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A 10% income tax allows rich to pay their fair share in taxes. For example, a rich person would pay 100 out 1000 dollars while a poor person would pay less. I also support social programs for the poor. What kind of tax plan do you support?

Which dialect? I love how British people talk. .

I agree. Spanish is the language of the Tango. Very romantic. :)

Exactly. I agree. That is why I question religion. To know it better.

I must have missed it. I apologize. :)

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No, Im prochoice. I support a womans right to choose when and how she has a baby. I just think for myself that I would not want to have a baby unless I was married. What other women do is none of my business. I would not judge you. :)

A free thinking person. That's who. It is my private personal belief. I am not forcing my beliefs on anyone. I just have different beliefs than you. Hows the kid? :)

It would be better to limit taxation to a ten percent income tax.

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It is better to be married first because stable relationships are better for the child.

That is hella cool. I like that idea. .

Sure. I can do that. .

I question people's perception of Christianity, not Christianity its self.

I support the right of people to defend self and country. The Second Amendment protects this.

Your faith is not private on this board. Everyone has to fucking read about it all the time. Thank you for admitting that I have faith. ;)

Space potatoes. .

Whatever homie. .

I believe that the Bible is the word of God and that Yeshua is God in the flesh. I repented of my sins and accepted Yeshua as my Lord and Savior. That is all it take to be a Christian.

Believing on Yeshua is enough to be a Christian, and my faith is none of your business. Faith is a private matter.

Yes I am a Christian. I believe in Yeshua. .

No I did not. I just said that a book alone is not proof of a claim.

Have someone drive you. ;)

Strawman. I did not deny the Bible. I just said that a book alone is not proof of something. I have believed in the Bible my whole life.

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