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There are multiple meanings to this word, some have good implications and some bad.

one can believe in science and be religious

No they can't.


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What is a libertarian socialist?

Someone who wants collective ownership of the means of production rather than the state owning the means of production or the rich owning it. Socialism at it's roots was always libertarian, that is what true socialism is about. The first socialists were people who wanted to take the egalitarian principles of classical liberalism even further and eliminate the concept of class from society, so that no group would have power over others. The idea of the state owning everything came later, and was more of a faulty way of transitioning into "real" socialism than an end goal in and of itself. You see, Marx among others arrived at the conclusion that to implement socialism you would first have to have a central organizing body who knew what they were doing to set up socialism and teach the masses how to self govern. The idea was to have a state (with democracy and with checks and balances) which would initially run things through a mix of central planning and democracy. For obvious reasons though, the state always becomes corrupt and expands it's power rather than "withering away" as Marx and other socialist thinkers intended. That is why libertarian socialists reject the state, and instead condone socialism arising from a grass roots level. We believe in democracy and equality, but not at the expense of individual liberty.

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Should I say SJW instead of liberal, then?

You should call them liberals or "statists" if they are social democrats or socialists who are genuinely authoritarian. I am a libertarian socialist.

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You are one of very few

You'd be surprised. Not every left winger is an establishment liberal politician or an SJW stereotype presented to you by Steven Crowder.

He's a contemptible mental vegetable with compressed inactive testicles.

Nom would swim through a waste processing plant just for the opportunity to be mean to someone.

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They ALL have mental disorders

You have mental disorders.

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I think he should. You should also roofie him with that tea and show him what it's like to be violated, for all the times he did dirty things to helpless animals and perpetuated rape culture.

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Some of them are and some of them aren't. .

He is prorape culture

Nom told me in PM that he forcibly sucked off a poodle once. I think this mad poodle rapist should be brought to justice.


They call me jelly jello boy cause' my nutsack jiggles

and when it's cold out, my nutsack shrivels

and crawls up my booty hole, warm and snug

then gets chased out by the booty hole bug

You have no respect for the game

Shut up you fucking retard. Stop telling me what I care about or respect, you are always going to be wrong because your sole reason for doing so is to convince yourself of your own assertions. No matter how many times you tell yourself that I cheated it won't be true.

technically science is a form of religion

That's just so fucking dumb though even if you consider it more of an ideology and only religious by extension. It is literally the opposite of religion in so many ways, much more than it is similar to it and you know this but you're a gay butt plug who will resort to bending language to avoid admitting something you said was dumb.

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Religion is socially acceptable schizophrenia, that is why I am triggered (and rightfully so) by you calling science a religion.

I am more left wing than him and I generally support free speech except when it comes to institutions and their representatives lying to the public.

Hate speech is against the law in the US

Only seems to apply to certain groups and only when it involves direct slander. Hate speech can lead to being sued in the US but rarely anything more.

It takes measurements which fall into the past as soon as they are obtained.

The past is linked to it's own future in ways that make it easier to "guarantee" things. It's called causality.

people are restricted from obtaining more knowledge by their very own biases in the present.

Science is a "religion" that tells you not to have beliefs, and thus it is the opposite of a religion.

t's still fairly shit as a serious method of discovering what is going on.

Then why are you jumping to insane conclusions like "life created reality" based on a laymen's level of interpretation of fairly shit methods?

That's a lot of shit coming out of your mouth for something that's supposed to be on the other side of the digestive system.

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I am not Nom. Nom is fat and gay whereas I am not either of those things.

I do not want to share any details of my personal life with you.

Yes you do.

I gave you my opinion based on multiple conversations made over a three year period. I'm actually fairly well qualified to comment on what you care about.

On that premise, I am also qualified to comment on what you care about. What you care about and don't care about are obvious judging by the fact that I have witnessed you cling to your preconceived notions of what the facts are for the last three years by distorting and abusing terminology. Your primary debate tactic is to deflect what an opponent says by picking out certain words and attacking their terminology, often changing their entire argument into whatever you want it to be. Also you create your debates with loaded language so you can claim you meant or didn't mean this or that based on convenience.

You've been trying to dox me for three years now.

How else will I be able to track you down and molest you directly in the center of your butt crack?

Neither of you care about facts

Thank you for telling me what I care about, I had no idea that I didn't care about facts before you told me.

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