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The Alt-right's current message and tone very much resembles Hitler's infamous 3rd Reich, and thus in slang terms could be called the "Alt-Reich".

There is no alt right. That's why you had to reference the "urban dictionary".

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not CNN videos

Excuse me Mr Goebells, you bellowed on like a little girl there, but you didn't address the videos of CNN calling Mount Rushmore an enchanted American marvel prior to Trump.

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The Marxist media

Funny. That's what Hitler called them too.

Hitler controlled the media while claiming to be a Marxist. I stole this Goebells point from your own arguments. What was he the minister of again?

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Obviously you'd rather spend your day inventing new identities than trying to get your lazy ass to a SUPER SPREADER KLAN MEETING

David Duke endorsed Tlaib, Omar, and Gabbart.

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If he'd filled out an online survey for every fake account he's opened he'd have enough by now for a weekend trip to Hawaii and a couple of steak dinners.

Are you Hootie, Ramshutu, Quantumhead, Nomenclature, Redhot, The Snake, or JamesDD today?

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Trump's opponent would literally have to be Brontoraptor before I'd vote for Trump.

You have a man crush on both of them.

NomsChicken(15) Clarified
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You are Nom, and I am his little chicken friend. I say crazy chicken shit.

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Probably a good thing our entire gdp is only $21 trillion then.

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Nom has no testicle fortitude.

I read Hitler's views on capitalism and Jews and Nom's views on capitalism and Jews and couldn't tell the difference between them.

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Not if they contradict each other, halfwit.

Describe the contradiction with words and shit.

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gives the depression medication industry most of its customers. Well done.

If you have never felt depressed while living in this fucked up world, then you are subhuman and totally unaware and numb to all the horrible shit that happens and exists.

There's a difference between being depressed at appropriate times and staying depressed because you choose a toxic worldview.

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You have no brain. No matter. You'll be dead in a few years.

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I highly doubt that hootie has any coherant response. You'll be a Nazi in like 30 seconds because he has no other ammo in the cannon.

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Always looking to accuse libs or socialists of your own faults

You still have shown no examples of you actually doing anything to help anyone. You wanna feed the world. Hollow words if you feed no one. Anyone can say that.

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That must be why when I mention the 41 million hungry people in your country

Who are mostly starving because they spend their money on dope.

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