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Maybe you're right...but that's like saying he's the shiniest turd in a compost heap.

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Mathfan, you do realize this Steven Crowder guy is a partisan hack and pretty much everything he says is propaganda right? Crowder is an untrustworthy little parrot weasel who just repeats right wing talking points with no worldly knowledge to speak of. As for hate speech, if I were to say "I hate niggers" then by definition and by my own admission that would be hate speech. It would be speech which is motivated by and an expression of hate. It's really that simple to prove that "hate speech" exists. In my view, hate speech of that kind stems from ignorance. When people engage in legitimate hate speech, it's because they were conditioned to have illogical and sometimes dangerous attitudes towards certain groups. Hate speech should not be viewed as a legal issue unless it is threatening, instead it should be considered an educational/cultural issue and a symptom of ignorance.For the record, I don't think hate speech against certain things such as religions should be considered ignorant or unacceptable. attacking an ideology or belief system is okay, only things like racism and sexism should be considered "hate speech".

the oldest religion is when God spoke to Adam and Eve the first people on Earth. then came Patriachs then Judaism then Christianity.

Then how do you explain the countless other cultures which predate the genesis story by thousands of years which all have different beliefs?

also a religion's age =/= Truth. a false religion can be older than a true one.

If it's the truth then it's not a religion at all, it's just the truth. A religion is a belief system, objective reality is not. Objective reality is what it is regardless of anyone believing in it, but religions require belief and change according to what people believe. Therefor no religion is truth, and no truth is religious in nature.

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You're a retarded banana. You're a tiny banana with the IQ of a goldfish with down syndrome. The other banana gold fish won't let you play any raindeer games because you molested your grandmas labradoodle.

You don't remember? That was your most insane bar ever. It makes Eminem look like a retarded cocker spaniel to be honest.

Illuminati33(68) Clarified
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Thanks for a good chuckle. Your arrogance is amusing .

Shut up you uncultured swine to the rap game.

But everything is subjective so you calling me "uncultured swine" is meaningless. A four year old screaming and banging on pots and pans is better than that song because it's totally subjective and everything is whatever I say it is in my flat earth bubble.

xD You will learn to call me master in time.

You'll learn that you're a fucking dumb ass in time.

Say it enough times and it may become true.

I'm manifesting it via the law of attraction.

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He is trying to oppress your capacity to express your opinion, genius.

Shut up ass wipe. Opinions are mostly useless and I only want people to be correct. Your problem is that you see most things as a matter of opinion because you don't believe in objective reality.

FM has been a cancer to the site from then to now.

Fuck off you incessant toad. In case you haven't noticed 90% of the people here are cancer and I'm only giving them what they're asking for.

If he is also nom and brontoraptor he really is scum through and through.

Oh, come off it you bucket of hippo jizz. They where here before I ever joined this site.

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You either end up angry all the time, high all the time (in a bad, addicted way) or a slave to Illuminati (or 2 of these at once).

I am the first two, Chris Webby is the second and K-Rino is none but you think he's the first.

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i can't help but notice the crickets on the other side :3

so, can we finally put this one to bed? so tired of beating dead horses...

You will never defeat The truth. Capitalism will fall one way or another.

Tell me something why won't hootie or conservanazi ever talk to me on PM? Why is he a person-shell if he is not you?

He doesn't even reply to my PMs most of the time actually. I don't think he bothers to check for PMs.

Dude, you are just a rhyme specialist, I slaughter you in all ways other than rhyme

Nope. You merely have a bloated ego and think everything you do is supreme. I've been rapping for 8 years and I've written all kinds of raps using every style you could imagine. I simply focus on rhymes because that's how I write by default unless I make a point of doing something else. In reality I destroy you in all categories and rhyme just happens to be the most obvious one. As someone who thinks Chris Webby, Nicki Manaj and Hopsin are better than Eminem, Canibus and K-Rino there is really nothing else to say about the validity of your opinion of what better rap is.

So you admit that working with the system is better than denying it?

Dealing with the system and trying to make it within the system while also changing it is better than denying it. That doesn't mean you have to accept the system or agree with it, it just means you have to accept that it is the system currently in place and make due as best you can.

Zero references to your worldview. Just bullying as usual.

I decided not to focus on that because your rap was mostly about my political views rather than field theory. I was originally intending to make the debate with multiple categories but I barely had room to talk about field theory so then I was going to make about four debates so I could go over each category. But then you challenged me to a rap battle and I thought you would talk about field theory but you mostly talked about communism and random insults and the color ideologies.

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Don't want to sound like a dick or nothing, but ahh ... says on your chart that you're fucked up. Ahh, you talk like a fag, and your shit's all retarded.

