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If you're FOR tax cuts, would you cut taxes for the workers, or the billionaires?

The workers, but you've done this same debate like 20 times. Each time you are asked how you plan to tax the billionaires when they have a history of offshoring money or moving companies out of countries that try to tax them. They are able to do this because of globalism. They aren't national companies anymore. They are global companies. Global companies don't care that you want some tax money. They owe you zero allegiance, and you gave them that power. Globalists plan on doing Jack shit about it, and globalists attacked Trump for trying to keep jobs, companies and tax money in America, so there you go. You got your fucking wish. The billionaires win again, and dickheads like you helped. You're their useful idiot. You're their little bitch that they lead around by the nose through the media that they own and tell you how to think and feel through. You'll wake up tomorrow, flip it to ABC, and they'll tell you how to think and feel tomorrow too. Rinse, wash and repeat. I'm really not sure why you don't just drop your drawers and let the millionaire journalists at MSNBC do a train on your ass.

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A "baby", yes. A "fetus", no.

Abortion clinics abort babies after birth. Murder or no?

Words matter

Says the party that has redefined and created so many words that's it damn near a whole new language.

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Only a nimby white liberal thinks running people out of restaurants, dumping drinks on them, taking over city blocks with guns and looting stores and setting fires is fine while saying the words, "I don't think the people will stand for it" is violence. What are you 12?

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Being FORCED to travel to another state to get one is the OPPOSITE of freedom.

Having my ability to defend myself taken away doesn't really feel like freedom yet you're all for it.

Having the right to not have sex is a freedom, and being murdered is the opposite of freedom there Orwell. Isn't it amazing how the baby itself is never mentioned in a liberal argument on abortion. It's body? Not mentioned. It's choice? Not mentioned. It being killed? Not mentioned. The right to not whore around? Not mentioned. Why is that?

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How do we "lose badly"? Do Democrats wear a mark so Biden knows who not to nuke? This is the same establishment that's armies retreated from multiple countries that were the size of small to average sized US states, is it not? How are you going to fight a war against the equivalent of 45 Vietnam's and Afghanistan's when you couldn't defeat even one? And what will stop China from walking right in after you deplete your resources fighting your own people? And according to you, your side can't stop 300 civilians from storming the capitol. How you gonna stop 150 million? Blow up Texas? Tell us this grand master plan.

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You must HATE it that a guy like me KNOWS the law.

Really? Didn't you argue that a sitting President could be indicted until Joe Biden became President? Of all of the people on here, you have often appeared to be completely ignorant on the law the most. Just saying.

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Oh, they knew.. It's called getting an independent witness who SWEARS out an affidavit, under penalty of perjury, WHAT documents Trump has and WHERE they are stored..

It's called a judge who has Epstein ties and needed to give Trump a nudge to make sure he doesn't give up any names. Funny how anyone who is familiar with the Epstein Island names list just disappears or gets attacked and smeared nonstop like it's a religion. Hold on, and there it is. Put your eyeballs on this. Coincidence? GTFOH

We also know how your witnesses work. They say Trump grabbed the steering wheel of the beast and began going crazy. Then Secret Service said it's a lie, they weren't in the beast that day and that there's a barrier between the driver and the passengers.

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Taking top secret documents home and storing them in your basement IS absolutely a crime.

So is storing them on an illegal private server to get around FOIA. The FBI even said it was a crime but that there would be no charges due to not being able to prove intent. Of course you can never fully prove intent, so looks like we've found Trump's out even if he did take something home with him.

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In its simplest form, Trump took state secrets to his house in Mara lago, and you can't DO that.. We just want 'em back. They're OURS - NOT his.

Yet no one has reported what you just said as if it were a fact. Only that he was raided "just in case he did". Nothing NAZIesque or third world about that use of logic. No, not at all.

If he doesn't give 'em back, he should go to jail for mishandling STATE SECRETS.. What? You LIKE spreading our state secrets around????

