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Mongele(522) Clarified
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Some good points there.

I agree that many of those who who wish to control the lives of their fellow citizens with their leftist ideology do start from a position of wealth, but it should be noted that those who don't become corrupt, self-serving rogues who soon begin to practise their double standards.

Once the leaders of paramilitary organizations, such as B.L.M., and repressive political doctrines have achieved control over the people they immediately start to line their own pockets and those of their family.

Any whistles blowers or complainants end up like Alexei Navalny.

Beware the not-so loony leftists

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You're slabbering an enormous amount of pretentious dung, but then that's not surprising as you're the epitome of a left wing arrogant shit

There is such a thing as congenital human decency which includes such character traits as honesty, respect for other people and the ability to be able to distinguish between right & wrong.

''If you think morality comes from some magical being you've been brainwashed'';- There you go hallucinating again you dumb cunt.

Where in the thread does the debate creator mention that he/she considered morality to come from some magical source?

The only insane fool to mention such an outlandish scenario was you, you pompous phony.

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Hey, nomshit, are you hallucinating again you mentally defective fuck.

The Brit shit-bag only commented on my post without expressing an opinion of his own.

You parasitic dirt-balls are only capable of leeching into the expressed views of others without stating your own slant on a given subject.

Did you contract one of the more severe, brain damaging social diseases from your whore mother at birth?

How many clients will be fucking your diseased ridden ma tonight?

Come on you left-wing cunt, let's have your independent angle on the topic.

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No, Check out Matthew 21:12.


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That's the lefties all over.

The B.L.M., terrorists knocked seven bells out a C.N.N. reporter who was there to put on record that this group only ever staged peaceful protests.

The leaders of history's Marxist/Leninist revolutions always ended up living a life of privileged luxury while those peasants who survived the purging of their comrades lived and worked in a state of imposed deprivation.

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Insofar that Biden has lied his way through his lackluster political career it is nigh impossible to pluck one particular lie out from the avalanche of propaganda and falsehoods.

Biden is trying hard to fulfill his life-long political objective that;- AMERICA IS FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND NOT IT'S CITIZENS.

When asked what he intends to do about the border crisis he replied;-



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Paradoxically at that time he was ''sufficiently young to realize he was too old, too stupid and too big a liar'.

Now the doddering old geriatric fool is labouring under the misapprehension that he's in the springtime of his life with the mental agility of a youthful Albert Einstein.

How embarrassing it is when he jogs to and from the microphone in a pitiful attempt to display his athletic prowess then falls UPSTAIRS 3 times in as many seconds.

It takes a special kind of idiot to be able to FALL UPSTAIRS.


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Just post your opinion on the thread you parasitic limey.


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Here's a hypothetical scenario to ponder.

On a basis of mutual consent/agreement blacks are allocated part of the United States where no whites or Asians are permitted to settle or establish businesses.

Whites and other ethnic groups occupy the remaining areas of the country in which blacks are only allowed to visit temporarily.

Which of the two separate nations do you feel is most likely to prosper and suffer less from violent crime?

-1 points

Blacks demonstrate ( there's an euphemism if ever there was one) for a combination of reasons all of which are, to a lesser or greater extent negative, deadly and destructive in nature.

Blacks don't, and never will realize that the onus is on them to adapt to, and adopt the laws, customs and practices of the society in which they live.

Most of organised black protests are no more then riotous, violent, anti-American insurrections without a defined and coherent political or humanitarian purpose.

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By definition illegal immigrants are criminals so they and their families start their lives here on the the premise that they have entered into a land of lawlessness where anarchy and chaos is the accepted norm.

Of course people want to come to America to escape the miseries caused by left-wing governments and the lack of entrepreneurial enterprise of the indigenous people, so they come here with their aforementioned congenital character flaws, diseases and their pots and pans. JUST WHAT WE NEED.

On the other side of the coin however, we have made provision of a system for immigration applicants to follow.

This structure ensures that successful contenders will be properly cared for and fairly processed after the initial stages of their entry the United States.

Once the left-wing progressive idiots start to play fast-and-lose with the laws of the land then those same fools have OPENED THE GATES OF HELL.

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It's good in a way that Russia is up to its old tricks again and setting itself up as an object of alarm for the west to fear and despise.

The Big Bad Bear's best role is to act as a foreboding threat which the western leaders can use to curb the fragmentation of its democratic system of government by uniting its citizens against the common enemy.

