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Have you tried Jameson ;)

I would never, ever, call a person the N-Word... to their face ;)

We should use the word FAG to refer to Federal Army Generals ;)

Certain acronym do not form words. So, for those, say each individual letter ;)

Let's take the acronym for The Society for the Prevention of Little Animal Tragedies (S.P.L.A.T). You can say each letter or just say, SPLAT. ;)

I'm sure it is but I'm not politically correct so... ;)

Actually my argument is more like:

Slave: I don't like picking American cotton. I want to replace it with Egyptian cotton!

Slave owner: What's the difference? ;)

They are not insane. They are hypocrites ;)

The only problem is that in order to maximize your profits, you need to sell in bulk. Maybe we just need to get rid of the low income folks. Like the homeless and minimum wage earners. ;)

they are looking for their own billionaire to go against Trump ;)

War is a time honored tradition going back thousands of years. If 2 groups can't find common ground, then they duke it out. Winner takes all. Why change now? ;)

I laughed a little at this.

That was the whole point of this debate. I guess my work here is done ;)

Well..., the thing is that people value entertainment above all else. That's why actors and professional athletes make more than a brain surgeon. And so..., Brexit and the impeachment hearings is nothing more than pure entertainment. Are you not entertained yet ;)

I always wondered why I come here. Now I know ;)

No. Just in Asia. ;)

Have they tried Antacid. It works for me ;)

Sigh, there's little left that hasn't already been said ;)

Now that's ironic ;)

Did you make that one up ;)

Say something meaningful? Me? Here? Lol..., newbie ;)

There have been 30 year mortgages since at least the 1940's. And it hasn't changed. You get paid more money but everything is more expensive so nothing has changed. If your child starts his/her career earning more than you when you started, are they really better off than you were if they are saddled with a 30 year mortgage just like you were? I'm sorry..., is this starting to sound like a real debate ;)

How else would you deal with people who are reincarnated ;)

I don't know about that but I do know that marriage is an illusion created by lawyers in order to support the reality of divorce ;)

We all have to have boundaries ;)

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