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Maybe but as you say, the facts are what you make them to be... ;)

Finally a good post by you to someone talking shit. I am proud of you.

Thanking the lord and showing joy is emotional. He says you should have no emotion on this site.

then enjoy being held as a hostile to me. :)

If you are in a relationship and are still masturbating, something is going wrong unless your partner is long distance.

If you are single, it is still not advisable to do too much of this especially for males as orgasms are energy draining.

In the end masturbation is fine as long as you are single but only in moderation.

Gravity is a pulling phenomenon, not a pushing one.

This is the first way you are incorrect. The second is that it's based on mass and pure/empty space is massless.

So you do associate emotion with debate then. If you didn't, you couldn't get emotional over them to the extent where you had to quit.

You wouldn't debate fascism because it's too emotional for you and yet you don't link emotions with debate...

The nonsense never stops spewing with you does it?

I do see it as a pro-con issue especially when you ignore me completely asking you to be my ally and don't even explain why, treating me like I don't exist isn't pleasant.

You chose not to ally me, in the end I am bound to be hostile to you.

Since only I am hostile to you, you don't really need an ally for now. :)

How come you didn't reply to me on either chain of disputes where I annihilated you? Ad Hominem? Where? LOL

Poor you, maybe you should have backed the loser Bernie or the corrupt maniac Trump instead? Maybe, you wouldn't have to take a leave of absence and can celebrate supporting the "right guy" scoffs

Enjoy being alone. We will gang on you and eat you for breakfast when it comes down to it.

The kid who gets bullied and can't stand up for himself/herself isn't the weakest or the dumbest it's the loneliest.

It's not survival of the fittest but survival of the best adapted and part of adapting is being likeable to enough people to gang up with you against common enemies.

-1 points

And what did you do to stop Trump? She did more than any other human being to stop him. Stop calling her bitch and know your fucking place and respect her for losing with dignity and doing her best.

So, assuming we have no free will I should assume you were possessed by fate to say that and basically not try to change your mind as the changing of your mind is out of my hands yeah? Lmfao.

"you are angry so you are wrong" is just as flawed as what you are saying I do.

As far as I remember Bernie stepped down and bowed before her majesty, she thrashed him and fought like a savage beast to the bitter end against all, including Trump.

She won the election and the EC rigged it so Trump won anyway.

Pussies will advocate pussy moves, real fighters will advocate real fighting technique.

Don't you understand what nomen explained? He's a double, sometimes triple agent there to mock the side he argues for.

I chose to accept this debate, I chose to type this argument and you, the viewer, can choose to claim me or KingHarris the winner.

The alt account of FactMachine (sv3rige) posting on the left highlights the neanderthal brainpower of the vegan haters.

So basically you just backfooted what you said and admit the other side is true.

Hey, you just conceded that this debate is false LOL ggwp noob.

A beta male would say sorry. An alpha male would be proud of having upset you with his grand opinion.

I'm proud. ;D

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