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The real Capitalist would sell you the hangman while charging you the rope on the contract you sign among the money you waste paying for it.

Yep, they would do that. Capitalists are ass holes, man.

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He looks like a reptillian shapeshifter in the first image.

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You are entitled to your stupid fucking opinions, you are not entitled to have smart people like them.

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Donald Trump is a traitor

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You make a good argument for the right, I think I am leaning to that side.

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You either ARE a lefty, or you're a righty. There really is NO middle ground.. Here's an example..

But what about centrists though? Are they the middle ground?

when he knelt during the national anthem, you believe that Colon Kaepernick was enjoying his 1st Amendment rights, you're a lefty.. If, on the other hand, you believe that he's an uppity black man, you're a righty..

I think he should have the right to do that and it's free speech, but I also think the NFL has the right to tell him he's a lopsided fanny licker.

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You should be right wing. If you ask Democrats how they plan to do better than Trump they got nuttin.

You have a point and all but I can't trust a green goblin with red eyes.

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