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It is proof that the 'Mic' collection is better.

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No I'm not dickweed.

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PresChaffy got resurrected, maybe he's the Messiah.

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Saur and I are partners in crime. We team up every once in a while to lure in some unsuspecting newbie to a debate and once there we spring our trap and troll him ;)

Now Saur is not sour at all. As a matter of fact, she's sweet, like a candy cane ;)

We went on a picnic once and the ants went straight for her, ignoring all the food.

I got curious as to why that would be the case and..., well..., one lick is all it took to get hooked ;)

Another time she saw this cute baby that was teething. He only had 4 teeth. 2 on top and 2 on bottom with the rest coming in. Saur couldn't resist but to pick him up. Unfortunately, the kid decided to take a bite out of her and ended up with cavities.

I've also seen a humming bird dipping his bill in one ear while a bee tried to get honey out the other ear.

There was only one time when I was with her that I was the one who was attractive. I attracted this one dog that would just not stop sniffing me. He would sniff down one leg, jump on me and sniff up my arm and the owner just couldn't keep him away from me. I was so happy that for once I was the sweet one but my joy was shorted lived when the owner said that it was quite unusual for his dog to be sniffing me because he only liked to sniff other dog's and human's butts.

Anyway..., those are my experiences with Saur ;)

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Teddy Roosevelt, I remember him he was an asshole.

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Long Live Chaffy!

Long Live CreateDebate!

Long Live Stalin!

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Long live Chaffy!

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I generally find woman's breasts disturbing to see in the first place. Plus it would help smaller stores as they wouldn't need to provide women and men clothes.

Also, we all know that woman only abuse their right to wear clothes by dressing like prostitutes whenever they're not cooking.

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