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I came onto this site in a civilised manner not so long ago.

Shortly after I had expressed a few opinions you were all over me like a racsh calling me an efing slimeball, racist, Nazi etc.,etc.

When I retaliated you screamed like a prize wimp.

You and I along with the rest of the site know that there are two screwballs on this forum and you're both of them.

Try, very hard just to state your opinion without being offensive.

That of course was a futile request because we both know you would find that impossible.

You haven't the brains to recognise that Chinaman takes great delight in winding you up. He just sits back and lets you entertain him with your histrionic personality disorder tirades and Tourette Syndrome induced torrent of profanities.

Go and conduct a self-analysis and mend your ways.

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There are cowards, then there are dirty little sniveling bullying cowards like Burihead, then there are Democrats.

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Nastiness and bullying is a congenital feature of your character.

Like all strutting foul mouthed bullies you run off whimpering when someone gives you a slap on the face, metaphorically speaking.

Now bullyboy, try to debate in a civilized manner on the threads which are presented for that reason and that reason only.

If through expounding the merits of your viewpoints you highlight weaknesses in a counter-argument that's fine.

However, you are not interested in such debating protocol, only in jumping in with both feet cursing anyone with whose post you disagree.

You're not here to promote your views or discuss the opinions of others, but only hurl personal insults at other participants all of whom have as much , if not more right as you to express their views on this forum.

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You mean you don't like it when people are nasty to you?

You find it unpleasant when some of your foul mouthing comes back on you, good.

Why do you feel you have the right to insult and offend people without them responding in-kind?

Why do you think you can set the levels of anti-social discourse and anyone stepping outside your declared parameters or depraved language is out of order?

You really are something. Man, man, oh man.

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Good to note from your hysterical tirades that I have got to you.

I warned you quite recently that your conduct and foul language was unacceptable and that we could all get down there into the gutter with you if you didn't behave yourself.

Clearly you opted to continue to EF everyone with whom you disagreed into hell and bombard them with your filthy profanities.

In your state of blind arrogance you appointed yourself as the only person who should have special dispensation to swear and curse people's genuinely held opinions into oblivion.

When you receive as good, or better than you give, like all bullies you squeal cheat, hey teacher there is a big bad boy pushing me around.

You really are the epitome of a low life bully who weeps like a child when someone fights back.



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I take comfort in you plagiarizing my literary quotes by remembering the old adage;- ''imitation is the sincerest form of flattery''.

I may even make a real person of you yet.

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O.K., that's pretty God damned impressive. So now we now know it was you who wrote the Bible.

Having made your earth shattering revelation that you don't support capitalism, pray tell us what you do support and why. Or on second thoughts, don't bother.

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So, what you're saying is the President Trump ordered the legitimate execution of the GOD FATHER OF INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM because he was a racist.

Do you realise just how ridiculous your fanciful hypothesis sounds?

This low life was the architect of a number of deadly terrorist atrocities on American military and civilian personnel and was an active terrorist himself who hid behind the cloak of a respected military rank to fool naive prejudiced idiots like you

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The Iranian general's record of terrorist atrocities qualified him to be regarded as a legitimate target by all right thinking people.

How the sanctimonious bleeding heart brigade and left wing loonies will be clambering to claim the moral high ground with their usual sickening displays of virtue signalling by bellowing how the execution of this GODFATHER OF INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM was illegal and unnecessary.

This piece of mad dog's shit was planning a series of sophisticated attacks on American personnel as he had successfully done previously.

Saltal(196) Clarified
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Have you ever noticed how this piece of filth seldom makes STAND ALONE comments or states his INDEPENDENT OPINION?

Note how this PARASITIC GALOOT spends most of his time leeching onto the comments of others in his usual provocative manner.

He is the weirdest weirdo in weirdo-land.

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Saltal(196) Clarified
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Yes, but I don't include breakfast in my diet.


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Hey Chinaman, You're never going to die from natural causes, you're just too healthy.

They're going to have to shoot you like an aged horse when you're around 110 years old.

In the meantime I hope you have a happy, healthy and successful life.

I'm on a post Christmas diet, double Big mac, double french fries, double egg & bacon, sausages, heavy on the black pudding and A DIET COKE.

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You're going to have to examine you patter.

You simply cannot produce a rational argument so you refer to Goebbels or anyone whom you feel will detract attention away from your woeful lack of debating skills.

