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I've not been on this site for a while and know I've been on here for like 5 minutes and I've already found someone who said they were the next Stalin, someone who said Hitler was their role model, like twenty strong homophobics... Like, what? Seriously, if the world was ruled by these guys we would be in trouble.

1) It wouldn't be 'by today's standards' - it was written over two-thousand years ago!

2) Witches are not in the Bible the same as Tarot cards and Horoscopes aren't in the Bible.

3) As I said before, most of the Bible is great! Like 99% of it is truth and great advice to how to live your life - it's just that 1% that atheists on this site always pick out to try and catch Christians out.

4) The last two sentences (if you can even call them sentences) are completely illogical. Btw, I'm thirteen. Compare my arguements and the one I'm replying to...yeah...

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Firstly, thank you for accepting what I had to say rather than going off on one like so many others on this site.

Secondly, I never said you could prove the Bible, I said no-one can prove anything - kind of the complete opposite.

You really don't get it, do you?

"he also criticised people for not killing their disobedient children and to beat your slave" I'm pretty sure Jesus did not say that.

"he said to the disciples they must leave their children and families which is child abuse" He didn't mean on their own! Children have mothers as well as fathers, you know.

"he also threatened that if you don't love him more than your family he will send you to hell for eternity" He said you should love everybody including him but that he was God Almighty so you should always follow him no matter what whereas family are humans and so do stupid things. You wouldn't idolise your parents if they became drug dealers would you?

It was not written by "evil bastards". It was written by humans but with the influence of God - something atheists struggle with. Some things would be completely unacceptable in today's community but these things were written by imperfect humans thousands of years ago who, as I said before, obviously put some of their ideas in as well. This doesn't mean that the Bible is rubbish - almost all of it is what God wanted them to write - but you do get the odd bits which are not completely godly things to tell the world to do.

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You can't disprove the Bible. You can put out the theories of evolution but you can't go back a few million years and prove it. I for one do believe in God and evolution, but I don't believe anyone has the power to just state that the Bible is wrong and atheists are right. No one is trying to insist on trying to impose Christianity on people of other faiths, you just take it that way. In fact, people just explain how their two things could co-exist or work. That is the whole science thing - working out what could've happened - but you can't actually link two things together and come up with an answer and then state you (as in general, not you) are right and anyone who thinks anything else is wrong. For example: substances react when put together due to the molecule layout etc. How do you know that that isn't true and that God makes chemical reactions happen because he doesn't approve of certain things being placed together? I don't believe that myself, but you never know.

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As Thewayitis said, the Bible was written by humans influenced by God. They obviously put their views in it, too. For example, if you were writing a book that could possibly influence everybody's lives in the future, you'll probably include a few things important to you like, in your case, it's okay to love another of the same gender. Obviously, in their times, that sort of thing was so bad, you'd probably get shunned by your family for declaring you were homosexual. The people writing the Bible thought that too and so included it. Jesus never said that it was terrible to be homosexual. He said that God was love and love was holy so why would he say that it was a bad thing and suddenly contradict himself?

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If you had bothered to read the description, you would've seen that I made it perfectly obvious.

Well doesn't need an apostrophe or it says we will.

I know this arguement shouldn't be on here, but I had to give the information in the description to dollymix44. Feel free to ignore.

I know dollymix44 is going to disagree with me but, although they're hilarious, they get on some people's nerves.They can provide your telephone number so they can get you back and imagine if you're trying to earn your wages at this pizza place and then the phone rings keeping you on there for half an hour while you could be taking someone elses orders. Then, when you've made the hundred pizzas they ordered, you don't pick 'em up. Then you lose £109.99 for them that they would've payed which would've gone towards the window you broke last Tuesday. Next you lose your job for wasting half an hour on the phone, hours making the pizzas and money & ingredients on the hundred pizzas!

By the way, Mum and Dad, this is fictional - I'm INNOCENT!

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I don't drool when I daydream and rarely daydream when he's there. When he's there, I concentrate on how CUTE he looks...!

Also, I don't have much courage or experience with the boyfriend thing. I've liked someone who had a girlfriend, before, and I didn't care.

And then there's the problem with asking him out - one of my best friends, who has more experience with the boyfriend thing but doesn't like him as much or for as long, likes him too. She said it's fine if I ask him out but I know she'll be really upset and jealous.

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I didn't mean that at all! I meant: does everything humans do have a direct link to happiness? NOT about whether girls go wild - 1)I'm a girl and 2)I'm not that dirty!

Everyone is a hypocrite whether they mean to be or not. Have you ever told someone to shut up? Then you're a hypocrite for doing something you told someone else not to do - speaking. You spoke when you told them to shut up, didn't you?

Most people use the term hypocrite as an insult and, most of the time, being a hypocrite is not a good thing, but when you're telling someone not to do something you're allowed/supposed to do, you're still being a hypocrite, but a good one. God is a good hypocrite. It's true.

I wonder, hmmm...

Oh yes, Jesus was the King of the Jews! Not Christians, coz Christianity hadn't been invented then, the king of the jews.

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No, that's asking them IN - "get IN the f*g car", not out.

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Oh, and you're a hypocrite for saying he's a hypocrite.

Just saying...

Just because you have a life and friends outside CreateDebate, doesn't mean you're required to get a room with them, you cheeky member of the male species!

What if you're barely thirteen?!

Oh, and technically, that's not asking them out, that's planned rape.

There are a few flaws in your plan...

It is so much better to admire from a distance because...

1. If you ask him out and he says no; embarrassing!

2. If you admire from a distance you can do all sorts: Imagine, daydream, dream and even base characters from stoies on him without him knowing - not that I've done that... (shy face!)

3. If you ask him out and the actual being-his-girlfriend part isn't that good, it's gonna be a disappointment if you've done all that daydreaming!

I know I've told you all this before, dollymix44, but as we made this together I might as wll put an argument down!

But you implied it;

"I would love to hear your comment after watching Forrest Gump. While everyone else is praising the film, you'd be explaining why life is not like a box of chocolates."

I shouldn't even feel like I need to explain how that is implying you agree with the phrase!

If you believe in heaven, you can't believe in ghosts because if you believe in heaven, you believe people's souls leave Earth.

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While I love the film Forrest Gump, I have to say that, no, life is not like a box of chocolates because, with a box of chocolates, you always get that little slip of paper telling you which chocolate is which. I life, you never get told exactly what it's going to be like.

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Sorry, I got 2) and 3) mixed up. (Embarrased face).

And true, he is a bastard.

1) Jesus was not actually called Jesus, he was called Jeshuah but it got universally changed because the word 'jeshuah' became a swearword term for prostitute at some stage. Jesus has over 7000 different names in the Bible and Immuanuel/Emmanuel is one of them.

2) Thank you

3) Tell that to the writer, not me - he obviously didn't get God's exact phrasing; either that or you just quoted it wrong.

That's right. I can't remember what it's called, but there is a way of taking control of your dreams and telling your subconscious to do whatever you want it to. The most common thing you tell yourself to do is fly. There are many books telling you how to interpret dreams. I got my dad to try a couple of times.

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