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Interestingly enough, the Constitution ITSELF sets out HOW it can be changed.. The authority to amend is derived from Article V.

Cool. So we'll amend it to no gay marriage, no immigrants from the Middle East or North Africa, and you have to own 3 guns.

Everyone not programmed by leftist wackjobs knows man made climate change is a myth paid for by lobbyists who compete with the oil industry. They said we had 5 more years in 1963.

As for Jews, you and Hitler take the same positions regardless of the weather.

So show us an example that demonstrates your stupid point.

Do you know why the Democrat Party has morphed into this extreme Socialist Party?

Because without objective morals and standards you'll ally with any stray from off of the street, especially toxic, destructive ones.

You've been here for years trashing Jews. Why don't you cram that fake finger in your eye Adolf?

I took a dump earlier and felt the climate change lurch out of my body like an alien.

I've never figured out why leftists think telling me there are armed lunatics out there makes want to disarm myself.

When Andy comes he only makes it worse. He only cares about swearing and how left wing you are while he lets people use this site as a platform to spew right wing propaganda, call people niggers and attempt to give people viruses and dox them.

He's literally an open leftist. But, continue on with your dumbassery. As you were.

Try leaving. It will improve.

I did. When I came back, you were accusing outlaw of being me. Why? You have daddy and bronto issues.

Has this place changed

No. I've been tormenting the on site leftists for years no one bats an eye. I leave for a couple weeks, everyone loses their minds.

But seriously while being unserious, welcome back to the slop hole.

Thank you. Now I politely request you give me any cash and credit cards you have on your person.

Well, it was always drama... but just the fun kind back then

Fun drama isn't Bronto level drama. I like the kind where babe comes running out of the house naked with the condom still dangling out of her, forcing the cops to tackle her with a blanket...

She's an idiot.

Keep your hoes close bro.

In other words, cows have been farting for hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of years, but 2019, millions of years later, those fucking farts finally added up to climate change. Clown.

Have any Democrats noticed Bernie's solutions to "problems" always involve separating people from their money.

No Bronto

You think I'm Outlaw after my leaving the site for weeks to travel. I needed a good laugh. Let's pretend that that's true. What now you whiney little bitch?

Yeah... You can always pray the plague away..

Oooo... lookie here. A swipe at black and brown Christians and Muslims. Probably why you didn't think of the enforcement of Jim Crow laws in your list of worst time periods in your life.

Hello science denier.

The plague doesn't freeze for thousands of years, unfreeze, then morph back to life.

Dude.. I wasn't joking.. If you wanna get higher, faster, the membranes in your colon are the way to go.. They absorb THC directly into your bloodstream.. If you eat it, stomach acids attack those sought after THC molecules, so that's fucked..

Look.. Buy some distillates, a plastic syringe and stick it up your ass.

Why you are a leftist no longer is a mystery...

In my view, the world is in the worst shape it's been in for my entire life..

You literally lived during the enforcement of Jim Crow Laws, the Cuban missile crisis, the Cold War, and the assassination of JFK. Jesus fucking Christ.

What are your reasons for not being vegan?

Because my fathers evolved K-9 teeth for a biological reason.

Wiser to Purchase a Used Vehicle or New?

Depends on your situation. If you are of modest to average income, buy the used car. If you have money to waste, do either one.

You know you're a Trump supporter if watch leftists burn down their own cities and trash other leftists' businesses, and think they are idiots and ass clowns?

Stay Hateful, Bigoted And Angry

So be ANTIFA and a leftist.

Or Chill Out And Become Liberals

Only leftists charge the streets to burn their own cities down and rob and vandalize other leftists' businesses.

The same clowns who say we should close all zoos.

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