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If the earth was flat, then explain to me how you can end up at the same place again by just walking straight?

If the earth is flat, you wouldn't reach point A again by just walking straight. Unless you tell me that there is a invisible portal that you go through. lawls. idk.

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Oops. I didn't mean to dispute you. my bad.

The minimum argument length is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of dumb jokes, so we can keep the quality of debate and discourse as high as possible.

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The minimum argument length is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of dumb jokes, so we can keep the quality of debate and discourse as high as possible.

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Excon my boi. haha ok xd Ok man. I like to see your comments as well. xd

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Aye man. Thanks for commenting. Thanks to everyone really. But it is good to see you on one of my debates. I think this is the first. Maybe the second. eh. idk. 12129 points. damn, give me some points. I'm joking. xd

hell yeah i would. If i have nothing to lose but my freedom, i will run away.

Yes. As long as both sides don't carry any diseases or other sicknesses. xd

btw. hi! xd How are you?

I forgot how to delete arguments. So read the other one i made please. xd

I don't get it. why would you want a virgin? Would you want an experience woman that will ride like a bull?

I agree with you there. Protecting the person you love would question your morality and that is tough. Other people might start disliking you for protecting a murderer.

If he stopped using the word now, lets stop focusing on the past and start focusing on who he is now.

Also to be fair, Booker T and every other black man wrestler should be fired because i bet they said the n word in their lifetime. Maybe they haven't but im willing to bet that they had. lol


Calculators should be in existent to review your work and do the work for you. You must do the work and check it on your calculator.

i want to go on this side to shock some folks. Yes go ahead. Be shock. Know that i support GTS. woot!

Nice to see you again and haha i get the inside joke :) How are you? If i can go back in time, there is one thing i would change and that is one of my comments towards your friend. I forgot her name but i think at the time, you two were suppose to get "married." I am putting that in quotes because you two weren't getting married and at the time, i thought you two were. haha. I think one my comments may have pushed her off the site and when i think back on it, i was dead wrong. I apologized to her and i think she responded back politely. How is the new createdebate for you? It seems like we have a lot of new people. xD

lol i remember when your name was Hellno2012 xD

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I learn more from homework at times. So i don't think homework should be banned. Also homework is a way to show yourself that you understand a topic but that isn't guaranteed because there is work that you can ace on and still don't know anything about it.

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I think the best solution is talk to him about why he has done and try to change his ways of life. Throwing him in prison as a sign of revenge is reasonable but it is better to try to change his ways of life. People wouldn't do that because they are so fixed on getting revenge that is actually not healthy for society. Revenge creates a cycle of hate and that will continue forever until one side stops.

If the only two options is prison or death sentence, then obviously it is life sentence. If i was a revengeful person and i am a revengeful person, life sentence is better because death is an easy escape.

Andy. I still have loading problems whenever i try to get on my profile. I do admit, today was faster. But it is still a problem. Why is this?

I use to stalk too. And let me tell is hard to not to stalk. It is an addiction. One point i just told my sister to take away the computer wires because i needed some "force" to help me stop.

Whoever you are right now as a person bro, i see the person whom you want to become. I really hope you get that way. And i don't know your situation on here but if someone insulted you here, i will defend you.

I agree that religion is a stance of belief. But what does believing in something mean? I think that if someone doesn't read the holy book at least, they are less from a true religious person. I do think that makes them less of a religious person. Because a person who actually believes in God, should have a life that is radically different.

For this reason i am down voting you.

I do think they are a danger by their lies.

Because if someone bullshits and spreads the bullshits, then i will bullshit too. And then this world will become more bullshit and we will crumble. And because society will crumble under bullshit, we won't have defense. And without defense, we are not humans but barbarians. And we will not be happy because defense equals happiness.

Well i disagree with you guys to the right.

Don't be part of a religion if you haven't read the entire religious text. And don't claim your religion is the best when you haven't read and LIVED through the other 2000 religions out there.

So if you are a Christian but haven't read the holy book in completion, you are a danger to society. And you are bullshitting.

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If i had a girlfriend or wife, i wouldn't want her to swear. i want her to stay a gentle flower. But i don't own her. I am just saying that is my preference.

I believe in the Sandy Hook Conspiracy. :/

i listened to it enough and so far, i understood nothing from the video. You are being rude to the other person. You may be right with your argument but in my opinion, your language ruins your debating personality. :/ I don't know if others share the same.

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