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we are improving in HDI..we didn't totally succeed but u can't tell that we never would succeed..

and you should also know that we were under colonial rule for many we would take sometime to be at first but would one day lead you also..

as we always know that slow and steady wins the race...

tomorrow is different from changes totally..

we may be at 125th rank in the world Human Development index...but compared to our old one we have improved..and this status will change a day totally.....that time will come very soon ..and that time you yourself will be proud of our country, india..then india and will be no way less than other countries...

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iam going to support that india has the potential to lead the world..

'yes that is true but the wealth that India had was also looted from other countries. what proof do you have that India's wealth was from Inida only???'

:do u hav the proof tht india has looted?

'sure that also is correct but these people know that Indian people are mostly corrupt and so they always find ways to get more money. they don't care so much about their clients.'

:thinking only of u is not the humanism..we indians have a lot of kindness and humanism in us...we always have had given but not taken...and will always give..

we want knowledge not money or anything else..we have lot of knowledge...we may be slow...but remember that slow and steady wins the race...we will be late but will also be the latest..

'so people who have brains know what is right for them and therefore they go abroad.'

:if u think it like this then , we have a lot of foriegn companies in india...are they fools to start a company in india..even foriegn products are sold at india or else in over populated nation. why?because demand is the matter...we people help ur nation to grow..we want the world also to lead..not only us leaving everyone back...that's too bad...

iam proud to be an is a wealth giving or sharing nation but not an disleading nation..

an indian tries to help others..even if i become a rich person in my future , i would help the poor or the people who need help. its a promise..

do what ur heart says...and be scared of ur heart...but not of others..

jai hind..

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