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sarah palin she has set up alternative energy in alaska and made it more energy independent

no the christians should not stop compaigning against abortion since it is unmoral in their eyes and since they have the freedom of speach but i do belive christian extremists should stop protesting violantly also as robert casey said in 1990 77 percent of people believed that abortion was murder

i love it man in fact its hilarious and true people in america not only try to stop freedom of speach but also they often take advantage of our rights

actually you have a good point and i am a christian and right wing and i actually agree with it except one word most must be added and then it will be fine but you saying the right wing implies the entire right wing ps sorry if i annoy you but i am very passioate about my faith

because this god is worth fearing he could smite anyone down and he decides two other big things one:what happens to you on earth and two:where you go when you die

well i dont have satanist friends because the bible says do not yolk thyself with non belivers

sarah palin is awesome and you cannot refute that since she has increased energy independence in alaska and that is exactly like that

you are aware that the bible says she was a virgin when she gave birth to jesus

you atheists and agnostics focus on things from the old testament when jesus clearly states that all animals are clean and that you dont have to do that stuff

you are only focusing on jewish belives before christ after wards is filled with grace and forgivensess

how can you say that a man named jesus did not exist when there was clearly a man named jesus and he did die on a cross for you me and every other christian and selfish atheist (not all atheists are selfish)

the word donation comes from the latin word donatio which means to give now the word to give does not imply to recieve as well it simply means to give and to not recieve so you should not recieve money for giving blood

very welll that is indisputable that it says that but you do realize if and in my oppeniopn when the scientists discover god is real he would be all mighty therefore it wouldnt have to be in order plus the bible (not surfe where) says that a day to god is a thousnd years to god so opbviously time is different to him so four days could be four seconds

well think about this the diciples followed jesus with all their hearts and were willing to die and they knew him yet they still put their lives at risk so they were either stupid or had enough proof to belive in him also you cant exactly say anything since your belief also calls for faith and the world is so beutiful it cant be created by chance which means that ur relogen is just as shady as ours ps i just want to debate please no mean comments

first off the bible says that god first said let there be light (aka the sun) and there was light

i bagree wiith you and hope you will win and to help i will bring up that alchohol is one of the number one killers and that it does destroy peoples lifes

but if church and state are separated then they dhould not be taxed and they also in effect shouldnt preach in government like school btw i do it any way but.....

we will only be in peace when jesus retgurns after seven years to establish his kingdom

can you prove the big bang and if so what made the big bang and what made the thing that made the big bang?

satan is evil and god is merciful and loving he wants everyone to be with him and satan wants suffering

For centuries the death penalty, often accompanied by barbarous refinements, has been trying to hold crime in check; yet crime persists.

ALBERT CAMUS, Resistance, Rebellion and Death

this represents my positoin incredibly since it states that the death penalty is in effective alos on my attack i point out that the death penaltuy is more expensive and last that it can be cruel and unusual for example the elecric chair can be ineffective and at that point if they do it again that is torture and also we constantly judge people like kim jong il for killing his people but we do it!

i must say you are very good however i also must say that god yyou speak of sent his son to die for us second we used to be where we sould have the 100% chance of getting into heaven then eve ate the fruit and tricked adam now we have the intellgence it gives us so we must choose between a sekfless god or a selfish angel who tried to take over

but in ordrer to do the right thing then you must forgive everyone not only those you know since there is then bias

it is still murder and they are still tyrants and hipocrites since they kill which is why the criminal is being punished and it is also unconstitutional due ti the fact that it violates the 8th amendment since people can watch like midevile times

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