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What these ideologies have done is provide a reward structure for the emotional side of the brain, at the expense and neglect of the rational side. What we are seeing are the results of the emotional side of the brain dominating the rational side.

Yet those on the left use more emotional appeals and are convinced more by emotional arguments. You're claim couldn't be more untrue, and in fact is dead wrong. You're history of being dumber than a used condom would explain that.

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I have three "black" grandchildren. They don't agree with you. ;-)

I have 4. They don't agree with you.

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The people of Europe today are not responsible for the sins of their fathers.

If they are, Africa is responsible for the sins of their fathers, and those sins pile a thousand miles high. By the left's standards, selling their own people into slavery and enslaving them themselves probably should rank number one.

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Then again, I don't blame the Israeli people, I blame their LEADER!

The left was attacking Jews and Israel long before Netanyahu came into power.

He's SO much like our own and proven to be just as corrupt!

Show me an example of Trump being corrupt during his Presidency.

And, NO, Rumps racist standards are NOT MINE! How about YOU actually apply the word where it BELONGS, on the TOTAL RACIST (PROVEN BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT), who resides in the WHITE HOUSE! :-(

He had black person after black person come talk to him about African American issues, has a black, female CEO running one of his companies, and passed prison reform with a black, CNN anchor named Van Jones. Show me where a Democrat did anything similar.

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As the pandemic rages on, the Psychopath in Chief

Kind of hard to label anyone on the right a psychopath when the left was arresting people for going outside, took over 6 blocks of Seattle, shot 4 of their own, attacked a Democrat, Japanese Journalist, and beat up a gay Democrat Senator while trying to destroy statues of abolitionists.

cuts testing funds

Why would you spend on testing at pandemic levels when the virus has lost its potency according to experts?

You know he's crazy.

I look left, and he looks sane. Have you gazed upon the unholy abomination called the left lately?

Only a psychopath would vote for a psychopath.

Agreed. Now look in a mirror right before you vote.

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Explain how he goes about fudging numbers.

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police unions

Then why didn't these Liberals in charge reform their training for the police?

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