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I like the Susan B. reference! Good point! I do think it is more a right than a privilege. A privilege can be taken away, my right better not ever be taken away. Well, something like that.

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I concur. The whole 'blame officers' is wrongggggg. I want my voice to be heard loud. Definitely. :D

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I like to see how they hold themselves together now. I don't care about where they have been. Should I? Debates give me insight on who I am voting for. Plans, policies, you know stuff like that. I think as long as you look at facts not opinions you will pick the right man/woman. This year even though I am republican I have decided to vote for Obama. He seems to have the best POF (plan of action) to get our country on track.

(plus, his economic plan is great)

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I mostly meant, what could have she done. Im sorry though. I am here only to debate, not to fight with anyone. I don't won't to have to add anyone as an enemy so soon! I would love to try to fix this. I'll step back it this situation just because I know nothing. Despite what most people do, it is better to say nothing only when you know nothing. ;)

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You can be indecisive, and give your stance for both views! People may not have as much respect though.. Your not being flip-floppy, you are more intellectual and can see things from different views.

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That is music!

Tom Petty!#!#


BOb DYlAn!$!$



There IS a ton of value behind that music.

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Well, I'm new so I have like 3 points right now! haha!!!!

I guess we'll have to see where this goes!!!!

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No, it is a state of mind in my opinion...

I think homosexuals tell themselves they're homosexual and choose to live that way...

I watched an episode of Dr. Phil (don't laugh ;) ) Where a man said he believed he was born homosexual, and chose to live heterosexual because he believed God wanted him too.

God says men shall not lie with men and women with women....I agree...Homosexuality is a choice..Not an illness

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Though they already did...

It's not right...

It's a BAILOUT...

Is that what we need?


It is just not a good idea...

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Ok, I read this because I though it was serious...Like a virus etc.

Come on! Is this a joke????

I personally don't have children...If I did I would encourage them to voice their opinions without fear of being criticized...Please leave this girl alone...I don't see how anything she could have said could be so bad that she deserves this...

Why are you even that worried about it???? This probably means a lot to her, but your probably just killing time...Come on, let's give her a break...Well, I don't know...She could have done something awful...I am often too quick to judge. What did she do???

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