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Bernie Sanders made a major speech the other day where he TRIED to differentiate social democracy from socialism.

Bernie Sanders is a bumbling bafoon who has never worked a day in his life, and always lived on the public dole.

I think real Democrats are actually the same as the modern Republican Party.

And this verse backs up the other rabbit's verse.

The 1st parts of this verse says "if possible".

Keep trying retard, I'll even turn the proxy off for you

You didn't turn off the proxy.

Tumblr is full of liberals ;)

So is a San Fransisco salad.

I didn't open that debate and you know full well I didn't. Fuck off, you idiot child

I am a witness that you did open and then close the debate in question.

But, we haven't found a way to control tectonic plate movement..

Fluctuations in the amount of insolation (incoming solar radiation) are the most likely cause of large-scale changes in Earth's climate during the Quaternary. In other words, variations in the intensity and timing of heat from the sun are the most likely cause of the glacial/interglacial cycles.

Why do you think the Bible warns us that in the end it will be like Sodom and Gamorrah?

Libs would rather she were in pain and keep the seat than her not be in pain and lose the seat.

So tell us what having black friends means. This should be good.

that some guy named "James" wrote about in some ancient language that some HOPE was translated correctly by a person not tempted to put words in his mouth.

The Bible has been translated thousands of times by nonChristians and Christians.

You also are not a Christian, so Biblical warnings are irrelevent to you.

I know for a fact that I cannot live without the world.

Animals do it. Insects do it. The settlers and Natives did it.

I'd rather worship the world

Then the Antichrist will easily give you his commands with no resistance.

I can't figure out if I should choose to live by the rules of the Christian God, or Allah, or Buddha, or Satan, or Zeus, or whatever

Then you've never tried to.

in some ancient language

Israel still speaks Hebrew.

It doesn't seem that ANY words in the Bible OR Qur'an were meant solely for "liberals"

You could be right.

and if "Gods Creation" is something that we should hate, or is dangerous to us …. hmmmm, that must be why conservatives don't give a damn about the world??

We care about the world. It's why we donate more to charity and the US has the greatest anti pollution stats of all industrialized nations.

By "the world" in the verse, it means the ideology of the world, not the physical planet. You have what the Bible calls "the Spirit of the slave", meaning you are a slave to the state, and as the left becomes more socialist and Communist, even more so, and you embrace it.

ASTONISHING Hypocrisy!! Ivanka Trump BUSTED For Using Private Email Server!!

That had no classified info on it and wasn't destroyed after being subpoened.

And Hillary's punishment was nothing.

What is your point? No point? Swell.

-1 points

As a dedicated communist, you have NO wealth to preserve and you're probably living in your parents basement..

No probably about it. The guy admits to playing video games nonstop, having no job, and having no bank account.

-1 points

Show us one example of him being Hitlerian. You've been asked before. You never show anything. You run off like a retarded child.

Now, it's a RICH town.

Why don't you guys open your homes to sponsor a bunch of illegals then?

You gave us a list one time of multiple people on Fox that were honest brokers. I don't know if you were honest then or now.

Concerning Barack Obama, there was little need to trash him for attending events in France. He gave the media way heavier things than that to attack him on. Too bad the lib media used the kid gloves on him rather than being curious as to why he sent billions of dollars to Iran in secret behind Congress's back.

Trump donates his entire Presidential salary to the vets. Obama trashed them.

Supporting Evidence: Donates salary (

You're right.. I hereby condemn every shitty act anyone ever committed..

But we don't know what you consider to be a shitty act though.

We need to know if you condemn everyone who hates Jews.

This will make it very, very hard to take you seriously when you condemn people as Nazis though.

But you didn't answer the question though. I think you are displaying a serious issue of cognitive dissonance. Are you not able to condemn all people who hate Jews?

That appears to be an epic beatdown of Hootie. That was hard to watch. It was like a spider eating a fly.

Good thing the press isn't running for office.. They're NOT especially popular

That's because they orchestrate events to cover to keep people hating each other and seeing chaos.

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