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Either extreme (left or right) are correct!! It’s a BALANCE of individualism and collectivism that makes a society strong. We need a FAIR free market and some social responsibility. We need a border and should use our collective resources on our own citizens

I don’t really care what happens to USA. I’ve never been patriotic. $$ this is your god.

I am in the boat with “if heaven is full of the Christians I come in contact with (not all but most), I would have no drinkn buddies in heaven! Lmmfao

Trump shot the Republican Party in the foot. Maybe if Biden does the same we’ll abolish BOTH parties and end this circus of extremes! A country this big needs a legitimate 3rd party.

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It is fact researchable - Jews were hated because they weren’t just immigrants but were taking control of important business and banks. Their Talmud says they are superior and deserve to rule over gentiles. This is not here say.

>> I believe we have to evolve to the next level of human evolution (not necessarily racist) and Hitler saw that it’s actually cruel to allow weak minded to pass on those genes. I would be willing to test everyone (all races equally) and purge the lower 20-30%

Ok, let’s be totally honest and realistic here - The JEWs WON WWII.. they brought the Holocaust on themselves by trying to take over European sovereignty and infiltrating banks, etc. even to this day in plain open site, they control the IMF and American Media!! AND, I’m a Holocaust SKEPTIC - I don’t think 6 million Jews were even in Germany at that time. Hitler messed up. He didn’t have to kill the Jews. He just needed to strip away Abrahamic religion and take Nordic people back to their true Pagan roots!!

I think poverty is relative. The homeless people where I live are better off than people in some countries. I think we need to realize that a few things in life are better accessed if we all SHARE (like a tribe) - healthcare and education. Other things are better if left up to a TRUE OPEN MARKET (not a CRONY “make it take “ market). And all this free education shit - so many people have college degrees that a degree is not worth that much anymore. I think scholarships should be totally based on Academic Performance (not sports and race etc)

Also >>big corporations are worse than big government! I think there should be some sort of antitrust law that insures we have a lot of smaller companies competing with each other!!!

But true free market is not what we have. You ever play backyard basketball? Understand what make it take it is?

But the truth is, everyone is NOT Equal!! Should we punish GO GETTERS?! But, I don’t like “Make It Take it” ball (Do You)? We should provide everyone with access to education (as long as they make good grades) and everyone should get Basic Healthcare! But, the material things should be left achievement based. Capitalism (as inflammatory as it is) encourages innovation! But you should not be allowed to make money just because you have money. Stock Market is really just a casino.

There is no such thing as complete freedom. The only way you have complete freedom is to live isolated from humans, and never participate in human economy/society (grizzly Adams). When you interact with society or buy and sell things in the economy, then by default you will have followed some rules!! You get closer to true freedom the LESS you PARTICIPATE!!

Of course it should be legal. It’s the fucktard religious people that want agony prolonged! Christians is soooo stupid. Fenintynal would be the ticket

It’s really hard for Science and Abrahamic Religions to coexist. Non-Abrahamic Religions don’t have all The almighty dogma. I mean the Bible says the world is only like 5 or 6 thousand years old!? How do you proceed with progress with that kind of ignorance

I agree. That’s why I’m a National Socialist! Even geniuses make mistakes. Hitler fucked up, but his policy of NS was the most successful and fast . Everyone was in depression - Germany was rolling big business

Let em have their own country and see if they out do whites

I support a new start. I think we still need a free market though. We just need guaranteed healthcare for WORKING PEOPLE. We need a UNIVERSAL RELIGION. That would NOT be Abrahamic because Abrahamic has too much dogma. The other religions could “Mesh”. But not the desert god

All Abrahamic Law is horseshit. I’m of european/Nordic blood. I follow our Forest / Mother Earth Goddess. Fuck the damn Desert God

I like the site. Have been on IDW Community a lot, but that site has become a Right Wing forum. They booted me once because I said I don’t like Zionism? I could understand if I promoted violence, but not liking someone is supposed to be Freedom

Pure capitalism is juvenile (me me me!). Pure socialism is a “Utopian Pipe Dream” because it requires everyone Take Responsibility for each other. Socialism can’t function in a “free and culturally mixed society - it would require authoritarian control OR “religious type Tribalism “.

Free market is ok if we accept responsibility for a few social responsibilities. A catastrophic medical pool and public schools and defense are things that need socialism. Most other stuff (with fair competition) will work in free enterprise.

>>> Third Axis <<<<

Right/Left is futile battle

Can’t blame it all on him. I mean maybe part his fault. Mostly china

The Germans always had it right ! Wink wink nudge nudge

We failed MISERABLY with this pandemic. We weren’t doing too bad until. We could have used our Information technology WAY BETTER. Goes to show - Democracy (idiocracy) is way too SLOW for the speed of current world. Too much LAG TIME.....

Think futuristic! In the future we will (should) live much longer. And if we live longer, we cannot keep reproducing....

So - sex has nothing to do with conventional (Abrahamic) logic.. so sexuality will be more for pleasure. Homosexuals don’t reproduce!!! So it’s good!!

I’m a Non-Abrahamic, New Age Spirituality. It’s weird how God allows so much suffering. But listen - God gave us the resources (brain) to make a good place for us all to live l! Learn your ancestors. Be true to your ancestors- they paid for the advancement we have today. Don’t worship a FAKE DESERT GOD (wink wink : there’s certain words you get booted for saying ;-)

Genetic engineering can reach us toward immortality when enough hillbilly bible Thumpers get outta the way!

Xtianity is just Judeao puppets. Be true to your ancestors- follow the Non-Abrahamic faiths. No dogma. Free yourself from tyranny of the Semite.

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