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How can India think about leading the world??? India's HDI ranking was [email protected]% but now it has come down to 134!! whereas a small country like Sri lanka which has much limited resources than India is much ahead in the ranking. And we are thinking about leading the world!! this is the greatest joke of the millennium!! To be a rich nation per capita income must be Rs 4,53,000 whereas India's per capita income is Rs 33,090. This two values are miles apart from each other so at least now we must not think that India has the potential to be the leader of the world and must think about making India a developed nation!! According to a recent data behind every child per year in western countries Rs 7 lakhs is spend whereas in India this value is Rs 10,000. This shows that how our government is concerned about the future of our nation!! In corruption index our country is at number 84 out of 119 countries!! To fight an arm wrestling we need a hand but if our hand is cut we cant fight an arm wrestling and so we cant have the potential to be the winner!! Same is with India - corruption,poverty,illiteracy and many other social and political problems have cut the hand of India!! Thus India is left with no potential to be the leader of the world! And i am fully confident about it!! Those who are speaking for the motion are just trying to please themselves by highlighting the minor good side of India!! And such people are also the major reason because of which we can say that " INDIA DOESN'T HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO LEAD THE WORLD"

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