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I would love to cover you with carrots and eat you like a salad.

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I am bronto. I am nom too. I'm also ameral, excon and alofri.

Who is an Israeli nationalist with property in the West Bank and who was implicated in the Russian collusion scandal. Kushner is as corrupt as they actually come mate.

You must know something that Robert Muelker does not.

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You didn't answer the question because you cannot answer the question. That says it all.

and instead gives out information from the 1930s.

The debate is about the NAACP saving blacks. The NAACP was founded in 1909, so you just handed the NAACP to the right. Good work.

the parties swapped platforms decades ago

So the New Deal for African Americans, LBJ the liberal, and JFK belong to the right. Cool story bro. You just handed the heroes and accomplishments of the Democrat Party to the right.

Unless you have seriously low T, snowflakism will never appeal to you.

To be a white, male Democrat you must be vendictive, self entitled, gullable, self hating and have a feeling of low self worth.

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Show of evidence of him offending. I'll wait.

In the short run, yes.. It's no surprise that if you borrow several trillion dollars, and throw them at the economy, it'll grow..

"It's Official: Trump Tax Cuts Are Boosting Growth And Mostly Paying For Themselves" for-themselves/

Sure they will. You'll be all cozy knowing half of the country's free speech is gone and that your tolerant party is attacking and running women out of restaurants, and that you helped usher Communism and the destruction of Capitalism into the United States. And, you'll have to cross your fingers that your lack of belief is correct. Sleep well buddy.

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Trumps congress tanking, changes EVERYTHING..

Maybe you don't know the definition of tank. He's set records in every notable category. It's like calling winning a football game 70-0 a tanking. Cool story bro.

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One is a LEGAL depiction of a body part, and the other is a sex crime.

So if showing your penis to a kid was legalized, you'd be good with it. If libs did it in protest, you'd be good with it.

I'd better stop. The libs don't need any more ideas.

Pretty much like the progressivism we see today. Hate em if they're white. Love em if they're not. Forget individual qualities. This is tribalism.

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Yet, I have DNA that says I AM Jewish

Can you scan some documents & post them so we can know for sure?

Native Americans deserved to be ran off of their land.

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You can either work for Capitalists, tyrants, despotic regimes, Communist regimes, the state, or a tribal chief. Either way, you'll work for someone. In capitalism you can at least pick who you work for & quit any time.

If you say nice things that aren't true it isn't wonderful. It's called lies anx delusions.

But I would have them do unto me the saying the mean thing if it corrects me.

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That's what we say about Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

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