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I don't really know which side to pick, but I'm not against zoos. The purpose of a zoo is to inhabitant animals and rehabilitate and raise them so as to not go extinct. Considering, most animals in zoos are endangered species, and if you put them back in the wild, they will be wiped out. Plus, the letting people see the animals part of a zoo is probably to make the situation a win/win for the zoos. Meaning, the people that go to the zoos and pay to get in and who donate money within it, the money gets used to help the animals. So, in a sense, it's like fundraising for the animals. And no one would really wanna just give the people $30 if they can't at least see the animals. The zoos are just the foreground to making the general public more aware of animals in the world, and it WORKS... it makes us more compassionate towards them and wanting to help them... and it leads people to give money to random animal preservation charities.

Therefore, they are not primarily in zoos for human entertainment. Because there actually is NOTHING entertaining about watching an animal locked in a caged home. In fact, zoos make me sad more than happy. But I love seeing the animals at the same time because they're more beautiful than the average human being. :-)

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stereotyping helps produce statistics. A statistic of approx 45% of all married couples divorcing someday, is a statistic based on a stereotype. In 2005, 57% of illegal immigrants in the US, are from Mexico, is therefore a statistic and a stereotype that at least half of illegal immigrants are Mexicans.

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Partly because I wasn't raised to. Partly because I see no reason to. And partly because I don't want to.

I don't like the way religious people act, whatsoever. I don't like churches. They idea of worship is obnoxious. The belief that Jesus is suppose to be my role model, sounds like bullshit.

Therefore, if there is a God, he's not worth my time, mind, or energy. I'm a perfectly decent person without religion and God. And best of all, I'm not a hypocrite! Woot!

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I thought men ruled with their dicks? :-)

Find it funny yet that women are saying no and men are saying yes? Ha.Ha.Ha.

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Stereotypes are statistics. You wanna ignore stereotypes, then go ahead and ignore statistics too.

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Well, you have no better grounds to know if that was a racial issue or if those black guys are perhaps, listed fugitives.

It does sound racist, but blacks DO have a higher rate of unlawful behavior. There have even black men admitting to it.

Therefore, I think cops, (not all, but some) use the facts to determine what they might have to deal with when they come in contact with a white man, vs. a black man, and even vs. a Mexican. I mean, shit, blacks may be more likely to pull a gun on you and drive off, but Mexicans are more likely to start running like hell (back to the border, hehe). Like, I said, this doesn't apply to every cop or every man of any race or color, but it's pretty much statistics.

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Here's why: there's this one quote in the movie 'What happens in Vegas' that I effin admire... the judge declares that it's not gays that ruin marriage, but people that go to Vegas (or a place similar to it, or no where really) and get married on impulse, and then go on and get divorces... therefore, treating marriage like a bit, fat, joke.

Seriously, marriages should be banned in places like Vegas, places loaded with alcohol and immature behavior, banned for people that have known each other, perhaps, for less than a year, people that treat marriage like a piece of shit. At LEAST gays are fighting for the goddamn thing out of respect, integrity, and love.

So, yes, gays should have the right to marry because they're more serious about it than the common straight couple is. I don't care what's in between someone's fucking legs, it's the motives, desire, commitment and love that counts.

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No one is ever hated by everyone as a whole. Therefore, just in today's world, there are a handful of people that dislike me, maybe even hate my being, but there's also a wider portion that like/love me. Therefore, I would rather, and I will, die being hated (and loved), than forgotten.

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I become more annoyed and annoyed seeing men say women are so irrational as if we accept "2+2=5." That's not irrationality, that's lack of education, and it sure doesn't apply to the majority of women.

I think there's been a misconception... women aren't irrational, we're rather seen as "emotional." Emotional to the point of "don't fuck with me." Which I guess I can see how the emotions can lead to a sense of irrationality, but do you men also realize we're mainly only really emotional one awesome week a month? At least, that's how it applys to me. I don't become irrational through it, but I do become an emotional "fuck off."

Therefore, I do think this 'women are irrational' statement being made by men is ridiculous and sexist and flawed. Men are seriously just as irrational a species.

Otherwise, I'm interested in hearing what you men find so hard to understand about women. So, we, women, can sit here and bring you enlightenment and solve all your problems.

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You forgot to mention the huge rise in obese Americans... another major result of American's laziness.

Plus, it doesn't help this country when useless junk keeps being invented that just allows you to be lazier. Or that crappy processed food is being more and more produced and American's aren't educating themselves that they can still eat healthy on low income. I mean, no one can seriously blame the producers of processed foods, lazy inventions, and all the other junk resulting in obesity and laziness. Lots of Americans really are JUST lazy.

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I agree. These aren't really two topics that can fairly compared. The Jews definitely went through some serious inhumane and hellish situations because of Hitler and the losers that decided to follow and obey him. Nothing can really be compared to the Holocaust; it was just horrendously awful.

The Native Americans were definitely treated like shit too. In fact, what the Europeans did to the Natives to gain control of America, is the main foundation of why I think this country is a corrupted and crass place. America is better than other countries just because we're a fascist Democracy? Not in my opinion. Europeans forced ownership of something that is in no ways, rightfully their owns. It's an insult to Native American's, to their culture, and to this country. Native Americans deserve a lot more respect and payback than they've been given.

