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Sounds great will feast on it tonight 👌☺️.....................

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Great , I spied this yesterday on Netflix and enjoyed season 1 thanks for the heads up will start watching season 2 tonight 👌☺️

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It's truly disconcerting that anybody could believe this stuff mate. It really demonstrates how people's minds can be shaped to believe pretty much anything.

They’re brainwashed sheeple and the statements regards guns in society get more and more outrageous every day it’s actually hard to top Amarels one last week as in “ we are a nation of gun safety fanatics “ ...... how can one country produce so many idiots?

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gun ownership deters crime rather than causes more crime

It’s weird how some people actually think guns are bad for society when it’s so obvious only a fool would dispute the fact the more guns in society the less crime in that society and the more peaceful it is ......I actually think the world is jealous of the US because it’s the 121st least peaceful country in the world and those in more peaceful countries are really envious that their countries cannot be as violent .......

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I've found this to be an increasingly common pattern of behaviour on the American right, as the tethers attaching them to factual reality continue to disintegrate in the post-truth era of politics. Much of the academic reasoning behind right wing American ideology -- things like rational market theory etc... -- which supported it for so many years has collapsed under further scrutiny, and these people now have nowhere else to turn except conspiracy theories and delusion.

Spot on my friend as a nation a sizable proportional are delusional , only last year I was verbally attacked by a mob of these nuts on DI who went nuts at the suggestion that universal healthcare is a human right as is education , they insist on being fleeced paying for such and threaten you with physical violence for suggesting otherwise ........A nation of fucking raving loons

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He's utterly batshit crazy. It's like I said yesterday: he's immune to factual reality.

I’m convinced if Chauvin is found guilty and jailed Amarel will start bleating about a miscarriage of justice.

What’s truly tragic about this imbecile is that every statement he makes about the law or economics in the US is always wrong and when you correct him he invents a new narrative to fit with his updated reinterpretation ......I note with amusement he chickened out of your debate challenge as you and I anticipated

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He’s a horrible little police toady and a scumbag , when you have people like Amarel agreeing with statements like this .....

Prosecutor slams defense comparison of prone position to 'laying by the pool.'

On re-direct, prosecutor Jerry Blackwell has challenged Nelson’s assertion that the prone position was something that one does “laying by the pool in Florida.”

“You were asked a question about laying by the pool in Florida. George Floyd was not laying by the pool in Florida, was he?” Blackwell asks Thomas.

“No,” she replies.

You know you’re dealing with a nasty little racist

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And apparently respond as BL would in his place when he is the one being addressed.

Wow! You’re really hung up on this

No worries,

Says he taking time to comment

we can forget this little slip up and maintain the ruse.

So it’s still on your mind .....Wow! .......Maintain “a ruse “ where I can only comment on certain posts WTF’re quiet insane mate

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Haha! I tell you that "You tend to make some bland comment along these lines when you have no counter point and can't think not an insult". To which you respond with a bland comment along those lines.

Ha, Ha your usual retort when schooled again

This is why I occasionally interact with you. A walking talking joke is really something.

This from a spokesman for a nation who’s best candidate for a president was Trump’re a funny little man 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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You forgot to switch to the correct account. I posted this comment to BL.

I forgot nothing I can comment where I see fit , put that in your pipe and smoke it

When you fail to accept as "most credible" the medical examiner and the autopsy report, you notion of credibility is in serious doubt.

Don’t stress it son it’s the US where white cops are always innocent

Of course that's been your problem from the beginning.

Your violent racist society is certainly not my problem that’s one you boys have expertise in

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That is right. He complained when he was still upright and in the car.

You seem to be making it up as you go along

That's your problem. Only watching the prosecutors examination tends to convince one of the prosecutors case. But it's only have the story.

It’s not a problem to listen to both sides try it sometime

After last week when you told BL that you like corpses because they are a little less likely to reject you, no one cares what you're convinced of.

What the fuck are you on about you loon? If you don’t care why do you keep coming back like a whipped pup to comment ?

You tend to make some bland comment along these lines when you have no counter point and can't think not an insult.

Translation : I keep putting you in your place

It's one of your many marks of failure.

Failure is a racist waster like you who’s life is so pathetic he buys guns as a “meaningful “ hobby ......🤣🤣🤣

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A number of medical experts have weighed in. You have consistently accepted some medical experts and rejected those with contradicting opinions.

Incorrect I’ve accepted the most credible witnesses and accounts you’ve ignored them

Those opinions don't simply go away just by you ignoring them.

Who’s ignoring them ?

This is how you end up in a fantasy world of your own ignorant design.

Says a racist who sees a black guy being killed by a cop and thinks it’s a “fantasy “

It would be sad if you weren't such a despicable character.

Yet you’re the racist scumbag who fantasizes about pumping his own daughter

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Floyd complained that he couldn't breath well before he was ever on the ground. Other then that, I haven't denied any of this testimony.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 right sure buddy

I'm not watching a different trial, I'm just presenting testimony from the cross examination which is being omitted from many of the news articles.

Not where I’m reading and watching

This is not an accident. If there is a hung jury or if Chauvin is acquitted, it will be because of the information that you and others want to ignore.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m actually convinced now you’re mentally insane

If that information is under reported then ignorant blowhards like you will call it systemic racism and feel justified in burning down th. etc, etc

The tragedy here is you don’t even realise you’re making fuck all sense

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You're really just a racist slimeball when we get right down to basics.

