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If the election is rigged...

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He shall be remembered as the guy who ran against Barack obama and lost.

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Touched by his noodly appendage...

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then they are ink blots?

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This is obvious propaganda, and those quotes are out of context. The Tony Stark quotes are all from before his change of heart in the movie, lets face it Stark is much more electable than batman. Batman the strong silent type could never be elected president because he does not have public speaking skills. where as Mr stark can stand behind a podium and with just his quick wit have everyone eating out of his hands

While i am not one to call batman stupid, but against Stark, who created a reactor the size of a small plate in a cave in the desert, his accomplishments are trivial. With Starks intellect there would be no civil matter he couldn't handle. Balance the budget? NO problem. want a end to national deficit? Vote Ironman

If you really want to turn the economy around, if you really want to put an end to war and the defense budget


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dang i got here late and all the good powers are taken =(

immortality and never sleeping would have been my choice but seeing flatulence is great too, but i will choose...

Complete and absolute power over Time to start and stop as i see fit, to rewind and fast forward, so that i may see what really happened, and read what was written down. To see what will happen...

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All that text and i got nothing from it.

Considering the FACT the humans created our languages, and we CREATED the words omniscient and omnipotent i do think we know what they mean.

We created the gods then the words to describe them.

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V for Vendetta

Is by far the best I've seen in awhile.

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wow 3 words and yet so powerful. /agree

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We each individually have our own reasons for existence, all selfish, but the question asks "Do humans have a reason to live? We as a species, exist only to reproduce. making our reason to live, is to live, and there is no reason in that at all.

Should every human die tomorrow what would happen?

Nothing, the world would keep on spinning and every other creature here would probably be better off.

Should the earth cease to exist would anything be different? in the big scheme of things? i doubt it

At one time we considered our planet the center of the universe, but its all in our minds. Just like our reason to live. We feel the need to justify existence when at the end of the day we are lucky to exist, we don't need reason.

Viruses follow this same logic, and have just as much reason.

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I prefer shaved, but once it starts to grow you can have a bit of a stabbing effect. If your gonna go natural, maintenance is key, if you can get caught in it somethings wrong.

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I applaud you for posting, but i do not think you made your point well enough to combat my argument.

A god cannot be all powerful and all knowing, because they inherently contradict each other. Nor can he be simply all powerful as stated in my previous argument. Nor all knowing with any ability to act.

This is just more evidence to point out god is in our minds not reality, we created him not the other way around.

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The Answer is obviously No, but how can logic combat faith?

How can an omniscient god find the omnipotence to change that which he already knows?

Can God create a rock so heavy that even he cannot lift it? If he can, then the rock is now unliftable, limiting God's power. But if he cannot, then he is still not omnipotent.

All knowing? where does free will come in?

"Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely; God is all-powerful? Draw your own conclusions."

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Freeze frames from the music video "crazy" by gnarls barkley

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I do agree with you on this point.

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In my opinion, The simple fact that the electoral college can vote anyway they see fit to shows that the u.s. president is elected by an elite few not the people.

If say in a close election, like in 2000, where Gore won the popular vote, but bush won the electoral college who really appointed the president? doesn't seem like the people

If say in a close election the elector's where persuaded to vote against the way the people had voted thats perfectly legal. Who choose the president?

But in the end we only really had the illusion of choice, because the media does our thinking for us.

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Hmm has anyone heard of Quagmire?


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I wasn't there, i dunno

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It all starts in the name of defense, but you have this large defensive force and no way to put it to use. Then we find out country A needs help from country B. So we step in and help Country A which makes country B and his allies C, D, and E mad. So Country C and D send B aid which turns a small problem between country A and B into a big problem, and now we have to protect our investment with counrty A...

So on and so forth

We run across Counrty H(awaii) who has a great strategic position in the pacific so we decide in the name of defense to liberate these sovereign people and assimulate them

So on and so fourth

I wonder why no one likes the U.S's idea of freedom?

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In your mind you lost, So yes you certainly will.

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Dr. Pepper FTW it's been my drink of choice all my life. and coke leaves a bad after taste in my opinion

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Just as you cannot prove or disprove God's existence.

But our body's give us all the proof we need, we have organs we don't need, teeth, male nipples, and on and on. If we were created seems like shotty work. surly not by an all powerful being.

I for one have never seen an atheist walk into a church strapped with explosives.

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It's like having an imaginary friend noone will make fun of you for having, you can take all your problems and had them over to bob or god whichever you preferre, assume whatever happens is part of some divine plan set out for you by a creater.


It's so that we can put a face on that which we don't understand. I.E. death, a lot of people find it easier to deal with their death and the death of loved ones Via "heaven" a place where they all meet up and talk about the good times on earth.

Some people need this peace of mind, others don't.

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The statement that scienctist's cannot understand beauty, because they connot prove it, they cannot love because they understand cause and effect is absurd. It's like your trying to say scientists are not human. What of atheists? are all atheists scientists? of course not.

Lets stop and think what organization has destroyed the most art, burned the most books, and killed the most people for not thinking the way they should.

I for one would like to think the people are who rule society, and the people should have a choice where their values come from. When you are raised in a religious home there is no choice, only brainwashing, and the illusion of choice

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