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People lowball Ben Affleck too much. Jesse overdid his role way too much. Ben Affleck gave us the most comic book accurate Batman to date.

I say current Flash stomps. Both Barry and Wally casually move faster than light themselves. Something that Quicksilver has just currently accomplished.

Humans are too busy fucking the world up. Animals on the other hand live peacefully, live by a natural order. A natural order that does not create chaos.

Columbus brought nothing but genocide to this country. Why should we celebrate the man who's morally responsible for the near extinction of a race. Why not celebrate the race who was here before.

Satanism is just theological atheism, believing you are your own god. Devil worshiping is all that crazy shit.

Evolution is still a theory because there's always new evidence proving and disproving notions. With scientific laws (Take the Laws of Physics), those understanding aren't changed.

Theories can be changed, laws can't

Even though Climate change is a natural phenomenon of our planet, modern day climate change is heavily influenced by Human activity. There's no denying that our world is filled with pollution, just look at the the thousands of factories worldwide spewing gases into the air.

I don't think the man deserves death. Yeah he killed a few people but every Us President of the last century are sociopathic killers and murdered thousands but yet we still celebrate them.

It's possible, whenever ancient man described the gods he always described what modern man would call aliens. Also the human genetic strand is too mathematically perfect to be natural.

My friends do that to me all the time. Then I ask them "What evidence is there to prove hell exist", then they feel super shame

His name wasn't even Jesus, that's just what the Romans and Greeks called him, his real name was Yashua. Plus I don't believe Jesus was killed for our sins, I think he was killed because he was making peace among his people very successfully, and the Romans didn't want that.

The Only reason why this diplomat SHIT is happening in Cuba is because Fidel is too old to do anything about. If Fidel was healthy, he would tell the Us Go Fuck yourselves. Fidel can't trust The USA, and i don't blame him. We did try to kill him at the failed Bay Of Pigs Invasion.

Nah, I just feel bad for those guys. Most Theist I know were raised from Birth to believe in God, they were technically BRAINWASHED!

They'll probably say

"THOSE ARE SATAN'S CREATION, NOT GOD!!" Or some bullshit like tHAT

I LOVE ELECTRONIC MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been listening to EDM for like 2 years know and It's great. Everybody wants to hound DJ'S because their music is made and not played, well rappers been doing the same thing for years and nobody chews their Ass off for it. The fact is I prefer EDM to Pop music any day, today's Pop music is fucking TERRIBLE.

The Avengers. Also Fast And Furious 7, that movie looks realy good

Gay clubs actually know how to party, how does my choice of entertainment make me a homosexual.

China hacks our Grid, then takes out the grid. With the grid token out, there's nothing but pure anarchy.

I'm not gonna join a CULT that's responsible for Millions Of Deaths throughout history!!

I met my share full of homosexuals in my day, and their not that bad. I rather hang out with Freddy Mercury than Kirk Franklin.

Christianity makes people think it's their job to kill million of innocent people and to start wars they can't even Fucking win (The Crusades) This is a perfect example of Primate See Primate do.

BULLSHIT!! There's no such thing as "The Right Thing to Do".

WTF!!!! Lt me guess, everyone should forgive Sadam Hussein and Mao Zedong for what they did tf

Yes, The Soviet Union was strong enough to beat the Allies by themselves. With the help of The Nazis and Japanese, the Axis would have demolished the Allies with no problem. Let's also add that The Nazis and Soviet would have invented to Atomic bomb in at least a year. Hitler really fucked up.

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