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Is Glenn Beck wearing his magic underwear in that clip? Can we trust people who do weird shit like that?

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I would visit Fox News so I could learn about a different culture and spread the word of science.

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Nope, thats what theyre telliing each other... Probably Rush Limbaugh or some shit.

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My issue isnt with one of the many types of conservatism, its with conservatives. The debate isnt titled "Is the definition of conservatism, racism?" its "What are conservatives trying to conserve?" and for the most part, its a racist way of life. Not that youre a bunch of Klansmen, but that you are enablers. Even if you are one of the few conservatives that arent racist in this time, you still let the idiot rednecks talk that shit around you. And Im not getting off of the topic. This is my topic.

I know its ok to say nigger. I live in south Texas. Ive been hearing that word my entire life. Most of my friends are idiot redneck racist ass holes. I actually have this argument regularly, only it usually turns to religion. So I see what you people post and it sounds a lot like the stupid shit they say. The only difference? Most of you dont post the actual racist shit youre thinking online because youre all cowards.

Yes, Katrina: Did they have ample time to evacuate the city? I think so, but if one of your relatives had been there you would talk different, and no, because you think your family is smart and would have gotten out doesnt mean they would have. You and your people are no better than anyone that was in that city when that happened. And yeah, the government agency that was supposed to help did drop the ball and your bush was at fault (ha). Everyone knows Republicans dont care about that shit though, so there is no point in explaining anything to you.

My mentality, since you brought it up, is that religious idiot rednecks in no way need to be in power again. There is a separation of church and state for a reason and Republicans dont respect that. The proof? Just look at our countrys number one debate: Abortion. The conservative mind just cannot get past abortion. Following that, their flaws are racism and country music.

Do I get annoyed at the ignorant blacks that are gloating a little too much about Obama? Fuck yes. But I also see that he is a good, intelligent person that doesnt have any flaws. You know, like Jebus... I sing him praise.... mmm mmm mmmm Barack Hussein Obama. He approached me in a dream and said "You have a mission pugilist77... you must seek out those that would defile my name" I said "Yes master, I shall help you destroy the white race and turn everyone fucking socialist or whatever.... ahhhh"


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Your little zinger there "hopey changey" that you like to post numerous times a day isnt as funny as you think it is. My hopey changey thing already came true... instead of an idiot redneck and his religious war mongering cronies running the country, the thing they hate the most is... a black guy. Hope and change is what he ran on.... He won on the fact that people didnt want idiot Sarah Palin anywhere near the White House. Bush is about as intelligent as Sarah Palin.

And now that Obama is our supreme leader, bow to him. Sing him praises or feel the wrath of Obama. Kneel at his feet. If he tells you to do something, do it or you shall be smited. I dont even know what last one means.

But seriously, Obama isnt trying to take your guns. Hes not trying to make us socialist, no matter how much you wish he was. Its obvious to the worrrld that the tea party idiots are just pissed that a Democrat is in office. And the fact that he is black is bringing the crazies out. So now you and your people have to eat it for at least four years. There will be abortions-a-plenty and a black couple engaging in coitus in the White House... And if one of the idiots on your side kills him, he will be martyred, I promise. Maybe Bush should be the first ex-president assassinated. Maybe take his father out too. Then we can dig Ronny up and let Michael Vick rape his corpse.

I dont want that though, I kind of like the old man.

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You know its not a baseless claim. They dont try to bring back slavery because they know how far we are past that, but they are only a generation removed from segregation. They dont try to take black voting rights away, but again, they were the most ferverous during the civil rights movement. You think those were democrats spraying blacks with fire hoses? You think it was progressive liberals that killed that gay kid back a few years ago? No, its idiot redneck conservative republicans that like to be racist. Bill Clinton said the word nigger... wow... that makes him a racist pig. lol, what in the hell does that make George Bush? Naming that idiot the head of FEMA, letting hundreds of blacks die? I dont like Kanye West either, but you claiming that the Republican conservatives in this country are the people who arent racist just makes you look silly. Everyone here has a Republican uncle or grandfather that thinks its still ok to say nigger... usually followed or preceded by your black presidents name. Go ahead and "lol" and "lmao" to this, but thats all you have. Most of us that live in the Unites States see racism all the time, and its not from liberals. By and large, conservatism in America is becoming more and more racist... which is scary.

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I knew we could find common ground. The second amendment should carry as much weight as the first.

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You are missing the most important piece, grasshopper

Conservative Republicans are racist.

Abe freed the slaves.

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...and Im sure Honest Abe would be a modern Republican... next

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Conservative morals are historically oppressive. Conservative morals allowed slavery and impeded the civil rights movement. Conservative values allowed us to go to war with a country that never did anything to us, resulting in thousands of American deaths.

Conservative values kept science in the dark for a thousand years (or so). Conservatives like to hide under the the guise of morality, but their morality is flawed. We can learn from the history of conservative morality: Its immoral.

