle, you aids-infected, back door delivery specialist?

Those who are at greatest risk should take the greatest precautions. All the rest should be free to go about their daily lives.

I sure hope it's for Trump. Biden is just going to implement the loony left's agenda of court-packing, open borders, free this-free that and bend over and continue to take it from China. They will ultimately turn us into South America with Ugo Chavez as their role model.

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No, because they harm people.



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Thank you grammar Nazi; how's your buddy, Adolph?


It says covid fucked with the wrong guy.

That was easy, give me something difficult.

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Nope. I said liberals blame everyone and everything. It's just a statement of fact, not of blame, you pea-brained, half-witted nincompoop.

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Nope. I said liberals. I'm conservative, imbecile.


Re: "Whatever the right does you accuse the left of."

Nope, it's: Whatever the Left accuses you of they're guilty of it themselves.


No, it's liberals who blame everthing on everone else. Otherwise, they couldn't be victims.

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Nope, but you strike me as the type of guy who would make upskirt videos of your mom so you can upload them on the Internet and beat off to them, and invite all your friends to join, too.

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That's exactly how the left is responding- Thanks for agreeing.

What defines humanity? The ability to answer this age-old question:

If it takes a pound of powder in a ram's ass to blow his horns off; how far does a rat turd have to fall to break a shingle?

The fate of humanity rests on answering this question correctly.

Anytime idiots (Dems) amass stupid happens.


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Of course. The Dems would do the same if they were in their position. Furthermore, the Dems did try to appoint Merrick Garland during an election year the very thing they're condemning the Right for doing.

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Fill it with a judge of his choosing just like the Dems would.


Yes! He should and he will. The vacancy occurred under his watch, he has an obligation to fill it.

Here's the Supreme Court decision on this issue:...................................

SCOTUS Sides With Colorado Baker

I agree with the action part. But, some businesses do refuse to do business with some based on lifestyle. I submit to you the following. Begin at about 1:55 mark.

Muslim Baker Refuses Gay

Just as those who claim you should be tolerant of others lifestyles, so should they be tolerant of others who don't agree with it.

You're welcome.

It's societies fault! Yes, why not? Why take personal responsibilty when you can blame someone/something else? How convenient.

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