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I'm a paradox

that penetrates you from both sides like a pair of cocks

I'm so aware that I'm aware of what I'm aware of not

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Fuck off you suck ass mediocre cunt. I see right through your greedy capitalist bullshit, not only is your sole motivation in life to acquire money but you are so fucking lazy you can't even play a game of chess without being payed for it and you are using your greed to cover up the fact that you suck and can't play worth a shit. Now why don't you pay me for the privilege of letting your sorry ass continue breathing.

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Cool. When your account is made just PM me it's name and I will send you an invite or have one of the others do it if I can't for some reason.

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Now you can get the Kik messenger app and join our room if you want. The friend I mentioned is there and one other guy who is like minded. You will essentially be joining the RBE Illuminati if you come. We have serious intentions to change the system and I have wanted you to officially join us for a long time.

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You are a retarded piece of trash. The old school political elite is exactly who Trump serves, that's what conservative means you fucking spastic.

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America is split down the middle between the working man and the beorgiosie. Apparently you are either a cuck or you are an elitist rich man, so which is it?

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