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"Big mouth, small brain."

I've made 6765 posts in 10+ years.

You've made 6731 in 2 years with just one of your many alts.

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Judge for yourself - here's a guide:

integrity (honesty, courage, etc.)

personality (charisma, cool under pressure, etc.)

intelligence (enough to converse with experts in myriad disciplines)

agenda (depends on your perspective - for example)

leadership (setting tone/expectations, talent recognition/delegation, etc.)

rarely - and they fully should expect to pay the price.

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or, you can ask them:

Racial Injustice

Police Brutality

Criminal Justice Reform

Black Immigration

Economic Injustice

LGBTQIA+ and Human Rights

Environmental Conditions

Voting Rights & Suppression


Government Corruption


Commonsense Gun Laws

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My ability to turn wine into uric acid...

Why not 2% and DOW 50,000??

Goals are not plans.

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Variants are not straightforwardly good news.

Even if increasing transmissibility and decreased lethality perfectly balance out, more transmissions could speed up the timeline when the goal is to slow it down to allow time to develop vaccines, treatments, etc.

Because everyone knows Trump to be such a paragon of virtue...

'The president put “his own political interests” ahead of “U.S. national interests,” Bolton writes, “not just on trade questions but across the whole field of national security.” Virtually every decision, according to Bolton, was “driven by re-election calculations.” Trump’s behavior with Russia and Ukraine substantiates that indictment. So does his collusion with China.'

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This often happens with viruses - they can tend toward increased transmissibility and lower lethality.

A) the ratio of variants present in a given area shift over time

B) a lethality of 2 per 10,000 has the same result as 1 per 20,000

C) they also tend toward antibody resistance

except Tucker knows that Republicans supported Trump because he is not a conservative.

If they wanted a conservative, they could have rallied around Cruz

If a rule has exceptions, quoting the rule when considering the case of the exception is either ignorance or duplicity.

I know that the difference is irrelevant in the context of this site and not worth the effort.

Don't you?

"Grammar conversations are the domain of Nazis"

You posted the quote as your argument.

That it is your false assertion and a cherry-picked quote are not mutually exclusive.

"This statement is a quote from a grammar website"

It's a cherry-picked quote which ignores the relevant part of the page (Rule 6. Example: I made straight A's)

"This statement is correct."

No, it isn't.

You started yet another conversation about grammar where you were in over your head, and I joined the chorus of folks telling you the same.

"you'd have gleefully quoted it"

I did

"they sourced the AP about the AP style book"

um, what?

"the difference between a hyphen and a long dash"

I know the difference and couldn't care less.

I'm such a rebel - I even take DayQuil at night...

So why do you care? "Grammar conversations are the domain of Nazis" - ah, right.

I'm out of control...

Can't quite muster up the attention span to make it to the end, eh?

"1. Capital letters and abbreviations ending with capital letters are made plural by adding s alone. Examples: three Rs, two Cs, HMOs, FAQs, Ph.D.s, DVDs

However, use an apostrophe before the s where confusion might otherwise result. Examples: three A's, too many I's, two U's (The plurals might otherwise be seen as As, Is, and Us.)"

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for example?

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