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What about going to the doctor or the dentist? You take your children to those people to help make sure they don't get sick or don't get cavities or cure them if they have either. By having a child and becoming a parent you take the responsibility of teaching children right from wrong and doing things that they may not like or consider "stupid" because you are protecting and educating them and trying to help them provide a life for themselves.

For some reason I think the person had an example in their description... I can't remember exactly because it was so long ago.

I'm already Christian, but if I wasn't I wouldn't convert if the rapture happened. Isn't that a little too late??

Who says all foster parents are mean? If they had parents to go to, wouldn't they already be with them?

What's the alternative? Clearly they don't have parents that are able or willing to take care of them. They could stay in an underfunded orphanage with 20 other children...

It depends on where you live. In some parts of the country you can get a decent home for under $200,000 and in a good school district.

Not necessarily. It's bad in the sense that I don't want it on my property or on any property owned by someone that hasn't specified they want it (eg. gang related graffiti on someone's home, or hate symbols on someone's home), but I don't think all graffiti should be completely outlawed. If a business hires someone to graffiti their building to make a point or just for the looks, it's not bad.

English is a hard language to learn. There are people that have been speaking English their entire lives and still don't speak or write it correctly. Spanish is a lot easier to learn and speak once you get past the irregular verbs and conjugations.

Just want to point out to some of you out there...English is not the official language of the USA. USA does not have an official language.

Because most people in the country already speak English it would be good to make that the official language.

Where are the stats? Post some, please. As of now I think that speed cameras are good and should continue to be used.

If you made the rule wouldn't you be breaking the law by making the rule?

Although it did seriously hurt blockbuster I don't think that the company will die. They offer some of the same conveniences as netflix, now. They have mail delivery, movie kiosks, and if you still have one in your town you can go to the location and pick out a movie. In some ways they are a little better because you can rent games as well.

It's still not a complete failure. If no one bought it I would say that it was.

I wouldn't say that it is a complete failure, but it didn't turn out as great as was expected. I believe that more people would have purchased the car if the price wasn't so high.

You or I will never know why they pulled the ad exactly, but there could have been a bigger reason. Many of you blame it on one group of people, but if you look at the US as a whole there are still many people that are skeptical of Muslims. Although I don't think that all Muslims are bad, many people still associate them with terrorism. Lowe's was doing what they felt was the right decision. Looking at it from a business perspective, there are a lot more non-muslims than there are Muslim so it would be a bigger loss if the non-muslims were to protest the company.

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Frankly, if kids didn't dress like whores and drug dealers all the time then it wouldn't be a problem, but since a lot of them do school districts have to turn to such a thing.

The argument of individuality...who cares? That's a load of bull. Is school the only place these kids go? What is stopping them from going home and putting on different clothes after school? And it isn't the schools job to make sure that every kid gets to "express their opinion." School is meant to be a learning environment, not a fashion show or a night club.

I don't agree with you because uniform is different and it will not be comfortable if you will wear it on top of your jacket or suit.


You do realize that you can wear a jacket and gloves and earmuffs and stuff like that on top of your uniform right? Who wears a jacket on the inside of their clothes??? X/

What school do you go to? Kids can wear jewelry if they want. The only jewelry that is banned that I know of is tongue rings, eyebrow rings, nose rings,...pretty much anything on your face except your ears.

No. That's like saying that a speed limit is infringing on driver's rights. The rules are there to protect those who don't choose to smoke and would rather not be more susceptible to lung cancer.

It depends on the situation. If the biological parent agrees to it, then they should be able to. The adoptive parents shouldn't have the power to keep the child away after a certain age, like teenage years, unless it is a really bad situation like the biological parent is abusive and dangerous.

It is not a must for every child to have a job in order to be successful. I know plenty of people that didn't have a job growing up, but they are still successful. Many people would rather have their kids study than have a job. Some people can just barely make good grades without a job, how would adding in extra work make it easier?

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Technically all food is organic according to the true definition. Humans can't eat anything inorganic.

Assembly line worker....but that's not much to rave about.

My school has laptops for every class, but it seems like they are a little more trouble than good. Each class has about 5 or 10 stacked up because the screen cracked (about $300 to replace) or it has a virus. I love having computers and I think that using them in the classroom is awesome, but I don't think that we should completely rely on them instead of books.

Also, many people still don't have access to computers at home so you would have to find something for that person/people to do instead.

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