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I speak the language of the country that is going 2 lead the world within 20 years. I am glad...

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I now know that u didn't get the point.

Well, they don'ty need to MANAGE, they only need to LEAD the world.

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After independence, it's been 60 years. Didn't our govt look after us for 60 years? Tell me any country that's as complicated than India. Still our govt is leading us, trying hardest to make it better.

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Don't the europeans and americans love faking the french accent?

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Do u say about our accent? In english? U maybe right. U Are speaking english well because you were born in a country full of people speaking the same language. So u got that right accent. In our country too, in Nagaland, they can speak with ur same accent. Tell me if u can speak any of our language, atleast hindi, with the proper accent of hindi?? You'll Never be able to....

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Yes. India does have the potential to lead the world. If the Indian government can look after a country with 28 states of 28 ways, culture, geographical and language, it can certainly can lead the world. For example, there is heavy rainfall in Manipur , while there is water scarcity in Rajasthan. It also has the most wonderful technological developments. Economically also India isn't that low. Eg: Chandrayaan from India discovered water on Moon. What do u say about that? And the father of astronomy, aryabhatta was from India.

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