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Do you agree with that commie sonofabitch?

I hadn't thought about a rooting interest. I guess if China hits the coast, it's some type of a win. Maybe you can stop them with those Apache helicopters you raved on about.

By the way, when have you ever spoken out against a Commie on here?

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You grew up in a Christian theocracy. School shootings were unheard of, people left their doors unlocked, comedians didn't get punched on stage, people respected their elders, and the parties could agree on basic morality.

What you see today is the result of the left's attempt to reject any objective moral framework, which creates divisions and power grabs based on identity and political ideology. Without a moral framework agreed on by the majority, the country self destructs and falls into decay and decline. The moral framework agreed on when you were young was Christianity. Every President when you were young would talk about his Christian faith because without that declaration, he could not win an election. That was the case because America was essentially a Christian nation.

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Oh shut up you intellectually dishonest twerp. We've had four years to find out whether Trump was lying about draining the swamp. We knew in days, when he appointed ex-Goldman Sachs senior executives to run the economy and fossil fuel executives to run his environmental policy.

Obama and Clinton did the same thing. Why do you think that is?

You must really think people are cataclysmically stupid.

You've certainly proven to be, so agreed.

You literally lied to them and now you're too lazy to even change that lie four years later.

If lying were a damnable offense, the entire left wing's eyeballs woukd dissolve in their sockets as California and New York collapsed into the ocean.

You're a dangerously ill halfwit

Why would you call CNN's own videos being provided as evidence of CNN's own videos "dangerously ill"? Are you a little bit on the slower than average side? It's okay if you aren't smart.

Don't know what malek taus is and the link no work.

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What's the difference between being five vs being 40 living with mom and jobless

Most of the suits against Trump are by liberals and liberal groups trying to tie him up in court. That's a Stalinst technique that could be done to anyone. If you look, they keep losing the suits, and the few they've won did no damage, like CNN suing to get Acosta back in the media room.

In one case Trump was awarded $300,000.

Liberal watchdog group sues Trump, alleging he violated constitutional ban

Federal judge dismisses defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump

Queen sues Donald Trump to stop using their music. But the law might be on Trump's side.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo: New York Suing Trump Administration, Executive Order On Immigrant Detention Is Illegal(an order libs demanded then sued him for implementing) 2018/06/21/gov andrewcuomonewyorksuingtrumpadministrationexecutiveorderonimmigrantdetentionisillegal.html


Liberal group suing Trump for limiting asylum entrees

Democrats sue Trump campaign and Russia, claiming they interfered in 2016 election

Trump administration sued over vehicle emissions

Your Presidential nominee will be a woman that thinks her family was oppressed for being Indian while not being Indian.


He has no idea. The guy has no common sense or ability to use induction or deduction. He's slow.

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It's time. She needs to focus on her health and let someone else take over.

You couldn't defeat a dead rat in a trash can, much less a breathing human.

You still haven't told us which of Hitler's positions you disagree with.

But you're forgetting something huge- the permafrost that's over land.

It would melt and be absorbed and comlntained by the land and valleys below. If we hit that level of heat, we're already dead anyway.

As the ice heats and melts, it expands, and the ice above the surface melts down into the rest of the body of water. In a glass, this is imperceptible

It appears you don't understand density and what makes the ice float. If floating ice melts, the glass literally gets 0% fuller. The ocean is the glass in the example. Floating ice melting in the ocean makes the ocean 0% fuller.

What is a brontoraptor account?

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Liberals ruin everything they touch. That's what tyrants & control freaks do.

I pick anything that isn't the globalist new world order.

So, nope, it doesn’t surprise me that Obama’s CIA director would have voted for Gus Hall and the Communist Party ticket.

But that got me thinking. The 1980 election would have been the first for which 19-year-old Barack Obama was eligible to cast a vote. I wonder: Who did Obama vote for in 1980? I ask because the young Obama, who visited with Frank Marshall Davis for a parting goodbye just before he left Hawaii for Occidental College in 1979 (we know that because Obama wrote about it in Dreams from My Father), was beyond question at least pro-communist at that point in his ideological pilgrimage.

The best insight into Obama’s political thinking at that time is Dr. John Drew, who knew Obama at Occidental precisely then. Drew headed the campus Marxist organization, and Obama was introduced to him (by Drew’s girlfriend) as a fellow communist. I’ve interviewed Drew numerous times going back to 2007-8. I quote him at length in my book on Frank Marshall Davis, The Communist. Drew told me on-the-record about the moment he first met Obama, who was introduced to him as “one of us.”

“Obama was already an ardent Marxist when I met in the fall of 1980,” said Drew. “I know it’s incendiary to say this, but Obama was basically a Marxist-Leninist.” He underscored how Obama, in Dreams from My Father, candidly recalled attending “socialist conferences” and how he “hung out” with Marxist professors, but what Obama did not explain, noted Drew, is that he “was in 100 percent, total agreement with these Marxist professors.”

Thus, when I read last week that Obama’s CIA director had voted communist back in the day, I emailed John Drew, asking if he knew whether Obama himself had voted communist in 1980.

Sounds like the Muslims need to stop breeding like animals then.

Obama did nothing to keep law enforcement from seperating parents from kids for a decade, but now libs are suddenly concerned because it is Donald Trump, even though he can do no more about it legally than Obama did.

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You've completely discounted deja vu.*

You should be right wing. If you ask Democrats how they plan to do better than Trump they got nuttin.

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