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That's how I understand it ;)

Sure. People love dogs and people consider themselves superior to dogs ;)

The lord won't. It's the other assholes that add to it ;)

I know, right? Also, I don't like the word, "kidnap." It sounds too evil. I prefer the term, "surprise adoption." ;)

I think you may be right. I've been cooped up inside the house far too long. Maybe I have cabin fever ;)

Not sure what that means. Maybe point out a nasty post ;)

Absolutely ;)

I find it funny that people have a strong preference even for olives ;)

I don't think my posts are particularly nasty ;)

Well..., I would imagine the kidnapers would have to pay my family for them to take me back ;)

Do you think they're coming to take me away ;)

Do you mean you throw up a little ;)

Not sure if this is politically correct ;)

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Or am I ;)

I'm kidding ;)

Well..., that's good ;)

Well..., that's good ;)

So..., what did I do that I need to either look over my shoulder or stand up for ;)

Interesting. If you believe in life after death and understand the vastness of the universe, you should be able to see how meaningless it all seems ;)

I'll probably be dead soon so..... ;)

You need the thieves/activists to keep the super rich in check ;)

Also, Marx was right in that if the upper class doesn't appease the lower class, the lower class will rise up. And this alphabet thing may be start. I think we're in for a wild ride and entertainment ;)

Well...., I don't think the problem is "freedom, capitalism, planning for the future, and showing up for work on time." I think it's more about the sharing and distribution of power ;)

They say membership has its privileges so...., what has that gotten you ;)

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