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Aren't trolls annoying?

Yes, they are annoying and do stuff just for the shits and giggles.

Would you work as a phone sex operator?

Only a whore would do that.

Wow! You are such a fucking troll... someone that only wants to talk about homos must be one themselves.


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Is Ireland To Blame For Obama's Existence?

You dirty homo.

i bet you shove your shaft into your boyfriends ass with your dildo going into his mouth while your adopted little black son whos penis is probably bigger than yours watches


me and my friends think that you americans are real dumbasses,i have a really gay friend his name is david and he would never rape a soldier

I'm not American, you dumbass.

Would You Rather Have a Public or Private Marriage Proposal?

Private, what if she says no? I'll be looking like a dick.

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Did you ever almost die before?

Yeah, I saw the stupidity of the question and nearly died of a heart attack.

Most awesome= christjesus

Because I have represented all straight people on the crusade againbst the homos.

First Annual Create Debate Awards

Am I nominated for anything????

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So let me ask you then, If I believed but was murderer then I still have a place in heaven?

but yet if you are an atheist and don't believe then they don't go to heaven. Does that not sound like hypocrisy to you?

Keep it fair as this is just a debate*

Thou shall not kill.

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How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

Over 9000!!!!

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Was the Baltimore McDonalds beating a hate crime?

How do you know it's because of her race? How do you know what happened before?

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Should teachers carry guns in schools?

What if the teacher gets mentally unstable if he/she shoots a kid?

What if the teacher forgets to lock the cabinet and a student noticed it?

What if the teacher accidently shoots another kid accidently?

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Obama Loses His Cool With Texas Reporter

Stop trying to blame everything on Obama, stop being so obsessed with him...

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