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Oh, and here's another ;)

Supporting Evidence: (

White people who do not follow that list also have a chance of getting shot ;)

Here's a link from a REAL black person who does not feel oppressed ;)

Supporting Evidence: (

I only did it because I was sitting at home with nothing better to do and I was bored. Then, when I was supposed to get my second shot, I didn't get it because I was doing something that was far more entertaining ;)

Sounds like you finally clamed the fuck down ;)

Calm down and Chive on ;)

Why else would they design clothes for women with "fake" pockets ;)

I think that what happened was that the Israelites moved in. Then the Palestinians said, "This is our land." And the Israelites said, "Where did you get it from?" And the Palestinians said, "From our forefathers." And the Israelites said, "And where did they get it from?" And the Palestinians said, "From their forefathers." And the Israelites said, "And where did they get it from?" And the Palestinias said, "They fought for it." Then the Israelites said, "We'll fight you for it." ;)

Liberalism ;)

People like what they have become accustomed to ;)

Maybe they see how people in the "developed" world live and they don't want that ;)

You may not agree with me but that's how I make it ;)

I realize that it was a different time/era ;)

Especially that Marcel Marceau som' bitch! ;)

Yes, but racists are people too and they have rights so we have to learn to get along with them ;)

Change is inevitable ;)

For a minute I thought I created this debate. Well played ;)

I could use the cash ;)

I could use the cash ;)

That's how I understand it ;)

Sure. People love dogs and people consider themselves superior to dogs ;)

The lord won't. It's the other assholes that add to it ;)

I know, right? Also, I don't like the word, "kidnap." It sounds too evil. I prefer the term, "surprise adoption." ;)

I think you may be right. I've been cooped up inside the house far too long. Maybe I have cabin fever ;)

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