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Yes, he was a chicken shit. You dont hear about people wacking themselves at the Alamo... And hey Joe.. Im sure you mean "Hitler knew that if RUSSIA got him THEY would have (done much more than) waterboard him." Because Russia took Berlin, not the US.

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I dont know anything about you? This whole damn website knows the first like eighty-seven things about you.

Im not here to keep you on your toes... more like your heels ;)

You like Ali because he was a classy guy? I like him because he told the American government to kiss his ass. He is just as heroic for that as Audie Murphy is for doing what he did (which is a lot).

I promised myself I wouldnt wink you bastard... but I wont delete it.

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You are just hilariously wrong. Christians and Atheists are two sides of the same coin. One is positive there is a God, the other is positive there is no God. You can throw devil worshippers in there too. I think the funniest sect of Christianity is the snake freaks. They dont go to the doctor after an effin snake bites them.... that is called "bat shit crazy"

Mormons are a close second with their nonsense.

Catholicism would be funny if it werent so tragic and scary.

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...Muhammed Ali is on my profile picture. Thats why I said I am THE GREATEST. I was kidding. Ever seen a Muhammed Ali clip? But it is awesome to see how fast you claim these numbers when you dont actually care about them. You show your face on here the most so you have to expect people are going to try to take out the one with the most numbers. So that means when I see that you have posted something that looks like right wing propaganda, Im going to call you out on it. You cant hate someone for debating with you? That sounds like bullshit. No one sits and does something as much as you do this, and doesnt have any emotion about it.

Congrats on the numbers though.

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Actually, the argument I quoted on top of all of your right wing stances, right wing allies, and right wing rhetoric clearly identifies you as a pro-lifer. Do you really believe that just because you dont protest or kill abortion doctors that you arent one of them? You probably let more people know about your stance than the average abortion clinic protester. You said "I personally don't like abortion but I wouldn't work towards getting the law changed." Cool. While you are sitting here with no real opinion on it, I am telling people that the reason abortion is legal is because if it werent legal, women would have to resort to back alley abortions... and women can do what ever they want with their bodies.

Its good to know that arguing with you is pointless since youre going to skate out of every situation under the guise of "im not gonna work against it though" If youre going to say that about abortion... and you are a right winger... youll skate out of anything. Thats probably why youre on here so much. In your mind you have never lost. Youre sitting at your computer thinking you are some sort of undefeated champion, when I AM THE GREATEST.

Its good to meet you, buddy.

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You have been accused of being against abortion because you are against abortion.

You said:

"This is too scary to contemplate. All I can say is that when my time comes I'll tell the late JC that I fought for all the fetuses of the world. Granted, I never went to a protest and carried a sign or donated money for the cause or anything but I put up some pretty tough arguments on the subject right here on CD... were it counts... right? ;)"

This is, of course, regarding your post on your debate on what would have happened if The Virgin Mary had aborted Jebus.

You said that, and you yourself created the debate. So I guess its not too scary to contemplate... since you contemplated it.

So is it a lie? Are you against abortion, or are you just that insane that you thought you never said that... like twenty minutes between posts.

From what I have gathered so far...

You have the most points... because you have the most posts.

You have the most posts because you have numerous positions on every debate...

You have numerous different positions on every debate because your Christian fundamentalist armchair zealotry conflicts with the real world.

I like how you recap too

Check it out... Just because you say it twice in one post, doesnt make it so.

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In the United States the woman gets to choose if she wants a baby messing her body up. And messing her body up could mean:

She wants to go to the club on Friday and a fetus may make her look bloated

The growing fetus may give her stretch marks, which is unsightly in a Taylor Swift world (lol)

The growing fetus may kick her in the pancreas, etc...

And late term too.

Is there a fund for girls that cant afford abortions? Thats a good cause.

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But in your world, where abortions are evil... wouldnt you, instead of aborting Obama (which is what you were too much of a coward to say) stay near him after his birth and teach him the ways of Jebus so he wouldnt turn in to an evil liberal? Because I thought you were against abortion... you know, because you wear it on your sleeve.

(And if Im wrong in assuming you meant Obama, you have to excuse me... You were being cryptic)

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Just because you say its "tongue in cheek" doesnt mean you dont look like a ridiculous religious zealot.

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After this little fetus election, does the daddy get an incubator to carry it for the rest of the pregnancy? Or does he get a sex change so he can actually carry it in his body? Oh, I know, you get a republican woman to carry it...

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He is a clown. Sometimes hes a sad clown, sometimes hes a happy clown. He has no validity in the news world. Fox News is even embarrassed of him.

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Where are these conservatives that are conserving our forward progress?

Are you being sarcastic?

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this is my first argument: ahem... atheists and theists are two sides of the same coin. one is certain there is a god, the other is certain there is not.. both have intelligent people. i have not seen god, but if i do...

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