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Fire insurance? I mean, can you imagine having, like, crime insurance? If your house is broken into it, you'd have to pay for the police to investigate. That's just absurd and another way to prevent people from having basic protection.

For instance, maybe if we were taxed less, every neighborhood would have it's own fire engine, and people would take turns being on call to man it and respond to emergencies. I am sure that in an open market plenty of volunteer and low cost emergency response services would emerge to supply market demand.

I'm not as sure. That's kind of an idealistic view of society, that we'll come together to help each other. I just don't know if it's really realistic.

Ugh, he's so full of himself. I'd love to get into a debate with him.

Oh please, for the love of god, country singers, SHUT UP! Those "soulful" ballads, the acoustic guitar, the twinges of accent. I will break your acoustic guitar over your pickup truck and cover it all with molasses if you don't shut your mouth.

It is so weird. I couldn't be comfortable with or even respect someone who resorted to the Internet for dating. Why not just, like, leave your house and meet people?

My current boyfriend who I've been dating for almost a year (our anniversary is the 27th) I originally met in person once, then got to know via AIM and text. We didn't see each other for several weeks after we originally met, but we became close through electronic means. And when we finally got to meet up again, we started dating.

So the Internet's useful, but meet someone outside of it, for God's sake!

Let's see, what did I do Sunday night after 9:00. I sat in my friend's living room, eating spaghetti and watching "Space Jam." I'm sure my mother would detest that.

I've had an 11:00 curfew on school nights since I was a freshman and no curfew on the weekends. I've also never been pregnant or murdered. Interesting!

That's just flat-out disrespectful. I've just done an art project on roadkill as something I've overlooked in my everyday life, and it's not hard to become attached to something you visit every day, even if it's dead.

My drawing teacher once told me that your parents only have as much power as you give them.

Well, quite frankly, I don't give my parents very much power. They're the type of parents who want to decide my future, minute by minute, and plan it out for Ultimate Success (bolded because it makes it seem cooler). I don't let them punish or discipline me because what they consider something I've done "wrong," I consider something I've done. I'm making my own choices and deciding my own future, and that's the only thing I want to do right now.

I lost my virginity when I was 16, I first got drunk when I was 14, I first smoked weed when I was 16. I'm also in IB classes and applying to eight very distinguished universities.

I'm not really sure how my life is being destroyed.

I lost my virginity when I was 16 to a 21-year-old. I've never once regretted it, I've always had safe sex, and I didn't have some big Lifetime-style emotional epiphanies/breakdowns.

That's just me, though. It's very very different for each person. So I say... whenever! Not whenever they want to (god knows I've wanted to since I was 10), but when they're in a relationship that's ready to become sexual.

Have fun, kids. :)

I can't think of any reason this would be beneficial. If the physical appearance of a child is being altered, that's just shallow and selfish. If it's personality or intelligence, I mean, shouldn't a parent be able to love their child regardless of these factors?

I absolutely don't believe in fate. Not because I don't want to, but simply because I don't think some controlling power has our lives planned out. I make choices; I'm not destined to make those choices.

I just read a Spanish short story that dealt with this topic. The child was in a house with two parents who fought endlessly, and when they finally divorced and each remarried, he was presented with two happy homes, as opposed to one unhappy one.

My own story isn't as positive. My father walked out when I was three, but my parents didn't formally divorce until I was twelve or so. Throughout those years, and still to this day, they can't be in the same room together or even on the phone without screaming at each other. In my case, divorce didn't change anything. But in other cases, children are much more fortunate.

The website matches people who are compatible for making the healthiest children possible, not falling in love.

Everything should be dictated by morals to an extent. There will come a point (if it hasn't come already) where scientists can do something, but shouldn't.

Like in "Jurassic Park."

And I don't even have a spray nozzle. :(

The minimum length for an argument is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of dumb jokes, so we can keep the quality of debate and discourse as high as possible.

(a) The health care system is working like a charm? Tell that to the people who can't afford health care, something which should be considered a necessity.

(b) This is going to be an odd reference. I was watching "Reno 911" last night (yes, I am perfectly aware that that is not the real world) and in the episode, the police department was financed by a private industry. The industry then got to control what they wore, what they ate, how they acted, etc.

Although that argument is based on a comedic television programme, that's just an example of problems that could arise. I mean, are you really going to tell people who can't afford protection via the fire department that you're just going to watch all of their possessions and possibly their loved ones burn?

Whoever banned you is a stiff. :)

The minimum length for an argument is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of dumb jokes, so we can keep the quality of debate and discourse as high as possible.

Mmm, I love Santa! And I love Christmas! And I love waking up to 16" of snow!

I don't understand how anybody could not take the red pill. Imagine living with that curiosity for the rest of your life... having questions that even Google can't answer... I wouldn't be able to stand it.

The Ewoks! They single-handedly fight off the entire Empire, and look adorable and fuzzy and cuddly while they do it. Bad. Ass.

Anybody who kills is a murdered. Muslims who kill are murderers. Christians, Jews, Taosists, Wiccans, Hindus, Buddhists (although some of these are unlikely) are murderers if they kill.

Vader was framed!

The minimum length for an argument is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of dumb jokes, so we can keep the quality of debate and discourse as high as possible.

Although I love Chewie (I bought my boyfriend a 6.5' tall Chewie cutout for Christmas), Yoda is undeniably badass.

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