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Proof that liberals make poor choices ;)

I had you pegged as an aborigini ;)

I think you just identified yourself as a left wing troll. Not that there's anything wrong with that ;)

Clearly right wing trolls have more sense of humor than left wing trolls as evidenced by the left wing trolls name calling and lack of a smiley at the end of their post ;)

Well..., you've got your whites and you've got your white trash honky crackers. You've got your Latinx and you've got your spics. You've got your Jews and you've got your kikes. Every race has their "derogatory" and every race has been able to transcend that. But most blacks have had it harder than most. I only wish they themselves would stop using it ;)

I had him pegged as a left wing troll ;)

Does this form of advertisi g actually work? It seems high'y innefficient ;)

Well..., that depends on what you are breathing in. A more accurate statement would be, "Not breathing can be hazardous too your health" ;)

I guess time will tell if abortion becomes illegal but I wouldn't hold my breath ;)

Is anyone tired of seeing boobs on the internet yet ;)

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Yeah, I guess we don't like too many options.

Apple IOS or Android

Windows or Linux (note: apple runs on top of Linux)

Gas or electric car

Home or homeless

Urban or rural

Coke or Pepsi

However, there are people in this country that are trying to drag us into the future even while we are kicking and screaming. I mean, we used to have Male and Female. Now..., ;)

That Biotch ;)

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You know, I was just thinking about how people from other countries can identify Americans because we are always smiling. They think we are either lunatics or hiding something up our sleeves. What the hell is so funny and how can anyone be so happy all the time? I think the answer is that we feel confident that whatever life throws at us, we'll figure it out ;)

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"If that were the full story..."

It's interesting that you bring that up. Other countries have multiple parties. Why not America? I'm not sure I know the answer to that. I mean, there has been many times I wished I could have added a third option to my debates instead of just Pro/Con. Maybe Americans just want to chose Yes/No and move on. Why think about all the different alternatives, possibilities and consequences? We play it by ear and if it doesn't work out, we tweak it along the way ;)

That's because many of those outside the womb have proven themselves to be ass holes ;)

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I'm Agnostic. I believe that living things are either immortal or not. No need for a God, Heaven and Hell. Actually... I believe in panpsychism ;)

I would also make a good atheist:

Creationist: Why do so many people believe in a God?

Joe: They are all biased.

Creationist: What about the bible?

Joe: That's biased too.

Creationist: What if you died and came face to face with God?

Joe: I would tell Him He's biased.


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People believe what they want to believe and they will find media that supports their belief system ;)

It's all biased..., all the way down ;)

People who liked this debate also liked :)

Coincidence? I think not ;)

BTW, the quote (in bold text) in your post above.... is fake news from a liberal biased company ;)

Do you see the problem here?

Yeah...., you take my posts way too seriously ;)

Joe Biden give the rest of us joes a bad name ;)

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