Both Russia's and China's aggressive expansionism are vivid real-time illustrations of the result of runaway LEFT-WING EXTREMISM.

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Poor old broken down Biden is to American politics what Inspector Clouseau was to the French Police Force.

If there is a faux-pas to be made, Biden will make it.

If there is an important announcement to be made, Biden will forget it.

Jacques Biden must have received a boomp on his nut early on in life.

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It's amazing how the weeping and gnashing of teeth along with their feigned cries of compassion for the poor locked up children by those awfully caring trio of witches, A.O.C., KAMALA AND PELOSI during the Trump administration has evaporated just like the morning dew on a hot day.

A.O.C., had herself filmed sobbing and clasping her boney, witchlike hands beside a security fence, oh the humanity of it all she wailed.

A piece of professional investigative journalism revealed that there was nothing more than empty waste land on the other side of the fence.

How these left wing loony Dems have taken the American public for a ride.


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After 21 days of silence Kamala came out from under her bed and announced that she will be visiting Mexico and Guatemala at some undisclosed date in the future to investigate why an increase has occurred in the hordes of nomadic gypsies all heading for good old U.S.A.

Either Harris is an idiot or she assumes everyone else is.

The low lives are making their way to America's southern border because Broken down Biden let them know that he had turned the U.S., into an easy-touch for Latin America's scroungers and vagabonds.

Also, the Cartels are charging life's losers $1000s each to herd them towards the weakest security points of the border.

Mongele(522) Clarified
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That pretty well encapsulates their (not-so) cunning plan which ''the world and his wife'' can see through.

Requiring voter I.D., is discriminatory.

Requiring photographic identity to buy or consume alcohol is not discriminatory.


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You clearly suffer from recurring bouts of mental blockages when confronted with realities which are incompatible with your preferred narratives.

But, don't worry too much about your condition as, along with most other participants on CD., I've long since realized that you're stark-ravening mad and find your crazed reactions and protracted bursts of gobbledygook to be quite entertaining.

Your unique type of madness does add a little color and chili powder to CD's otherwise mainly insipid membership.


Mongele(522) Clarified
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Yeah, nomshit likes to call people names but becomes indignant when HE is the target of personal insults.

What is your slant on my comment on the other column re., the Dems intention of annulling voter I.D., requirements on the grounds that such a measure is discriminatory but didn't mention the existing law requiring everyone buying liquor to produce acceptable photographic proof of identity?

Do blacks and those idiots without any personal identifying documentation not buy and drink alcohol?

Welcome to Biden's America of stupidity and disunity.


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The Israelis turned the barren, tip-head of ''THE PALESTINIAN'S PALESTINE'' into a high yielding agricultural paradise and a land of high technology, better known as THE PROMISED LAND.

It is only but right that this zone is occupied by those whose work-ethic and skills will ensure that the land realizes its full potential.

When the Israelis show magnanimity towards the Palestinians they usually repay their benefactors with a storm of deadly rocket attacks on civilian targets.

No images of the slaughtered and mutilated bodies of Israeli men, women and children after the Palestinian indiscriminate missile attacks.


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Of course the loony-leftist Democrats claim that voter I.D., is discriminatory but they conveniently forgot to mention that it is a legal requirement to produce identity credentials when purchasing alcohol.



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There is a perfectly legal immigration procedure in existence which 100s of 1000s have diligently and conscientiously followed.

Such law abiding people have been made fools of by the government's encouragement of illegal criminals to cross the border without any form of effective regulation.


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But apart from that did you agree with him?


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My gripes with Smiker boy was that his action of changing venues for the making of his movie about slavery was in essence a political protest and did not take heed of the stupidity of voters not needing to produce identification.

The other feature of voters not requiring photographic recognition documents is that the punters could vote numerous times.

His petty action showed that not only is he a racist agitator but he is also buck-stupid.

We can all reserve the right to spend our dosh where we want and I certainly won't be wasting my hard earned bucks going to see a one-sided racially motivated movie.

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How can any sane person argue that anyone, regardless of, among other things, nationality and legal status, be allowed to vote?

Nationals from all the Latino countries could come here in their MILLIONS and cast their vote for the party which they feel will best promote their interests.

America is heading for an ultra high-speed head-on collision with a cliff face aided and abetted by the loony-lefties of Biden's Democrat Party.

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