Like all looney lefist filth you have to call on, Nazis, Hitler, Goebbels or whoever, to try to pull your buried argument out a the grave you dug for yourself.

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It's the tax revenue provided by the major corporations and hard working citizens of the capitalist nations that provides the finance for useless filth like you and your whore mother to lie and fart all day in bed.

I heard your diseased mother , who is in bad need of a cunt rebore, is a notorious prostitute lying destitute, in an institute with a belly like a parachute;- roars of laughter from the back stalls

Communism is an ideology which promotes the concept of having nothing and that everyone else should share their woeful state.

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Communism fosters, laziness, slovenliness, self-defeating resentment and gross inefficiency which leads to higher prices for most goods and produce for the consumer.

Communist filth such as you and your slut mother hang on to power by the subjugation of the suppressed populations who have no choice but to live in relative poverty as they observe the opulence of their capitalist counterparts.

Stalinist dirtballs like you delight in rolling around in the shit along with the other sewer rats.

This site is overrun with a plague of DISEASED NOM RATS. Time to call in the vermin eradicators.

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That nonsense is all played out.

The practice of Gerrymandering has long since been eliminated in those countries where it existed.

This tampering with electoral boundaries is a political construct which could have been engaged by any party, so to try to attribute its use to one faction is disingenuous.

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Capitalism promotes innovation, efficiency and self reliance.

Those with drive and ability who are not frightened to take risks will invariably create corporations whose product(s) or services will benefit all mankind.

The stark comparison between the stagnating economies of the old communist East Germany and their crumbling industries, with the enterprising resourceful, modern, high-tech industries of western Germany is proof-positive that competitive driven capitalism will always eclipse the sluggish communist nations.

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Communism every time.

In a capitalist society the major corporations are only interested in profit.

This single minded attitude has a very definite detrimental effect on the health of the populations of the capitalist nations at large, especially in the manufacture of foodstuffs.

The food processing companies laden their products with unhealthy amounts of heart and coronary artery damaging and addictive forming salt and sugar;- white poison.

In their ram-stam for profits they include a witch's brew of flavour enhancing chemicals and colorants along with carcinogenic preservatives.

This profit driven approach graphically illustrates the callousness of the CAPITALIST ELITISTS WHO ARE THE TRUE GOVERNORS OF THE SOCIETIES IN WHICH MOST OF US LIVE AND, PREMATURELY DIE.

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If that was the best you could muster you would have been much, much better to have not replied.

By replying with such a pitiful comeback you only further cemented the reality and depth of your arrested intellect.

My advice to you would be to try to find some other way to waste your time that would be more commensurate with your mental obtuseness such as yodelling up the canyon.


You should start practicing, the sooner you start the sooner you will become expert, and before long you will be able to yodel-yodel lay-he-ho all day long.

Better still, try it underwater, like about 20,000 leagues under the sea.

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Hi nom, Howzitgoin?


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My dear nom, If that was the best you could muster you would have been much, much better to have not replied.

With each response the magnitude of your immaturity becomes increasingly more apparent.

Why do you bother to present yourself on a Debate Forum when debate is the last thing you want to engage in?

You wallow in rolling around in your own shit, a substance which you excrete on an industrial scale from every orifice in your decrepit body.

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Name calling there nom doesn't enhance your gobbledygook posing as a serious counterargument.

Your masochism must be the reason for your insatiable craving to make a fool of yourself.

When you created this particular alt you were in with a chance of being taken, or mistaken should I say, as someone dedicated to genuine debate.

But, a chink in your thinly veneered facade let the nom out to betray your true identity.

You just cannot help yourself, so stop pretending.

You're fooling no one but yourself.

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Is that the same China which holds free elections every 4 to 5 years when the people can vote the politicians of their choice into power or dislodge the ones with whose policies they disagree from power?

Is the China to which you refer the nation which is systematically brainwashing 100s of 1000s of Muslims at detention centres in the Xinjiang region?

What do you feel about the mass murder of 45 million Chinese people by Chairman Mao during the ''Great Leap Forward'' period of 1958 to 1962 which was deemed to be necessary to make communism work?

I genuinely wonder why those who stand in awe and wonderment at the form of governments which exists in the world's totalitarian states don't relocate themselves and their families to one of these El Dorado type nations.

I also wonder if the lefties have ever noticed that the movement of human traffic is a one way system flowing westward towards the democratic free nations of the west.

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