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In what way is getting 3 million more votes than your opponent a "red herring"

Because you are referncing 2016 in a debate about 2020 where Trump is beyond dominating, unlike Jeremy Corbyn. Why? Because you are too stupid to wrap your mind around basic, rational thought.

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No one mentioned 2012. You are rambling like a Socialist sheep bafoon.

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Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren in private 2018 meeting that a woman can't win index.html

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"She fantasizes being raped by 3 men”: Bernie Sanders’s bizarre 1972 essay on gender

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Jeffrey Epstein connection emerges as problem for Democrats, Hollywood

Convicted sex offender gave generously to Democrats, hobnobbed with stars

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In other words an ad hominem to avoid 3.6% unemployment.

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2016 is a red herring to avoid addressing Trump leading in astronomical fashion presently.

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Having fun pretending to not be nom while actually being nom?

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There is a long and distinguished history of religion being used by power as a justification for literally anything it wants to do.

There's a long history of Nihilists using state omnipotence to justify doing anything it wants.

The king simply says God told him to do it or that it is the will of God and suddenly everybody thinks it's OK. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Bigotry towards Muslims by a Nihilist.

We are creatures of reason

You aren't a creature of reason.

and these are ancient yarns invented with the specific purpose of keeping us compliant with the master's wishes.

You literally propose giving a group of human agents omnipotent power over everyones' lives...

SarahM(36) Clarified
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You have just proported the racist notion that races and cultures cannot live together. You got this from Adolf Hitler.

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