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Yes Bronto.

You are bronto. You debate with yourself and are covered in a gelatin substance in the present.

It's evolution. That's the reason why people who live far apart from one another don't catch contagious diseases as often as people who live in close proximity to each other.

Which voting bloc lives in the rural areas of America? Which voting bloc lives in close proximity to one another?

but especially the Hispanic and black communities, showed that they are more interested in freedom, than they are in "free stuff" like the right has tried to paint them!

Bernie literally got half of the votes in the primaries against Hillary Clinton.

3rd, I don't wanna kill commies today.. I wanna kill Nazis.

In your first statement you said Nazis and Commies were the same thing.

Name someone running for office as a Nazi. I can name you several running as Commies.

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So instead of doing something productive to make money, you spent two straight days wasting time, just to cry about not having any money.

Think about all of the poor liberals Bloomberg could have fed with that half a billion dollars he spent just to drop out.

It's only thanks to the left and the civil rights movement

Actually more Republicans by percentage voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the slaves were freed by the Republican Party. And the President, Roosevelt, who used executive order to put Japanese Americans in internment camps, was a Democrat.

given that you clearly don't understand freedom is about choice, not about you taking away my choice

Do you believe a Communist regime wouldn't take away your freedom of choice? The bread lines wouldn't care if you like wheat bread. You'd get white.

You seem to have forgotten to give me the freedom to disagree.

You block people from all of your debates, right?

it is perhaps little wonder that you keep insisting that fascists are great supporters of freedom

Fascists are supporters of the state.

hand it over to evil, corrupt little shits

You just described Communist regimes. What do you think Communism not allowing private property means?

Go on though. Tell us more about how socialists suck for wanting to keep the profit their work produces

Then don't work for another person. Would you keep the profit under Socialism? Could you work for yourself under Communism?

Has a problem with his/her labour being used to create wealth for other people rather than themselves

And what would you call working for the state in a job they picked for you?

rather than themselves

What is stopping you from working for yourself?

It could be either or, depending on the situation. In one case it could be patience, and in another case it could be defense.

The voter being the first priority is called democracy

Democracy is the voter not being the first priority due to the fact you can import more voters if you don't get your way at the voting booth. Democracy simply means I gather a bigger mob than your mob to rule you with.

You do live in your mom's basement. You admitted it a few months ago.

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You'll be dead in a few years from a drug overdose. Turn over that sand dile.

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