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No, just like any human being on planet earth, it's their life so therefore it's their choice.

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yes. I agree that if teachers have guns they can stop the school shootings. I feel this way for 2 reasons.

First, since teachers are educators they are considered to be learners too therefore they can be properly trained on how to responsibly use a firearm to protect themselves and their students. For instance, my Math teacher when I was in high school suffered the trauma of being attacked on the streets. So instead of letting the fear take her down, she learned how to responsibly use a firearm, trained for months at a firearm handling school. As a result, she is now confident that she can protect herself and put up a good fight if an instance she experiences being attacked on the streets again.

Secondly, teachers are valuable citizens of our society therefore they have the right to protect themselves and their lives because at the end of the day they have a family that loves them. Teachers' lives are precious, and losing them to a criminal is an incident that is totally devastating. In this situation, teachers cannot simply protect themselves that is why we lose them. After all, people with ill motives always choose to attack the vulnerable. Thus, the existence of educators that knows how to use a firearm responsibly will definitely deter people with bad and harmful intentions to others and will ultimately help to stop school shootings.

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