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Okay then lets make a list of countries closest in population to the United States and to be fair let's only use the 27 high-income OECD countries. (All the following data comes from The World Health Report 2000)

Country | % of World | US/% of World


United States 4.52 1

Japan 1.90 2.4

Germany 1.22 3.7

France 0.97 4.7

United Kingdom 0.92 4.9

Now let's sort by overall healthcare performance

Country | Performance | Cost Per Capita


France 1 4

Japan 10 13

United Kingdom 18 26

Germany 25 3

United States 37 1

Since you were interested in cost let's sort by Performance / Cost Per Capita. It's just a better metric.

Country | P/C


France 0.25

United Kingdom 0.69

Japan 0.76

Germany 8.33

United States 37.0

And now let's scale this to the population. ((P/C) (US/% of World)) and let's also reveal what system of healthcare each country uses.

Country | (P/C) (US/% of World) | System of Healthcare


France 0.6 Single-payer

Japan 1.8 Single-payer

United Kingdom 3.4 Single-payer

Germany 30.8 Compulsory National Insurance

United States 37.0 Voluntary Private Insurance

So as we can see single-payer is clearly more affordable and has better performance than either CNI or VPI systems of healthcare. And I have a hunch that if this sample had included even more countries that there would be a trend that Compulsory Private Insurance (like we have where I live in Mass.) would be better than VPI but still not as good as CNI.

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