That’s the bottom line isn’t it, he’s a scum bag

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Amarel is one of those guys who is completely immune to factual reality. He just simply ignores it.

I bet he is the type who is never off the phone ringing the cops squealing at anything he deems a crime , “ officer , officer my neighbours are playing music a shade too loud they’re also not white please brutalise them in the name of reason “ 🤣

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It’s not in the least bit remarkable that you will always defend the police that’s the way your type are , you’re obviously watching and hearing a totally different trial to me and others

Jody Stiger, a longtime Los Angeles Police Department sergeant and prosecution witness, said Chauvin never moved, according to his review of police body-camera footage, and also appeared to be gripping Floyd’s hand in an effort to inflict pain on the man, even though he was no longer resisting.

During his second day of testimony at the former officer’s murder trial, Stiger told the jury that Chauvin appeared to be using a “pain compliance” technique on Floyd’s hand, “squeezing fingers or bringing knuckles together” and pulling his wrist into his handcuffs — an effort usually deployed by officers trying to gain control of a suspect. But because Floyd stopped resisting the moment officers placed him in a prone position on the ground, “at that point, it was just pain,” Stiger said.

Floyd was already at risk for potential breathing problems because he was handcuffed and facedown on the ground, Stiger testified. “When you add body weight to that, it just increases the possibility of death,” he said.

Jody(1746) Clarified
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Expert: Lack of oxygen killed George Floyd, not drugs

I’d say if Dr C and Amarel were in charge of the case they would rule it was a tragic suicide and award Chauvin 20 million in damages for the stress of wrongly accusing him

Incidentally I just saw the piece you cited on Twitter also the highly regarded and respected Dr Tobin takes the stand and destroys the defence ..... Dr. Tobin testifies in Derek Chauvin trial that George Floyd’s respiratory rate indicates that fentanyl was not the cause of his death.

Wonder if DR C and Amarel would volunteer to lie on the ground and let a 200lb man kneel on their necks for 10 minutes?

Jody(1746) Clarified
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It's hilarious that you want Irish to be a race.

It’s hilarious you don’t understand the term Anti Irish

That's why I pick at you about it.

Because you’re anti Irish , yes got that

My mother's side came over from Ballymoney because Ireland is shit.

Is it indeed that coming from an imbecile like you who lives in the 121st least peaceful country in the world , shitholes like South Africa , Senegal and the Congo rate higher 🤣

They left trash like you behind.

To breed a racist called Amarel who lives in a society where he needs 7 guns to protect his pig of a wife and slut of a daughter 🤣🤣🤣

So no, I'm not "Irishist" haha. I don't think my pigmentation makes me better than people of various shades.

Which totally explains why you think a cop knelling on a black guys neck and killing him is in fact being unfairly treated as he was only doing his duty .....😳

You're not beneath me because you're Irish. You're just beneath me and happen to be Irish.

Ha , Ha I’m getting judged by a gun toting bigot called Amarel who wanks over his daughters school photos in the bathroom once a week ......🤣🤣🤣

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yes, I feel truly blessed to have been touched by the secret knowledge of Amarel. For years and years I just didn't realise that the best solution to a problem is more of the same problem!

🤣🤣🤣 I’m the same Nom I guess you learn as you get older , just look at the US virtually no gun problem at all as a gun after all is only a “tool” 🤣🤣🤣

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Oh no, my mistake. I thought the population was 4 million, but actually that was the number of fatal stabbings last year.

🤣🤣🤣 we have wiped each other out stabbing each other to death .......the American government advisor ( a Jew called Amarel ) told the Irish government the solution to our problem is more knives apparently it’s working a treat with guns in the US 🤣

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I spent that time making fun of Ireland for being neutral on the question of Hitler.

What are you babbling about ? At least be man enough to own your hatred

You don't like that but because you harbor the same moral cowardice as the Irish government.

“I don’t like “ 🤣🤣🤣 you honestly think I care what a gun toting racist thinks of the Irish? 🤣🤣🤣

Maybe the Irish government could buy some courage from a nation who’s speciality is bombing schools and children’s hospitals in foreign lands 🤣🤣🤣

Let us all know when your nation of “hero’s “ acytually “ wins a war ....

That doesn't make you Irish. I suspect you're Moldovan.

Moldovan it is good for you , it’s great the way I live in your mind rent free 👌☺️

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At least Jody doesn't keep the spirit of Hitler alive by distorting everything he reads as you do.

Amarel is an imbecile which when you mix his racism into the mix makes him even more despicable , we cannot expect much more from his type of low life

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Jesus Christ quit bitching,

Bitching??? 😂Stating a fact still ain’t bitching son

you aren't even Irish.

Which once again demonstrates how dense you are as you spent an entire weekend telling me I was .......🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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You’re still not a Jew , we put that “theory “ to rest on DI and if you were a Jew you’re the first one ever to be outraged at the Holocaust being deemed a hate crime like you did on DI ......we haven’t seen your heels for dust since the truth all came out on DI .........

A “Jew “ who’s offended at the Holocaust being deemed a hate crime 😂😂😂😂😂 ZING

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