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No. Just in Asia. ;)

Have they tried Antacid. It works for me ;)

Sigh, there's little left that hasn't already been said ;)

Now that's ironic ;)

Did you make that one up ;)

Say something meaningful? Me? Here? Lol..., newbie ;)

There have been 30 year mortgages since at least the 1940's. And it hasn't changed. You get paid more money but everything is more expensive so nothing has changed. If your child starts his/her career earning more than you when you started, are they really better off than you were if they are saddled with a 30 year mortgage just like you were? I'm sorry..., is this starting to sound like a real debate ;)

How else would you deal with people who are reincarnated ;)

I don't know about that but I do know that marriage is an illusion created by lawyers in order to support the reality of divorce ;)

We all have to have boundaries ;)

The :p at the end of your statement clearly shows a tongue ;)

My debate, my rules ;)

We should strive to be all inclusive ;)

I'm a rebel ;)

Liberals on the <--- left side. People who are right on the right side (i.e., this side). ;)

Yes, I forgot the 's' but... men don't need a woman to make a baby. We put a man on the moon for crying out loud ;)

OK, take your tongue and press it against the inside of your cheek... cause that's what this debate is ;)

I think you misunderstood. I was being ALL-INCLUSIVE. A woman cannot make a baby by herself. She needs a man. So I include men when I say, "baby maker" ;)

We could use the gender neutral, "Baby maker" ;)

We prefer the following terms:

Virgin Mary = The Mary with the cherry

Jesus Christ = The late J.C.

Cross = The big 'T'

Jesus Christ and his apostles = J.C. and The boys

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit = Big Daddy, Junior and, The Spook ;)

I knew it ;)

I'm not your daddy ;)

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Good question. No-eye-deer ;)

It would be interesting to see if they support her ;)

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