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What has god/religion taught us about the Universe?

Without Science we would know nothing about it!

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So your argument to 'where did god come from?' is he has always existed.

So he was just chilin for eternity when 1 day he thought ' it! I'll create a Universe'.

Does that seem realistic?

So, according to you, he always existed.

This is similar to steady state theory, which says the Universe has always existed as it it, but as it expands, new matter is created in the new space to keep the Universe always looking the same.

See my point?

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I agree, but then did god just appear one day in the middle of nothingness for no particular reason & just magic up a whole Universe complete with developed life forms in 7 days!?

At least the Big Bang doesn't imply the Universe was created as we know it today in a ridiculously short time! & heard of evolution? Kinda makes more sense than a human just appearing!

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I agree with you about "How was the Earth created from nothing?"

But does god explain this?

How was god created from nothing?

& how did he magic up a universe in 7 days!?

At least the Big Bang doesn't imply the universe as we know today was completely formed in a ridiculously short time!

It was written in a book, so you believe it?

There are many books about the Big Bang, but both theories cannot be true.

No-one is alive today who witnessed events in the bible or the bible being written, so who is to say it isn't a fictional book that got out of hand & people took seriously?

As for word of mouth down from generations, how do you know it isn't a myth like Big Foot or the Lockness Monster (I'm aware I probably spelt Lockness wrong).

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If you blow up a rock face, yes it destroys it, but it also CREATES new smaller rocks.

I admit this does not explain how something exploded from nothing, but neither does god!

Did he just suddenly appear!?

You must be pretty stupid if you think atheists believe a brain was instantly created from nothing.

We believe that matter slowly (over millions/billions of years) created things & that these creations slowly adapted to be more effective.

"All atheists know there must be a God"


Do you know what atheism is!?

Once my parents (who are Christian) told me "If we are wrong, we don't lose anything because we will just die & that will be it. But if you're wrong, you lose everything, so why not believe?"

That got me thinking, most religious people are religious because they need a sort of 'safety net' around their life.

Religious person has a difficult situation-they pray.

Atheist has the same difficult situation-They solve it.

Us Atheists do not need someone else ruling our life just so we don't feel 'alone'.

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