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Isn't this kind of the point of the Supreme Court allowing the states to choose for themselves? You're celebrating a state choosing as was the right's point in the first place why?

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One of those statements is true, and the other is not.

Explain to us the difference between the two sentences there Einstein. We gonna be waiting for an answer for eternity again? Yes, we are. Here's where you vanish because you don't know the fucking difference seeing there isn't one.

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So show us the evidence of Trump committing a crime. Here's where you run off again with no retort because you're stupid, stupid, stupid and don't have to respond to anything you don't want to. No shit there Genius. You don't have to respond. You are fully free to retreat like you did in Vietnam.

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Gonna be a cold day in hell once again before the left shows us evidence of any crime. Meanwhile, Biden's boys' emails show him doing worse, with evidence, than anything Trump is even alleged of doing without any evidence.

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And now you're getting it fixed up, expanded and the gaps closed, right?

Yes, and the left called anyone who supported it a racist. Now the left are finishing said "racist wall" with no rebuke of its "racist" nature. They're either racists or slanderers.

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right wing women HAVE wombs too

And are pro life. That's why they are right wing.

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oh no, I guess he'll have to print more

Which caused the inflation and high prices we see.

He can also increase taxes

Your solution for a populace that can't afford the basics is tax them more. Clearly you aren't Robin Hood in the story.

The US could also buy gold and sit on it.

Good, more spending on something no one can eat that will only gain value as an investment in the future (theoretically) and help no one nor the debt now. By "out of money" he means they have no more purchasing power. Without purchasing power, you can't purchase gold even if it was some kind of magical answer, which it isn't.

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I LIKE trusting the people I do business with.

You don't do business with teachers. They talk to your kids without you being present. You cool with them being taught to be Christians? I mean, the only way they'd adhere to it would be if it's sooooo wonderful, or so you claimed. What's to fear if Christianity isn't wonderful? If Christianity isn't wonderful, your kids will reject it. I mean how does it help to not know something? Wouldn't you rather they all know? Wouldn't you like your children to know about Jesus and those who believe in him? How can a Bible and what's in it hurt anybody? Let's use your logic. Christianity should be taught to kids in schools because knowledge doesn't hurt anything.

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You think if they're homosexuals, they'll "groom" your children to BE homosexuals

Maybe, but mostly that they'll introduce children to sex at an age inappropriate time. Psychologists have written books about the negative effects caused by this act.

Or if they're commies, communism is SOOO wonderful that if a child learns about it, they'll immediately embrace it..

Children were taught Nazism and white supremacy. They embraced it because they were children, and it wasn't because it was wonderful.

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You think teachers are commies and homos.

Many are. Kids record them in class, then put it on YouTube.

and, IF they are, wouldn't you like your children to know about them?

Wouldn't you want your kids to read the Bible and say a prayer in the name of Jesus every day? I didn't think so.

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What particular knowledge do you want KEPT from your children??

How to be a racist, a child molester or a Communist

How does KNOWING something hurt??

By this train of thought, we should show little kids porn and how to torture people and animals.

How does NOT knowing something help??

Let's follow this train of thought. A vast number of Biden voters polled said they wouldn't have voted for Biden if they had known about his son's emails. You think that his getting elected, even if due to not knowing something, was a good thing. It wasn't?

Supporting Evidence: 1/6 of Biden voters wouldn't have voted for him if (
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What about your surgeon? You surely wanna know what he did. How about your plumber or your phone repairman. You KNOW he's gonna put shit on your phone that you don't want on your your phone. And, what about your pharmacist??

None of these groups indoctrinate kids, and they can be sued for malpractice. The point doesn't even make sense.

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If you wanna avoid teachers teaching shit you don't want 'em to teach, it should be done during the HIRING process - NOT after you've already hired 'em..

Democrats have pushed the right out of the education system, which is why we went from first in education to a low ranking, and it also means it's the left doing the hiring.

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Well, I don't think that's trashing

Okay, tell us about some white Democrats in Congress who aren't your cup of tea and why they aren't.

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Truly. Are we back to this ONE PERSON thing

The guy is still a teacher, meaning leftist's agreed with the meltdown, and there are countless similar videos of leftists that get millions of leftist likes. Not one like. Millions of likes.

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The real conclusion is that the greatest threat to Communism according to Communist literature Is religion and religious concepts because the idea of God and being devoted to your family is a threat to the idea of the state as God. That's why they must try to distort it and eradicate it. It has nothing to do with their personal views of marriage. It has to do with their personal need to get rid of anything that threatens their own personal godship on the Earth.

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is your crazy fucked up thinking that what ONE guy - ONE GUY says, means ANYTHING.

What I got out of the video was that the show is written by the left, and even the left knows what their own behaviors are really like, so they did a parody of their own behavior and actions.

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Wha???? The ONLY thing ONE guy critiquing an episode of VEEP describes

So you can watch a video and debate it. Which means you probably watched the ones you said you don't watch but had no way to confront the points in them, which is why you claimed you can't debate a video as a cop out.

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Absolutely. My child my choice.

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The Democrats have a big problem. Most people are ignorant and not very smart. Usually that works in their favor, but in this case it won't. People who can't afford to get to work or eat don't care about politics. They care about ending their suffering. Their simple minds will simply say Trump equals cheap gas and food. Biden equals I suffer.

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So, the feds are kidnapping American citizens, and you're happy about it?? Dude!

You were censoring them, burning down cities, and killing cops. You said the right needed to learn how to win. Are you surprised that your violence and anarchy was met with violence and anarchy?

I thought right wingers LOVED the Constitution.. No, huh?

Show me in the Constitution where half of your country can be censored, forced to wear masks, not be allowed to work for months, and be shut into their homes while rioters are allowed to run wild in the streets destroying property. Then, once you realize the right realizes you've trashed the Constitution, how you expect to be protected by the document the left is clearly ignoring. They want a country of chaos without laws. Show them a country in chaos without laws. You reapeth what thou hast sown.

Concerning the masked Commies, the Communist Control Act of 1954. Enforce it, and push these Nazi psychopaths into Hell where they belong.

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Honestly, when you post nonsense like this you prove exactly why people think Righties are nothing but racist loons desperately trying to cling to the past to try to maintain their own perceived superiority.

Except that the person you are addressing isn't an American, and in America, the left runs pretty much everything of any significance while telling half the country that their elected President wasn't there choice, so burn down liberal cities for grins.

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What is the biggest problem Americans face today?

Securing the voting system.

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