So, really, two totally different situations. The Natives have been robbed of peace, ownership, and respect, and the Jews were robbed of any sense of humanity, as they were treated as if they were annoying pests.

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The FDA is corrupted. They pass what they want and ignore what they want. They pass alcohol and that stuff ain't healthy either. Plus, there ARE products that are just tobacco... they're mostly known as cigars. Smokers know they have the option of other tobacco products over cigs... and pretty much every cig smoker is aware they're addicted to them, and they're aware they're addicting from someone else's verdict when they decided to smoke some anyway. I really don't think the FDA is responsible for it all. Everyone likes to blame the FDA for the countries troubles with drugs and even FOOD. HA!

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I say no because it's the companies choice. It is no other person's fault than the smokers choosing to buy these cigs full of garbage. Not the companies.

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MY preference would be cremation because I consider a burial a waste of money and LAND.

However, I'm leaving it up to my husband, or parents, or children... depends when I die and who I want to make the decision. Knowing my husband and his family, they'd opt to have my buried, being the traditional Christians that they are. My mom would have my cremated. I don't know what anyone else would choose, but I just.don' As long as my organs are donated, I'm otherwise dead and a useless body. :-)

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It really doesn't matter to me. I just shove the TP on the thing and voila. But I do recognize it as usually appearing as Side B.

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Depends on ones idea of fashion. I won't follow "trends" or the most new fashions going around every month. I always dressed in what makes me comfortable, even if it's jeans and a tank. It might not be hollywood fashion, but it's fashionable in a Me-ish way. I otherwise, don't think it's worth the money to keep up with society's obsession with fashion and trends. Is it just me, or are skinny jeans the grossest jeans ever? I'll never get over how much I love boot cut jeans.

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I'm not familiar with Norse mythology. But I know the Greeks, and I think they're totally neat. :-)

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Yes it takes skill. I mean, there's 5...6...7 different pieces on a drum ensemble, and each drum makes a different beat, and you have to be in sync with the music, and hit the right drums, with the right amount of power, in the right order... I pretty much suck at them.

But I wonder if Bongo's count as an instrument? I friggin love bongos!

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"An atheist that plays God."

Is this your favorite line or something to make yourself feel like God? Get a life dude.

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Well if you want to sit there and make yourself sound like God, why don't you actually post something that has to do with this topic? Otherwise, there's a ton of religion debates you can go dominate.

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I'd also like to note that I LOVE book stores. Small ones, Barnes and Nobles especially, Borders, etc. If books cease to exist, will these places go out of business? Then what? Instead of being able to read in a corner of a semi-quiet store that only tempts you to read, we'd have to go elsewhere...typically some loud place, like Starbucks.

What about libraries? When students do research... is EVERY antique book of valuable information going to be on computers instead? That's no fun (thought easier for research), but still.

Actually, I'm pretty confident physical books will NOT dissapear. Because there's still a handful of Americans that will never be able to afford that... computer book thingy... and be able to keep up with it. Unless you're in the middle class and above, getting one fo those things and thinking they're worth it would probably be out of your league. Plus, we'd still probably be expected to pay like $20-200 per e-book, because otherwise, how are the writers going to make any profit? That's a lot of money to spend to shove onto a little computer device that wil eventually break down and you lose all your books! Technology is getting out of hand, seriously. The beauty of a book is once you buy it, it's physically there forever. (Unless in a fire or stolen or something). But it's there more than an e-book ever will be. Plus, part of the perks of books is "page turning," not "down scrolling" or whatever.

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I pick scientists as being more openminded because religious people aren't that open minded. Most religious people I know, reject science as a whole. Including my own husband who was raised as a Protestant. He won't listen to anything I have to say about anything scientific. Although, I've noticed he's admitting some things I've said, months later, but at the moment I tell him, he'll call it ridicule and won't want to listen (though I make him sometimes, hehe).

Here's my arguments: us that follow science more than religion... it's not that we're really close-minded towards religion, because in fact, we spend lots of our damn lives finding the truth between it all, and that means examining science and religion. We just have the ability to fall back on science instead of religion. Rather religious people, like I said, won't examine both sides of the image, they stick to theirs and call the rest blasphemy. (Doesn't occur to every religious person though. There really are a handful that choose to be religious despite knowing every scientific fact in the world, but they come off "genuine" and not like an annoying robot). So, even though we accept science over religion, we still listen to it all and might even have experienced church and read the bible and blah blah, but we rightfully reject it as a way of life. Personally, I think man-made religions are creepy as hell and that's why I don't like being involved in religious situations.

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Perhaps downvoting should be entirely disabled? Then people can only up vote best arguments, and result in the same thing going on right now (most voted will climb the chart and leave the regular ones where they are instead of strolling to the bottom). But then, I realize the downvoting is the one thing that determines efficiency... Perhaps we have to suck it up and accept the idiots that like to push buttons?

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Huh... this isn't a thread for you to belittle atheists. In fact, your response had nothing to do with the subject at hand- Just in case you wonder why you're being downvoted.

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