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As a Socialist I need all the money I can get, because we live in a system where only those who have a shitload of money have any power to change the system. This idea you have that the more wealthy a left winger is the more of a hypocrite they are is just dumb. I want billions and billions of dollars so that I have the power to change the system.

I don't believe in anything supernatural, because everything that exists is a part of nature and "supernatural" essentially means "those parts of nature which are not understood". I do not believe in spirits, but I am open to the possibility that there are some form of inter-dimensional beings or something which could be mistaken for spirits.

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Nay .

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Aye .

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Fascists, stupid people, liars, rich people, and religious people. At least that's what it is for me, other leftists may be different.

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Dude tell me the truth, did you get the name Fiora from league of legends?

Would you rather be a calmmunist or a pissedian?


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She's not monogamous with me, never was or will be. She made that clear from day one (not in a nasty way).

Yeah, obviously. The universe is a garden of dicks for her, and she chooses them as she pleases (so long as her real mack daddy pimp allows it).

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It's a 5 day ban, I checked.

I guess Fiora is on my side after all. I guess she did lend me her pussy this time.

Democratic and Socialism are oxymorons.

They are very much not oxymorons, collective ownership of the means of production entails democratic (collective) decision making.

We keep giving you the definition from the dictionary.

It depends which dictionary you ask really, but I prefer to go by the definition provided by the actual socialists who came up with various forms of socialism. A capitalist defining socialism is like a Nazi defining Jews. The definition will probably be partially true, but then they will sprinkle on some propaganda.

What are you trying to do here, prove yourself wrong? .

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The core teaching of Bronto is to abuse your children and wife and pets and get your legs blown off for the cause of economic imperialism.

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Getting rich off of capitalism after condemning it, is like a militant anti drugs advocate lighting up just because it exists you blabbering jerk off.

Under capitalism you need money just to live unless you're going to live off the land, nevermind actually changing things or having any influence in society or having a comfortable and pleasurable life.

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You are Nom. You have no dick.

You're a retarded twit

my intellect is marvelous

plus I've got the largest dick

on earth, and it's hard as shit

you can disregard and diss

me, but I'll just discard it quick

cause' you're nardless git

and when I fart you ain't as smart as it

Are you stupid enough to think someone is not going to try to make money in a system that revolves around money even if they don't agree with the system? Have you ever cooperated with someone or considered them your equal? Yeah? Well I guess that kills your "socialism is bad" narrative.

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I'll bloody bugger you in the centre of your arse hole mate.

It's easy to tell that I am not Nom, we are just buddies with similar views. Also we both have a bigger dick than you and your IQ is equivalent to that of a stray poodle.

Democrats/Libs can't tell you. Just like they can't tell you the difference between Socialism and Democratic Socialism.

That's because number one Americans don't know what socialism is and number 2 socialism is inherently democratic if you're doing it right. Also liberals aren't socialist, they're more left leaning capitalists.

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The right wants rich people to rule everything and the alt-right wants a dictatorship to rule everything.

Coolness is subjective. Unless it is the genuine coldness that fake Jews like you show towards Palestinian children suffering under Israeli tyranny.

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lol, check your PMs in a little while, I'll tell you the plan I had.

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As you age, your genes mutate, so even if he was an ethnic Jew he would be less of one now then he was when he was born.

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You will find that what I am saying is, the game of tennis evolved due to the spectators, not the players.

Random analogies that suit your purposes do nothing to prove your point, I could do the same. The "game" we are talking about is the result of humans interacting with each other and with nature.

The players that couldn't evolve with that evolution, well exactly... They don't matter; they're the losers.

Exactly, which is why if you're a capitalist you're a loser. Since it's the players that make up the game, if the game doesn't evolve it's because the players didn't evolve and you may have your fun on this level of the game but all of humanity will go extinct if we stay at this level much longer.

That's how it always works but sometimes a scumbag gets by working less hard and EVEN less smart with some 'cheats'. You need to work with the human psychology of the moderators, law or even yourself to stay disciplined and resolute in the face of their rule-breaking and end up usurping them or hating the game too much as it enables such cheating (not hating them for doing it).

Or you could just put the cheaters in a gulag and change the rules of the game so it doesn't allow cheating. But since the rule-makers are the biggest cheaters in the game that's not going to happen. The game is fucked up because the top players are ALL cheaters and the average player is stupid as fuck.

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