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BLM is not a hate organization. The KKK is one. Comparing the two is extremely wrong and ignorant. Although some BLM supporters are acting in violent ways most are not and most are just trying to support a group of people that are struggling. The KKK has murdered between 38 and 217 people (all in horrific ways). Comparing a movement trying to create equality and an organization that kills people solely on their race and religion is extremely wrong.

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Masks aren't fool proof. They don't work 100% of the time. They're not going to prevent coronavirus from spreading completely they're only going to slow the spread. I think the masks are common sense saying they don't help is ignorance. Think about it like this if I'm naked and your naked and I pee on you your going to get pee all over you. If your wearing pants and I pee on you you're going to get some pee on you but not as much as if you were naked. Now if I'm wearing pants and pee your not going to get any pee on you. Masks work like that. Saying wearing masks is just liberal propaganda is ignorant.

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