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She was a bartender months ago, and without being a climatologist, tells us the world is going to end in 12 years.

Like I said, super smart lady.

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Being genetically superior shouldn't be regarded as a privilege.

No one is genetically superior. That is a socially constructed fabrication of wanker bollocks.

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Are you serious or just joking? If you are serious, I would suggest you taking your own life before supporting the killing of other innocent lives.

I am enlightened, chances are those babies will just grow up to be evil capitalists.

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Yes, I already knew that the Democrat Party supports the right of hospitals to allow a baby born alive to die. It is infanticide before and after traveling down the birth canal.

But we need less babies because climate change though.

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But there is no human nature though. If there was human nature we could never have a marxist utopia where everyone is equal and there are no problems.

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