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Nature always win men, because without consciousness they are perfect in the sense that they will never exhaust themselves out of existance for ever.

If you observe nature they are made of simply atoms, molecules or elements.

Nature in itself has a special potential, that is it's ability to sustain itself by recycling.

Oh did i say recycling ?

You can say that leaves that fell off the tree will land on the floor, decaying and forming another ecosystem.

This is nature.

For some countries they have the four seasons namely Spring, Summer, Autumn and winter.

All of the seasons have their special characteristics such as Spring being refreshing, summer as hot, autumn as cool and winter as cold.

And more importantly is the hydrologic cycle which i think is also a part of nature.

It will never end, even if it is interrupted it will soon continue sometime later.

That is nature, which is seemingly much more capable and powerful than man.

Many had said human is more superior than nature by means of inventing, creating history and so many more.

However we do not understand that most of our inventions or actions are harmful towards us or nature in someways or so.

Therefore inplicating nature and many others in the tornado of harm and conflict.

Wars are inclusive in the destruction of nature.

I wonder how did our ancestors lived without incuring the wrath of mother nature...

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All right here is a question for those who smoke.

How does smoking benefit you ? o.o

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It actually depends on the person itself, for example we could have student A as a lazy person and student B as a hardworking person.

When B and A completed their studies and head out to work, the results may vary accordingly to their skills in applying knowledge to their field of work they are in.

But of course the best student, goes to the one who has the ability to think independantly with common sense and the skills to apply them in the real world. And that student is student E who has everything that a person needs to compete with people around the world.

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I like to talk to myself when i am alone, especially dark corridors where light is absent.

When i talk to myself, my friends asked am i mad or lunatic.

Do you think thats weird ?

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Sorry and thank you kuk for giving me a second chance :P, i appreciate it very much :]

Good Day.

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Sorry to you and to all who have seen my rubbish and nonsensical posts about christianity and were offended by them. What you said made absolute sense to me and i apologize for what wrong i had done.

Especially to those who had their efficiency dropped for no rhyme of any reason.

I hope you could forigve me and let the past behind us.

One more thing, i do live in Singapore and i have '524493' for my Zip-code and not 52449. I really wished i could add that '3' in to clear some misunderstandings but there is not enough space i guess. :]

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Dissecting cats seems to be interesting, but i think dissecting live cats are a bit too much.

Dissecting dead cats are better although they stink xD

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I like the new down-voting rule but i wish there was a arguement or post deleting function.

It would help a lot :]

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Blah, shit this you win :]. I don't have energy to quarrel with you kuk nor make you an enemy

I wish there was a delete arguement function so i could delete my posts. :D

Good Day

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If i am not wrong you are the superhero who tried to intervene into this cannot be won debate and you tried to lure me to think that i had take the truth for hostillity for which i had not. you're the one who thinks so almighty of himself and still thinking of the land oZ oh thats so childish.

If insulting people is ignorant and giving opinions is ignorant perhaps, insulting other people with names and not getting to the point is more ignorant.

Perhaps the word 'ignorant' is an understatement to describe the idiocy of someone like you. I'm trying to express some of my personal opinions on christianity and i do not intend to post it all over createdebate to let everyone regular or not to know my opinion.

It's called Freedom of Speech, freedom to express one owns opinion unless you're against it.

Your job is not to educate me in such things, your job is to just keep your mouth zipped up or at least voice out some opinions.

And bloody hell not to condemn me while i am trying to type out my opinion here.

At least my post ain't reduced to MERE name calling unlike someone who came here just to critizicise me for saying despicable things about christianity.

You are evidently trying to take the 'Freedom of Speech' away from me and i can sue you for it.

And i did not personally attack christians that christianity is fake.

I am just pointing out this this and that that and thats it and i am not surprised i got some downvotes for voicing out my horrible opinions on that matter.

and also i am not surprised you got some downvotes there too.

Don't think of yourself as smart or regular there are new-comers who know more than you.

how active you are on this site doesn't count, you need some common sense and an working mind. But i think you don't. For topic such as these there are always more than one side to the story and not yes gays should adopt fullstop.

i appreciate those who reasnwered me to my post unlike you mis kuk.

Wild and barbaric and do not get to the point.

I'm a turd ?

Yes i may be a turd in giving opinions but you ?

For a matured person ?


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Show me the difference between christianity and buddism in an orderly and organized fashion.

This might take some time but nevertheless i do wish to see what kind of mannerly and orderly fashion you have in mind that you want to show.

I don't mind mistaking the truth for hostiliity because clarity comes from chaos.

I rather learn things the hard way and of course with reasoning and proper understanding, i would'nt believe in god that is omnipotent and thats it i need to know and understand more about it.

Please do show me what your opinions are between these two religions.

I don't mind them being vulgar but i just need them to be understandable.

Whatever vulgar stuff there is i don't care and i can't stop you :]

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Don't change the topic i am talking about the topic on christianity don't bring in points or buddhism.

They are irrelevant and for your information i don't actually practice buddhism it's more like practicing noting :]

Points ain't inportant for me, i don't have so much free time to spam and multiply my accounts so that i could earn more points and be the top of this place.

Ah, that would be stupid ain't it :]

And also i am not pointing how inferior chrisitanity is i am just trying to show the difference between buddhism and christianiy. Unless all of you are trying to show me that you don't get what i mean.

And that you are ignorant oh perhaps we are in two different worlds with different perceptions.

With different beliefs and different lifestles.

I never get personal with anyone never unless he/she has been hostile to me like you :]

hmm i am not actually a buddhist nor a christian nor a atheist.

I am just ME !

If you want to criticise, please criticise me instead because i am the master who practices buddhism or christianiy or atheism.

If you wonder how bad i practice buddhism you got it right i just slack all day long as if i am an atheist.

Buddhism is great but i am not, you are just blatantly scolding the wrong thing at the wrong time.

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What kind of buddhism i practice is totally none of your buisness although i must thank you for inquiring about my religious heath.

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I like red alert 2 because it's an updated version of red alert 1 but halo wars doesn't have halo wars 2.

Thats another reason Red alert 2 is better than halo wars.

It's more advanced :]

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That is just plain silly lol... giving the adopted child back to where he comes from is'nt a good idea.

It might be a great idea if he wants to see his REAl parents again ^^

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He must walk countless roads, past other distracting and disturbing small roads and follow the signboard given by god. ( Not that stupid absolute god ) :d

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There is no such thing as absolute god but there are other minor gods who are enlightened :D

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I cannot access my country top this and that. Now thats bad =,=

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yeah but smart people will try to get the rights to reproduce without even spending a single cent.

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Space technologies are far much better than militarial technology.

At least investing too much on Space technologies won't kill man.

Too advanced a bomb will destory the whole planet.

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oh thanks i guess it was you who have been upvoting my arguements huh ? xD


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