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Remember there's an ultimate difference between theory and reality.

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Law of economics:

Private costs > Government costs.

This has been proven time and time again. In theory it should be cheaper and more efficient, but that's only when all companies are of equal size. In REALITY (important word) the road industry would be run by oligarchs. This means that people will be paying MORE while corporates will be trying to give LESS. Why? The incentive to make money (the basis of capitalism) The less you give and the more you get = higher profit margins.

I know you're a dickhead aka libertarian so you feel the less governmental incentive = better outcomes in every single way. Then you use America as an example of the success of capitalism even though if you knew it's history it was always due to governmental intervention. I've tried to dumb down this argument so you may actually understand it. I hope for your sake (being the devils advocate) that you understand this.

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Do you even know what the dowry is or do you listen to what the white man's definition?

why shouldn't she have a right to work?

Nobody said there's anything wrong with women working. Did I say that? Has anybody said that? The problem with westerners is the lack of parenting. This is done because of the lack of time parents spend with the kids and also the extremely high divorce rates. Women slowly moving into the workplace may be a good thing, but it shouldn't mean spending less time with the children.

stop using dirty language. and while talking of a countries good points one rarely come up with the culture topic.

Faggot. Who doesn't come up with culture? Culture is the lifestyles of the people within a country. Culture is one of the most important things.

ask a Hindu how scared he is while walking through a Muslim area and a Muslim while he's walking through a Hindu area. both are scared whether the other will come out and stab him in the back or not.

No they're not. I've been India several times. They live next to each other side by side. Rarely any issues. There are occasional outbursts of violence but you ask me which country that doesn't happen in.

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It is a good country. It has all sorts of problems, but most of it's problems aren't nearly as bad as other country's problems.

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Everyone who says capitalism is ALWAYS American. Brainwashing obviously has nothing to do with this. They have no idea of what socialism or communism is.

The best economic system is a system where everyone has a job, enough money, easy and equal access to health, education, good security etc. etc. Capitalism will NEVER provide this. Socialism is the closest and (so far) the most effective and succesful out of all the other systems.

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yeah and like dowry system is not backward?

What's wrong with the dowry system?

the thought that women should be housewives is not backward?

Well standing in front of men with money with her legs open is obviously forwards....

but does culture make a coutnry good?

then wtf makes a country good?

we have almost all the violence a country could ask for!!!

Ask Indians how scared they're to walk in the streets, especially at night and then ask British or Americans.

tiger cub died in banglore park want a blue peter badge?

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Why else are they atheists? They don't believe there's anything greater than themselves out there...

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Do you really believe all that bullshit?

It's one of the most fearful nations in the world. Scared of the government, terrorists, immigrants, canadians, blacks, mexicans, republicans, democrats, liberals, neighbours even family.

The government (bankrolled by corporations) has you believe all this shit so that they can confuse you into the direction they want you to go. You're sheep. You just don't know it.

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Define what would make a country great and I can almost garauntee America would not be anywhere near those standards.

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Haha you destroyed him son. Let's see what bullshit he comes up with next.

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The experience isn't controlled by myself but the situation, and instructors by what they think martial arts is.

You've nearly answered your own questions. Also the fact that you were younger, so your understanding would be way way limited. But seeing as you're so smart you should've known all of this...

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Continuous exploitation of the poor and weak?

Just throwing my hat in the air.....

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Sarcastic much?


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Hah. You've answered your own question to your misunderstanding of martial arts.


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Because both of his parents are black.


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Self defense is useless especially if the assailant has a gun. Martial Arts only teaches hypothetical scenarios as opposed to real life situations.

Martial Arts is a gimmick for created for Hollywood movies.

Lol are you fucking serious? How many physical confrontations result in gun violence? The way you put it it's 100%. But for the man who lives in reality... 99% of physical confrontations are close range and without the use of guns.

Martial Arts only teaches hypothetical scenarios as opposed to real life situations.

Buying a gun from Wal-Mart obviously teaches a lot more. What's hypothetical about a fight? I'm guessing you've never been in one.

Martial Arts is a gimmick for created for Hollywood movies.

Right. It had no use for the previous 100000000 years before hollywood.

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Western understanding of martial arts is so far removed from it's reality it's fucking shameful. Then again what would you expect from them?

If any of your understanding of martial arts comes from movies then you're truly fucked in this debate.

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This is the thing about Americans. Apart from being overtly retarded and having no idea about maps and what goes where you're shit at spelling.

It's spelt C-A-N-A-D-A. You know? The country where they have better healthcare, schools, environment, safer neighbourhoods etc. etc.

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Do white people STILL believe the earth is flat?


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I didn't know anybody rated him (except for the greedy evil dirty bastards)... especially here in England. America's different because a lot of them are retarded so I guess it's easy to make them believe shit

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The ultimate difference between America and Canada.

Guess which country is better.

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To answer the question 'is it better to be a follower or a leader' only sheeps can be sheeps and shephards be shephards. A leader might be more valuable, but that's not the question.

Being a leader means you have actually have to be able to lead, not just sit with a crown on your head cough the queen cough. It also means making incredibly tough decisions and having to take responsibility for those actions. Having the respect and/or fear of your followers, and those of other leaders. Being a leader might make you bigger, but it also means bigger problems, responsibilities and downfalls, aswell as the glory etc. It's not as simple as you all think and it's not like TV where you always win.

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It would be MUCH MUCH BETTER...

for those who have enough money.

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Whether they do or they don't they've certainly achieved their target of getting people to fear them. You're living proof of the success of terrorism.

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