God doesn't approve of your naughty language. Stop being a filthy ruptured intestinal cunt that got fucked with a thermometer covered in dolphin bile.

your style don't impress me cause' it isn't advanced

but when you see my rhymes you're gunna jizz in your pants

within the grand

scheme of things, you're an insignificant ant

and I ain't effected one bit by this rant

cause' you're a hypocrite, slant-

-ing to the right, to the left

you can't decide what political ideology's best

so Prodigees vexed

and he probably bet

that no one would notice he's not what he says

when he claims to be a centrist, a social democrat

and a platonic republican, it just don't make sense, the fact

of the matter is that you lack the intellect to back

up what you say, so you change the story to cover your tracks

You think I give a fuck that Marx was an ashkenazi?

is that all you've got? you're sloppy

and awfully nazi-

-esque, and this battle is analogous to a destraught somali

in a crock pot with Rock Lee

boxing, he knocked your socks clean

off, see

I could probably block Kakashi's

lightning blade while jerking off to a copy

of "make out paradise" and pouring a pot of coffee

I'm only underneath you when I'm under your bed

waiting to beat you black and blue then turn your white sheets red

I'm the boogie man vampire

you couldn't be my damn squire

I'm the fanned fire

that burns you on the grand pyre

your pineal gland's mired

in the muck of illusion, and I bet you can't find your

ass with both hands, tied behind your

back,by the end of this sand timer

your hour glass is half empty and half full of shit

I'm like an elephant who can use my dick to do pull ups with

the utter bollocks spit

by Mingi, is so amiss

he probably misses the toilet when he goes to piss

I walked up to Fiora

wearing the mask of Majora

with the master sword ta

shove up her cunt, till' it's torn up

then I tore her a new cunt and fucked it with four ones

shoved a zero up her ass, and ate her for lunch

then I started randomly generating 10 dimensional cocks

and fucked her corpse once

her consciousness was zero, and popped

her 11th dimensional cherry, so she was reborn once I stopped

then I fucked her with a swordfish, a tortoise a rock

an orange, a clock,

and an enormous cock

made of lego blocks

then I twisted her clit til' she alerted the tornado watch

I may be a juggalo

but your a cuckoo cuckold though

who busts a load

when you see wild turkeys up the road

or hear a chicken cluck, I know

that you like to fuck a moa

and thoughts of peacocks dominate your frontal lobe

you're turned on by the afroaves

right down to the cavitaves

and strigiformes give you a boner that lasts for days

but what really made you go ape was

a seagull's cloaca

there's no way ta

stop you once you go rape a

pelican from Croatia

but enough about birds, let's change the flight path

reality can't exist without a dark and light half

your analogy is crap, and it proves you're a pansy

darkness just consists of the waveforms you can't see

your a tranny


who sniffs your grannies


and jams candy

yams up your fanny

you uncanny


you say your a progressive but I ain't buyin' it

you don't promote progress, you wanna stay inside the sys-

-tem that's already put in place, you think it's futile to try to fix

it, and you try to fit

a dick from both the left and right betwixt

your zionist

vagina lips

so your political vagina split

while they came inside of it

and you gave birth to an ideology that was comprised of shit

you ain't on that ET shit, you rep an earthly ideology

I'm the prodigy

that was foretold by the prophecy

you're just a swine who raps like you got five lobotomies

I'm an oddity

who defines the properties

of quantum rhyme cocaphonies

I'm the God ya see,

try to stop the free-

written rhymes that fly up off the keys

of the board on which I type, your not a G

you call Mathfan an omega cuck

but he made ya suck

his omega nuts

while you got your anus fucked

Evolution is undeniable, unlike religious claims. The reason it is undeniable is because the physiological and genetic properties of most organisms can be traced back to other organisms. To suggest that life must be created is to suggest that the only way to explain a complex thing is to imagine that there must be an even more complex thing. If you cannot explain life without God then how on earth do you expect to explain God? That is why the notion that life or the universe must be created is causally retarded.

Look Jewel likes the Leftist view of victimization because it's old man is allergic to service dogs. That is a clear view it is a victim ! Not even questionable at this point!

Look banjo-lord likes right wing neo nazi rhetoric because his mom is allergic to peanuts. That is a clear sign he hates negroes, not even questionable at this point.

Illuminati33(68) Clarified
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since you're the only one repeatedly throwing the racist term around you are clearly a lefty.

I get where you're coming from here but trust me, he's not, even in a sarcastic way. He's a racist red neck KKK member who wants to bring back slavery.

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In the language I speak, my DNA proves, in NO uncertain terms, that I'm 97% Ashkenazi Jewish.

That doesn't mean anything. You're just a white guy who's ancestors arbitrarily named themselves after a semitic race cult.


Show me how your DNA test proves you're a hebrew or that you practice judaism. It says you're from poland and arbitrarily calls you a "jew".

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