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Did usa train & suppl y isis with weapon s like it did with al qaeda to justify creating war s

did cia did 9 /11 or it just let it happen. if alqaeda did it why to invade and kill 9 million iraqi

certainly ,the american administarin needed something like 9/11 to justify invading iraq which has been already planned as a part of creative chaos plan for middle east

about 9 million iraqi lost their lives either becauz of direct violence of usa and becauz of siege usa made against iraq that prevented iraqi form essential living materials food, medicine and even pencils

isis and alqaeda only appeared in iraq after usa invasion, Did usa pave the way for isis to iraq ?

saddam hussin who lost most of his power i n 1st , 2nd gulf wars and during 10 years of siege ,did not allow isis or al-qaedea to enter iraq , even to help him against usa

p l e a s e s h a r e m y qs to l e s s e n u s a a g g r e s s i o n a g a i n s t o t h e rs

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