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I freely admit this is the best record I have ever heard. I am also completely unbiased on the matter.

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The constitution and bill of rights are a classical liberal concept

We know, but that isn't relevant because that isn't the statement you agreed with. The statement you agreed with was:-

To believe that EVERYBODY is endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, is a VERY liberal concept

To which you replied:-

It's a very classical liberal concept, I'll give you that.

I wonder if you could explain to everybody how pretending the word "creator" wasn't a part of the statement you agreed with is going to help convince anybody that you aren't a completely stupid idiot.

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I do. It means he continued it on from Lenin and the source had a poor choice of words that fooled someone like yourself

You impossibly stupid idiot. Lenin set up a labor camp system which later transitioned into Stalin's Gulag system. You claimed Lenin set up the gulags. He didn't. That was Stalin. It says so in the same paragraph I linked, you astonishingly stupid idiot:-

The Gulag was officially established on April 25, 1930 as the ULAG by the OGPU order 130/63 in accordance with the Sovnarkom order 22 p. 248 dated April 7, 1930. It was renamed as the Gulag in November of that year.[35]

JamesDD(232) Clarified
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I see, so the source you used to discredit me is now discredited by you.

Yes, Lenin set up the labor camp system but it wasn't called the Gulag you stupid halfwit. Can you even read?

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The Gulag was first established in 1919, and by 1921 the Gulag system had 84 camps.

From Wiki:-

The Gulag was officially established on April 25, 1930 as the ULAG by the OGPU order 130/63 in accordance with the Sovnarkom order 22 p. 248 dated April 7, 1930. It was renamed as the Gulag in November of that year.[35]

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From your provided source

The part you ignored from the provided source:-

established during Joseph Stalin’s long reign as dictator of the Soviet Union.

Do you understand what the words "established during" mean, Mingi? Because it does not appear that you do.

JamesDD(232) Clarified
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I strongly suspect we are not alone, yet I don't believe in AA theory. There goes your argument.

I strongly suspect we are not alone, yet you claim I believe the Anunnaki created DNA. There comes my argument again.

Stupid, pointless little brat.

JamesDD(232) Clarified
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Can you provide any argument for this that doesn't rely on your own personal experiences or already exist within UFO/AA culture?

Can you stop fraudulently suggesting every possible variation of the "we are not alone" scenario is the same thing as the Ancient Aliens conspiracy theory? You dumb little brat.

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If you mean Sun Tzu, no he didn't.

I meant you personally. I was joking. Except not really because you're a sociopath.

Joking is really the only way to respond to your revisions of history.

The Gulag was a system of forced labor camps established during Joseph Stalin’s long reign as dictator of the Soviet Union.

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Grammar is the only thing you are truly good at

Well, that puts me one talent ahead of you. Can't complain.

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and I also sound good

No, you sound like an autistic, tone deaf idiot.

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The Gulags were his idea, not Stalin's.

They were your idea. You wanted the gulags.

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Being brain dead greatly inhibits your capacity for those things.

But not writing grammatically coherent sentences, apparently.

You're literally stupid.

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You admitted I was good a hundred times.

Admitted is the wrong verb. If I told you that you were good -- which I didn't -- then I lied.

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Yes, that is why I don't value your brain dead ass.

Comforting to know that you are too stupid to even know what the word you are using means.

Sentience is the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively.

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It is literally in the bible

That you can't formulate any argument which doesn't involve telling another person what they think?

You just tried to tell me I think aliens created DNA. Ten minutes ago.

Dumb little loser.

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You are so stupid

There you go again, valuing sentience. Lol. You say the meanest things you can possibly think of and then write about valuing sentience. You are a completely idiotic child pal. An obsessed, mentally ill child who can't last two sentences without contradicting himself.

On top of that you are very probably the most laughably bad rapper the world has ever produced. You accuse other people of being stupid, yet you are the one who writes page after page of rap lyrics without even being able to string two words together without stuttering.

You are just a joke, pal. You will never affect me with the mean stuff you say, because I recognise you as the lonely little idiot you are.

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He said he had the right to shoot me, when I prsent no threat to his person, or property.

And busted for yet another lie:-

It Is My Right As An American To Shoot Yeshua In Self-Defence

Her angry, abusive tirades are extremely threatening and unpredictable. It is my right as an American not to feel threatened It IsMyRightAsAnAmericanToShootYeshuaInSelfDefence

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That's just a generic accusation you use as a fallback whenever someone criticises the complete idiocy of the things you write. You deflect to it whenever you realise you can't defend what you've written.

Yeshua is a Brontoraptor alt. Same appeals to Jewish racial superiority while hiding behind the lie of being Christian. Brontoraptor is a far right Jewish fascist who pretends to be Christian to try to create a faux aura of neutrality while he's busy resurrecting racial theories buried with the Nazis.

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I find it funny that he upvoted this without realizing that you essentially just said he doesn't get pussy.

Do you know what I find funny?

I find it funny that you're a sad, lonely troll who spends the entire day trying to get my attention. You reek of desperation and you've spent the entire afternoon spamming me yet again with private messages that read like they have been written by a three year old with learning difficulties. See:-

You need psychiatric intervention mate.

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They'll force you to have a crack baby

Are you a crack baby, Outlaw? Speak up now.

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Are you aware of the youtube red series?

Yeah, I watched both seasons a few months back.

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People have the right to the wages they earn

But that's socialism. Capitalism is the other one, where they earn five percent of what they produce and the company they work for steals the rest. You seem to have them mixed up. Socialism is the one where they get the total value of what their work produces and nobody above them steals a cent.

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I never said that

You didn't have to. Your implication was very clear. Why do you want to execute innocent people for something their kids did?

Yes. Poor people, don't have the right to have children

OK. Then rich people don't have the right to have money. Fair deal?

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