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Trump has fine tuned and adapted his winning ways so they may be applied to benefiting the entire nation.

This is clear for all to see except of course for the loony leftists who are still raw from their series of humiliating defeats.

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Reply withdrawn. .........................................................................................................................................

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Yes, he should permit unrestricted and unregulated immigration to swamp the nation with dependants, gangsters, rapists, drug dealers, people traffickers, terrorists and other such human vermin.

Trump should leave the negative imbalance of trade which is a consequence of the manufacturers America's trading partners having too many unfair advantages and watch American workers be thrown out of work and its corporations go bankrupt.

He should not challenge the expansionist policies of the rising DICTATORSHIP of China and leave the DICTATOR PUTIN to ride roughshod over his European neighbours.

A dictator does not present him/herself for election, they simply assume power.

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There will have to be a word created to describe the never ending defeats of the Democrats.

One word that would cover a deja vu of a deja vu of a deja vu of a deja vu.

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Hi Nom, posting a self supporting comment.


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Well now, ain't that just (im)PEACHY.

At least the Dems are consistent at losing.

The Dems have been on the canvas more times than Mike Tyson's opponents, and that's a lot.

Why do these losers never learn?

Are they masochists?

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Everyone deserves the best medical attention available when they've contracted a life threatening disease regardless of their citizenship status.

Indeed, medical treatment should be readily accessible to anyone who is suffering from a curable ailment.

Such caring attention towards the sick and suffering is nothing less that we would expect for ourselves.

''Treat others as one would wish to be treated''.

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I saw Elmer Gantry in which he excelled. He was awarded an Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in that movie.

Personally I feel his role as Joe Erin in Vera Cruz best suited his acting style.

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Good choice. He could finance the travel arrangements from his lose change.

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This proposed law is an admission by this loony leftist is that, unlike the hardworking, taxpaying Republicans, a large % of Democrat supporters spend the greater part of their day lying farting in bed and only stirring when it's time to cash their benefits cheque.

If not voting was criminalized even the Democrat idlers may make the enormous effort to get out of their scratchers to vote.

Once these slugabeds had cast their vote for the Handout Democrat party they would return to the sack for many hours of *Big ZZzzzzs.

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If, in the unlikely event of the anti-American screwballs in the Democrat Party were to be successful at the next election and turned the U.S., into a Nation of socialist losers to which country could the downtrodden American citizens immigrate to escape the Commie induced poverty?

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Off hand I can't think of anybody, and certainly not anyone who could ever get as deep down into the gutter as Pelosi.

She is the archetypal and Commander-in-Chief of political gutter tramps.

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I saw the Crimson Pirate as a child in The Willowfield Cinema (known locally as the Winky) where the admission fee for children was four clean jam jars.

Whoever paid in then went and burst open the emergency doors when all your friends ran in and scattered.

Of course a few were caught, but most got to see the movie.

Yes, there were the 'good old, bad old days.

In the opening scene of this movie when Burt swung onto the top of the mainsail with the intro, to the film I thought he was talking to me personally.

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Kirk was great but Burt was better. The Crimson Pirate, Vera-Cruz, O.K Coral and Valdez is Coming were a few of the best westerns ever made. Lancaster brought the bar fight scene with Ernest Borgnine in 'From Here to Eternity' almost to life.

Like Burt, Kirk was a natural athlete and I'll always remember him leaping along the row of oars protruding from the long boat in The Vikings. Vaulting into his horse in The War wagon was further evidence of his athletic prowess.

R.I.P., Kirk. When they made you they threw the mould away.

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As the stock markets of the world teeter on the brink of nigh collapse those of Donald Trump's America go marching on, ever upward.

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The outcome of this sham process which was instigated by ''leakers and liars'' was never in doubt.

Truth and justice will always prevail eventually and this is what has occurred on this occasion.

The hand of God was present at this nasty piece of Democrat political theatre and his divine presence guided the voters towards righteousness and onto the path of truth.

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These petty minded, vindictive Democrats are so preoccupied with President Trump's winning ways that they've become obsessed with everything about him and his family.

It was totally unnecessary and potentially dangerous for this deranged Democrat to drag Ivanka Trump into their tangled web of irrational hatred for her father.

They've totally lost the plot and in their present stunned state of mental disorientation they couldn't organise a ''piss-up at a brewery'' never mind an election campaign.

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Tear up telephone books at televised political rallies and public meetings.


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This frightening phenomena is due to the brains of city dwellers becoming damaged as a consequence of inhaling the heavily polluted air caused by Co2 emissions from vehicular traffic and industrial generated pollutants.

Even low concentrations of CO2 decreases brain activity resulting in a significant reduction in its capacity to discern and concentrate.

The urbanite's reduced powers of concentration and judgment capability results in them believing the anarchist doctrine of the loony leftists.

These townies are responsible for 96% of the nation's knife crimes, the mugging of pensioners, drug dealing, defacing buildings with graffiti, raping minors, and voting for the local candidate of the RAVENING LOONY LEFT WING PARTY.

There is the one simple, but indisputable truth why loony leftists live in cities.

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Their over breeding, unhygienic food selling and preparation practices followed by the inevitable spawning of deadly viral diseases does pose the greatest threat to mankind.

The true number of deaths and infections caused by the Coronavirus is undoubtedly much greater than the figures being published by the Chinese Politburo Standing Committee.

World trade, business and vacation travel will be severely disrupted with the possible introduction of restrictions being imposed on the transport of all goods to and from the dangerous Asian nations.

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Resign!? Huh, she should commit suicide and do the Nation and the Democrat Party a favour.

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That one wanton act of uncontrolled viciousness graphically illustrated the true vindictive disposition of this dried up old hag to the world as well as securing President Trump's well deserved 2nd term in office.

At this side of the pond most British political journalists have expressed their revulsion at the rascality of Pelosi tearing up her President's speech documents.

President Trump is now enjoying a popularity rating of 49% with all the polls showing that the American people are looking forward to increased personal prosperity if Donald Trump gets re-elected.

Of course he's going to win THIS FORTHCOMING ELECTION and the Democrats will have their long, pointy noses rubbed in THEIR OWN SHIT.

The dems lost the last election.

The Mueller report exonerated President Trump of the Democrats' scurrilous accusations .

This farcical impeachment attempt has also failed.


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The latest on this drama is that there has been a team of 20 anti-terrorist officers on permanent surveillance duty trailing this known terrorist.

If we take a stab at the salary of a highly trained specialist police officer at around £40k p.a., then add expenses for back-up staff, transport and the use of sophisticated surveillance equipment that figure would probably gross up to around £60k p.a., for each one of the 20 officers.

In other words, this one terrorist represented an annual cost to the taxpayer of approximately £1,200,000.

According to the much respected Independent Newspaper the U.K., is home to around 25,000 Islamic terrorists.

As it is unlikely that all of these 25,000 known terrorists need the same level of security attention as Sudez Ammon, ( or whatever the deceased Muslim's name was), we could optimistically work on a figure of 50% of the gross which equates to £750 million p.a., give or take a few million or so.

This expense would pay for some 30,000 state registered nurses.

But then isn't £ 750 million p.a. worth paying for having the privilege of diversity?

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The latest revelation is that the government's proposal for convicted terrorists having to server a mandatory two thirds of their sentence will face a legal challenge from the Commander-in-Chief of loony leftest Political Correctness.

We can't deny these convicted murderers their human rights.

This is full-scale leftist political correctness at its looniest best, or worst, whichever way you look at it.

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