So Hillary should have went to jail. Next Republican President now has been given the authority by the left to go into the homes of any ex Democrat politicians unexpectedly and unannounced with guns drawn.

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Which is more important, Excon protecting rich, corrupt, Democrat politicians who seem interested in a police state, or them one day raiding people like his son's home for wrong think regardless of evidence of a crime? Looks like he chooses the police state. Why? Drugs, or he's just evil. No sane, sober person chooses corrupt, rich men in suits over their offspring.

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The question I have, is do you agree with that commie sonofabitch?

Which one. Biden or Xi Jinping? I thought you said it was the orange man who'd get us into a war. No? Duuuuuuuuuuuuude!!!!!!

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The fact that you never respond to a plethora of about 50 topics shows that you know the left is fucked up on those issues but are gonna pretend you are confused as to why the rest of us don't want to be Democrats anyway.

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Globalism allows companies to subvert paying taxes by being able to move offshore. You say you want more taxes while voting the party that promotes globalism and just made big pharma record profits off of a virus that they funded the creation of. The party you vote for offshored the creation of our medication to China, and when the pandemic hit, they literally turned their ships with medicine around and didn't send it here. That is the full embodiment of a "useful idiot". And in fact, you're so useful that they now have you paying $5 for gas, double for food, are offshoring tax dollars to foreign countries, are sending manufacturing offshore, are grooming kids, have destroyed the cities they control causing you to flee, and you're just begging them and pleading for them to lead you some more. That's stupidity on steroids.

And yet here you are, still unable to actually address the topic of the debate. That means that not only is your position on the actual topic inferior, but that you know that it's inferior.

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they HAD the mid-terms IN the bag

The Democrats have fallen in the polls since abortion was given back to the states. What's your point? That starving people are more worried about food than whether Democrats can kill black babies in their white supremacy centers called Planned Parenthood?

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But, if YOU have something you wish me to consider, post away....

I wish for you to consider the short video showing what the left has become. I assume you won't watch it because seeing it would disturb your comfortability with the Democratic Party, and that is a scary thought for someone who's belief in the Democratic Party is what has given them purpose and meaning through all of these years.

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I'm not interested in seeing that..

Of course you aren't. It depicts a modern left that in no way resembles the Democratic Party that you depict. If you watched it, you'd have to face the fact that the modern left doesn't resemble the Democratic Party that you describe in your arguments.

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If you're interested in my views, just ask me..

What are your views on this short video?

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I don't agree with ANYTHING the video says..

That would mean you have denounced the left.

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Am I like you?? Sure.. Obama wasn't my cup of tea, but he WASN'T McCain

1)While the left now worships the establishment war mongerer known as John McCain.

2)You just admitted Obama was trash. So why would I vote Democrat again?

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Gore, the inventor of the internet, WASN'T my choice either, but, he was a hell of a lot better than the war mongering, torturing, president Bush.

1)The left now worships Bush.

2)Explain to me the difference between Bush and Biden.

3)If you hate war mongering, you would have voted for Trump. Instead you voted for Bush's twin brother Joe Biden, the atypical establishment war mongerer set to make lobbyists for weapons manufacturers happy.

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He was elected because he's NOT Trump, and he stays because he's NOT Kamala Harris.

1)Pretty sure Biden will insure Trump's re-election. All you accomplished with this was having to deal with Trump for 12 years rather than 8. Chew on that for a bit.

2)You just admitted that Harris is a nuclear dumpster fire. Why would we vote Democrat again?

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The proof you seek has been disgorged in the last 5 public hearings

I've watched the hearings. Lots of hearsay, no evidence of anything, and it has actually discredited the left fully as if there were any doubt before.

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Interestingly, I felt exactly the same way about Trump..

Clearly a lie. You may have felt some kind of way, but it wasn't the way we feel about Joe Biden. Trump went off prompter most of the time. Biden can't speak without one. Trump got us to $1.50 gas. Biden got us to $7.00 gas. Trump's DOW continued to climb while people made a killing. Biden's DOW found a way to go backwards causing people planning on retiring to not retire.

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